Anthony Guimond 
Joins FYB
June 7, 2018
gMd has joined FYB alongside swag and AZK, reports.
The 17-year-old joins the team after stepping aside days before the start of DreamHack Open Austin, the reason for which remains unclear. Former CLG member Rickeh took his place at the event and was signed to the active roster less than 24 hours to the start of the event, putting gMd's future up in the air. Now, gMd has linked up with AZK and swag's FYB team to compete in ESEA MDL season 28, in which the team currently sits with a 1-3 record.
Will sit out at DH Open Austin
May 29, 2018
gMd will not be traveling with the team to DreamHack Open Austin, according to a report from
The 17-year-old will not be traveling with Rogue to their upcoming meeting in Austin, Texas, with the Canadian player having stepped aside for reasons that remain unclear. Rickeh will be taking his place for the tournament, where Rogue is set to compete in DreamHack's Open circuit from June 1-3 at the Austin Convention Center.
Roster History
  • FYB Joined Jun 2018
  • Rogue Left Jun 2018
Event Placements
  • There are no event placements available.