Robin Kool 
Struggles immensely in loss
July 6, 2018
ropz tallied a rough 32/44 KD in mousesports' 2-0 loss to ENCE that eliminated them from ESL Cologne.
While all of mouz had their moments of struggling in this game, ropz had the most of all. Without many impactful rounds, he left mouz hanging high and dry. Especially when they were fighting for a win on Inferno in a 19-17 loss. They were simply unable to win those key rounds needed towards the end, leading to their demise here. mouz will need to get back to basics following a rough showing at this event and try to get things back on track.
Unable to force Map 3
April 23, 2018
ropz posted a 48/49 KD on Saturday in a 2-0 series loss to Natus Vincere in the quarterfinals at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The series began on Mirage where ropz had seen better starts on the T-side as he did everything he could to help mouz win two out of three rounds with a force-buy using Deagles to find headshots to end result of a 12-3 half. The second half saw more rounds come his way but the team itself didn't have the confidence to close the series lead in a 16-9 loss. ropz moved on to Inferno where the contest really began as he trailed through the first half to eventually edge 8-7 for the lead. He then began the second half by tapping down three on the post-plant hold to secure the second pistol. The two teams traded rounds as ropz broke the Na'Vi defense in Round 21 with a quad post-plant hold to reduce the deficit by one. His efforts eventually forced the extra rounds, but unfortunately, came up short for a quarterfinal exit.
Riding in the hot-seat
April 22, 2018
ropz earned a 44/23 KD on Friday in the 2-0 win over SK Gaming in the Group B decider match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The series began on Cache where ropz equalized the score early in the force buy with a triple-Deagle kill to secure Round 2. From there he contributed to the massive 13-2 half that was secure by his massive contribution. ropz pressed on through the second half to reach map point but was contested by SK, who won eight straight in an effort to reach overtime but ropz remained composed with his 18/15 KD and an 81.0 ADR in the 16-10 win. He then went on to do the same in the first half of Mirage on the CT-side en route for a 13-2 half, while in the second half ropz secured the finals two rounds on the force buy and the hard Deagle-eco to secure their spot in the quarterfinal.
Secures opener over the Serbians
April 18, 2018
ropz went 18/14 on Wednesday in the 16-13 win over Valiance in Group B at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
ropz began the day in Group B on Mirage with a successful 2-vs-4 situation secured to win the pistol round on the A-bombsite. From there, the offense from ropz and co. was relentless as they marched on to pick up a 7-0 lead. Valiance finally broke ground in Round 8, but not for long, as ropz helped secure the 13-2 half. The sides then switched, and so did the momentum when the Serbians secured the pistol and dominated for 11 rounds until ropz finally came around to secure a round. Finally, the young lad was able to get his wits together and secure the remaining two rounds with his 71.4 ADR and 1.17 rating in the opening win.
Unable to shine on Cobble
April 4, 2018
ropz posted a 36/27 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 split against HellRaisers in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
ropz week began on Mirage, where his offensive capabilities were in full bloom as the young Estonian controlled the first half for a 12-3 lead going into the second. The sides switched, but the momentum stayed in the hand of ropz, who picked up a 19/8 KD and an 88.8 ADR in the 16-4 win. Cobblestone has been a rather lackluster map for ropz, especially on the CT-side, and it showed in the first half as he could not find the pixels needed to slow down HellRaisers, who took the first half by storm 11-4. ropz had little in the tank through the second half, but HellRaisers were consistent and settled for a 16-7 split.
