Cvetelin Dimitrov 
NRG eSports
Quiet through two
April 15, 2018
CeRq earned a 40/34 KD on Wednesday in the 1-1 split against OpTic Gaming in Week 6 od ESL Pro League Season 7.
CeRq's series began on Mirage where his defense through middle served for a 3-0 lead early. In Round 4, OpTic came out on top of their buy round that strung together six rounds for the three-round lead for the Green Wall. Through their reset economy, CeRq got back on the AWP to help his team win four straight to take the 7-6 lead. OpTic retaliated with one of their own but the 8-7 lead came out in CeRq's favor. The second half was all CeRq on the AWP to rip through the Green Wall for eight straight to take the series lead 16-7. The series then shifted to Inferno where CeRq gained another pistol and a pair of anti-eco wins for a 3-0 start on the T-side. OpTic traded rounds but CeRq remained red-hot on the AWP to help take the 10-5 lead going into the second. Another smooth start looked to seal the deal for CeRq but OpTic came right back to equalize the series with eleven rounds against for the 16-14 win.
Cripples the offense in win
December 9, 2017
CeRq went 26/18 on Tuesday in a 16-14 win over Ninjas in Pyjamas in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
A quick offense in the early rounds paid off with a 3-0 start, thanks to CeRq getting the entry and holding the post-plant. A little hiccup in Round 4 allow NiP on the board but with money in the bank allowed CeRq to buy once again and pick apart NiP for four more on the board. In Round 10, CeRq sniped down three to deny the retake on the B-bombsite to expand the lead 8-2 as NiP gained the last few rounds before NRG capped with a 9-6 lead. The second half was all NiP in the first three rounds with the hit on the A-bombsite to tie the game. However, the Round 19 offense of NiP was crippled by CeRq triple kill with the AWP that allowed his team to secure the lead. From there, NRG picked up four rounds before NiP could contest, which eventually led to CeRq closing out the final round to earn the 16-14 win, posting a 92.1 ADR.
Big in Game 1, small in Game 2
October 6, 2017
CeRq went 35/36 in NRG's 1-1 split with SK Gaming in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
CeRq had an up and down series here against SK on Thursday. He was playing in tandem with Brehze for most of this game, which was a big deal for his team in taking down SK. It was quite the dismantling against the Brazilian squad in the 16-9 NRG win. When the action switched to Cache in Game 2, however, it wasn't as much of a cakewalk. He ended up towards the bottom of the team in the game that saw SK battle back with a 16-11 win that split the series.
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