Jorgen Robertsen 
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Will stand-in at Belo Horizonte
June 11, 2018
cromen will be FaZe Clan's fifth for the upcoming event in Brazil, member, NiKo, of FaZe Clan has confirmed on Twitter.
The 23-year-old will fill the void of olofmeister, who decided to extend his leave of absence, for the upcoming ESL One Belo Horizonte tournament, which is set to run from June 13-17 at the Mineirinho Arena, with $200,000 on the line. Belo Horizonte will be the second event cromen will have stood-in for FaZe Clan after his service at the ECS Season 5 Finals, where the mixed European fell out in the semifinals.
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Will stand in for Heroic in Dallas
May 11, 2018
cromen will get the call as Heroic has been granted a spot after HellRaisers decided to pull out due to visa issues.
The 22-year-old will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to help Heroic compete after HellRaisers decided to pull out due to one of their members being denied entry into the United States. Heroic will be using a player transfer in order for cromen to compete, as he has been helping the team through the StarSeries qualifier due to RUBINO's eye infection. Now, he will be taking on the task to earn Heroic's stay in Dallas when the group stage kicks off next week, May 15th-20th with $750,000 on the line.
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Replaced on Dignitas roster
September 23, 2017
cromen has been bumped from Team Dignitas' roster, the team announced Saturday.
As this roster looks to get back on track, they have decided to move on from cromen and TENZKI who both joined the team earlier this year. With these players in tow, Dignitas has failed to make much of an impact at every turn. Accordingly, they have been replaced by AcilioN and IoWel, who will look to bring the team back to a bit of their former glory.
Moves from substitute to starting role
May 24, 2017
cromen will move from a substitute role to a full-time position with Team Dignitas, the organization announced on Tuesday.
cromen helped Team Dignitas qualify for the PGL Minor event, but has struggled at times when playing on the team during ECS Season 3. Those struggles haven't done much to dissuade the organization, as Dignitas still appears to be reeling from roster moves made earlier in May. cromen and Dignitas both highlight cromen's "potential" in the official press release, which is a polite way of saying the player has yet to stand out, but there's no doubt the entry fragger could break out if given an extended opportunity.
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Monster start despite 2-0 loss
May 18, 2017
cromen posted a 37/43 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series loss to Astralis in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
cromen had a rough start to Nuke in the first half, taking a hard 4-0 deficit to start on the offense. However, cromen picked up some important kills in the early rounds to help tie the game 4-4. cromen struggled to get past the defense of Astralis for an 11-4 deficit at the half. cromen had a better performance in the second half, winning ten rounds straight and posting a team-leading 29/21 KD and 103.9 ADR before being shut out in five rounds for a 16-14 Game 1 loss. Game 2 cromen couldn't find a kill to save his life, as he was out-shot and crushed in the first half down 12-3. cromen had some life in the second half to contribute to four rounds until Astralis closed the series 16-7. cromen posted a dismal performance in Game 2 with an 8/22 KD and 59.3 ADR on Mirage.
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Joins Team Dignitas roster in the interim
May 3, 2017
cromen will be playing with Team Dignitas on an interim basis, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
After Team Dignitas cut Maikelele and pita from their roster, they needed someone to fill in for the time being. cromen, along with TENZKI, have been brought on for now. It is believed that these two will be rounding out the Dignitas roster for the foreseeable future. While TENZKI has some experience with Dignitas, cromen is a bit of an unknown in the world of Counter-Strike. While he is an unknown, Team Dignitas certainly feels that he will be better for the team dynamic than either Maikelele or pita was.
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