Runs out of fuel in final
December 3, 2017
ropz picked up an even 18/18 KD in the 2-0 loss to Natus Vincere in the grand finals of DreamHack Open Winter on Sunday.
ropz opened the series on Cobblestone where the offense of Na'Vi took a 6-0 lead. Despite picking up four rounds in the first half, ropz was then blanked in the second half on the offense for five rounds with only a 9/18 KD and 52.7 ADR to show in the 16-4 loss. Headed into Inferno, ropz contested early with Na'Vi on the offense as both teams traded rounds. However, it wasn't until Round 7 where ropz reset the defenses economy to pick up five in a row. Leading 9-3, Na'Vi returned to add three rounds in the first half to settle the 9-6 score. Although Na'Vi dominated in the second half to pick up six in a row, ropz finally stopped the streak with a quad kill hold on the A-bombsite to secure the first round in the second half. Unfortunately, mouz could only bring one more round in the second half as Na'Vi took the crown with a 16-11 win.
Continues dominant form
December 3, 2017
ropz led with a 52/17 KD in the 2-0 semifinal sweep over Gambit on Sunday at Dreamhack Open Winter.
The series opened up on the offense of Nuke as ropz quickly picked up an entry-kill to help his team take the pistol round win. From there, Gambit picked up the following round but ropz kept the pressure coming to open up the bombsite for a 10-5 lead. A slow start in the second half resulted in Gambit picking up three in a row, however, ropz held down the outside push as well as the late rotations to clean the remainder of the half for the 16-9 win, posting a 28/14 KD and 116.4 ADR. Game 2 of Train was all mousesports as ropz contributed the Round 6 triple spray down on the late B-bombsite rotate to secure the round. He also picked up a Round 7 triple kill hold on the A-bombsite to break the economy of mouz. Unable to fight back to win rounds, Gambit took a massive 16-1 loss as ropz earned a 24/3 KD and 125.7 ADR in the sweep.
Makes it look easy in sweep
December 3, 2017
ropz collected a 38/22 KD in the 2-0 sweep Saturday over BIG Gaming at DreamHack Open Winter.
ropz started the series with a smooth start on the defense of Overpass with a 3-0 lead, spreading the offense of BIG rather thin. In Round 4, North picked up their first round but the little cash didn't get them far as ropz pressured the offense and reset the economy to pick up seven consecutive rounds in the 10-1 lead. BIG picked up a few stray rounds but it wasn't enough to claim the first half with an 11-4 deficit. Although the momentum in the BIG defense was stout as the team picked up five straight to open the second half. However, ropz picked apart the defense of BIG to help the team pick up five of their own to take Game 1 16-9. Game 2 in the first half was a blowout performance by the defense as ropz held down the A-bombsite and was perfect on the retakes for a 14-1 lead. On life support, BIG picked up two more rounds before being ousted 16-3 as ropz posted a 91.9 ADR in the 2-0 win.
Tough loss to nV
December 2, 2017
ropz picked up a 17/20 KD on Friday in the 16-12 loss to Team EnVyUs at DreamHack Open Winter.
The first half of Train was a half that ropz would like to have back as the young star was unable to turn most of his frags into round wins. Going into the second-half down 13-2, ropz quick offense managed to pick up rounds as the EnVyUs rotation couldn't stop the bomb plants from happening. After picking up several entry-kills and getting the man advantage early, ropz contributed to the massive lead that was cut to a six-round deficit. With success on the B-bombsite for ropz and his team, EnVyUs finally shut down their attempt at a plant in Round 21 to pick up their first win. However, ropz returned and took control of the A-bombsite to help the team pick up four in a row before EnVyUs shut the door in the 16-12 win.
The kid does it all
December 2, 2017
ropz impresses with a 26/9 KD on Friday with a 16-6 win over North Academy at DreamHack Open Winter.
A slow start on the defense of Cobblestone finally went to ropz way on a strong B-bombsite hold in Round 4 as he picked up a triple kill. From there, ropz started the momentum shift for the defense to continue its dominant hold on the B-bombsite to pick up six more rounds before the Danes could respond with a few of their own. ropz made it difficult for North Academy to pick up and ground in the remaining rounds of the first half with the fast and effective rotations to take the 10-5 lead at the half. The second half was all offense dominated by mouz, led by ropz with the aggressive and fast-paced entry-kills to only allow one round against for a 16-6 win, posting an impressive 104.4 ADR.
