Matias Canale 
Isurus Gaming
Added to the active roster
May 11, 2018
Isurus Gaming has inked tutehen and RVS, completing their active roster, according to a report from HLTV.org.
tutehen has been added to the active roster of Isurus, following the departure of NikoM and Straka from the team. tutehen is a 25-year-old former Coscu Army and Miami Flamingos member, who now has the task to help Isurus climb the ranks as they have recently fallen to the likes of Sharks and FURIA in the ESL Latin America League Season 1. He also spent some time with Gale Force before returning to Argentina in March of this year. tutehen will see action with the team starting Monday, when Isurus go head-to-head with Yeah! in the ESL Brail Premier League Season 5.
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