Logan Corti 
Team LDLC.com
Joins LDLC
February 10, 2018
LDLC has announced the signing of young French star LOGAN, due to the departure of in-game leader Ex6TenZ.
LDLC is looking to revamp their roster following the departure of the Belgian in-game leader, Ex6TenZ, due to a year and a half of lackluster results. The 19-year-old has played mostly local and lower-tier tournaments during his year-and-a-half of competition, with a steady 1.08 rating. LOGAN has stirred up the pot as one of the top prospects in the French scene, granting him a spot in the active LDLC roster. "I decided to accept the LDLC proposal because I think they will allow me to flourish in an environment that is new to me. It was a difficult decision to leave my teammates, they trusted me and allowed me to progress during the last 6 months," LOGAN told LDLC.
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