Stunts LDLC in Denver opener
October 20, 2017
ropz gathered a 20/10 KD on Friday, Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-4 win on Nuke.
ropz would rip through the first half on the offense to continuously pick up entry kills and take the early 5-0 lead. LDLC would eventually take down ropz to pick up a few rounds in the first half, but it wasn't enough to impact the first half. ropz would take the 11-4 lead and go into the second half for the defense to hold down the line for a 5-0 blowout, securing Nuke with a 16-4 lead and posting an 84.8 ADR.
Fragging machine in 1-1 split
October 8, 2017
ropz gained a 34/30 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Ninjas in Pyjamas in ESL Pro League Season 6.
ropz contributed to the 16-2 thrashing in Game 1 with a 15/11 KD and 90.7 ADR. ropz helped the team with a triple kill spray down in Round 7 to hold off the A-bombsite push to take the 7-0 lead. He then helped on the eco round to get the map point advantage before taking Inferno away from NiP. Going into Game 2, ropz had a rough showing on the offense taking on NiP on their best map, Nuke, until his Round 14 triple kill post-plant hold secured the round. Taking an 11-4 deficit going into the second half, ropz couldn't hold off the mounting offense of NiP for a 16-6 Game 2 loss on Nuke. ropz contributed a team-leading 19/19 KD and an 81.5 ADR in the series split.
Rough finish in 0-2 loss
September 27, 2017
ropz posted a 23/39 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to Fnatic in ESL Pro League Season 6.
ropz endured a thrashing in Game 1 of Train, although he led the team with a 13/16 KD and an 85.1 ADR. He only contributed to one round won in the first half before taking a pummeling 14-1 deficit at the half. The second was short as Fnatic blew away with the 16-1 win. ropz then took another rough start on Cache on the defensive side unable to hold off Fnatic with a 12-3 loss at the half. The second half, ropz gained more ground and frags, including his Round 20 1-vs-3 clutch on the B-bombsite post-plant to win the fifth round in a row. Despite his team-low 10/19 KD and 49.8 ADR, ropz contributed to seven rounds before being stomped for a 16-10 loss in the series sweep.
Slow start to result in loss
September 2, 2017
ropz picked up an 11/21 KD in the mouz loss to FaZe Clan 16-9 on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
ropz had a slow start on the offense of Mirage faced with an unprecedented 4-0 deficit to start. However, ropz picked up a few entry-kills on the buy round in Round 4 and the rounds started to accumulate such as his Round 7 win with a double kill on the post-plant on the B-bombsite to cut the lead down to one round 4-3. ropz picked up a couple more rounds with post-plant holds and help to get the entries into the bomb sites to settle the first half 9-6. Ropz started the second half with a double kill hold in the middle to help secure the 2-0 start. ropz picked up a few more defensive kills in the second which was able to win one more rounds for the team, however, it wasn't enough to come out on top for a 16-9 loss.
Defensive struggles in 1-1 split
August 26, 2017
ropz posted a 37/31 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split to FaZe Clan in ESL Pro League Season 6.
ropz started the series with a double entry kill on the A-bombsite to help secure the pistol round. Two rounds later, ropz picked up the 3-0 lead thanks to his triple entry kill into the B-bombsite to secure the round. In Round 5, ropz's entry and post-plant hold marked the 5-0 lead. From there, FaZe shut down the offense to settle for an 8-7 deficit at the half. The second half started with ropz picking a double kill on the A-bombsite retake and defuse to win the pistol. However, he struggled a little more defensively, but his team managed to close Game 1 16-9. In Game 2, ropz had a quiet start to the first half until Round 12 with a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite to win the anti-eco. Down 8-7, ropz's play picked up late in the half as he got the team its 14th round with a double entry on the A-bombsite and a post-plant hold to secure the last round won as FaZe came back to win four in a row to close 16-14.
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