Tizian Felbusch 
Signs with BIG CLAN
February 12, 2018
BIG has announced that they have acquired tiziaN from ALTERNATE aTTaX.
The 21-year-old has been part of the ALTERNATE aTTaX's roster since January 2016, where the German player helped the team win ESWC 2016 and appear through ELEAGUE Season 2. The news comes as BIG fluked in the Major and as a result both keev and LEGIJA were released. tiziaN is set to debut for BIG at the start of the ESL Pro League, which is set to kick off in less than 24 hours.
Unable to take down Na'Vi by himself
November 12, 2016
tiziaN put up the only positive series KD for ALTERNATE aTTaX in the 0-2 loss to Na'Vi in Group C of ELEAGUE Season 2 on Saturday, finishing with a 35/34.
tiziaN was pretty poor in the first half of Game 1 on Cobblestone. He only managed to pick up two kills in the first nine rounds of the game. He still managed to come up with a 3k in Round 13, but it wasn't even enough to win the round. He grabbed another double in a Round 18 loss before ALTERNATE lost the map 16-3. He got off to a better start to Game 2 on Overpass with a nice headshot entry frag in the pistol round. He grabbed another 3k in Round 10 when three members of Na'Vi lined up perfectly for him and he knocked them down in quick succession. He continued to play very strong throughout that half and the second half, but he couldn't take on all of Na'Vi alone. They would win just one round in the second half of what turned into a 16-8 loss.
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