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Will not compete at CS:GO Asia Championships
June 11, 2018
Team EnVyUs have elected not to use their current line-up, including RpK, at the CS:GO Asia Championships, HLTV.org reports.
It is unknown as to why RpK will not be attending the $300,000 event as HLTV.org has confirmed the line-up change directly from the tournament organizers. Instead of RpK and Happy, the team will use xms and SIXER for the upcoming CS:GO Asia Championships, which will take place in Shanghai, China, on June 14-18.
Unable to overcome Heroic
April 25, 2018
RpK posted a 26/42 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series loss to Heroic in Week 7 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
RpK began the series on Train, where he came out on the T-side red hot to help secure a 4-0 lead. Heroic came back to contest for two straight, but RpK put his foot down to secure three more. From there, Heroic got the best of RpK to rally back and settle the half with an 8-7 score. The two sides then battled through the second half to try an establish a lead, but in the end, Rpk was unable to secure it, posting a team-leading 26/21 KD and 100.7 ADR in the 16-14 loss. The series then moved on to Cobblestone, where Heroic posted a 5-0 lead before RpK could get on the board with his triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite, and from there, he was only able to trail the first half for a 9-6 deficit. RpK continued trailing through the second half before reaching a 12-12 tie, but even then RpK trailed for an eventual 16-13 loss.
No tank in decider exit
April 22, 2018
RpK went 27/38 on Friday in a 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in the Group A decider match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
RpK started the decider on Train where he remained on top throughout the first half of the CT-side despite FaZe beginning to climb back to settle for an 8-7 half. The second half continued to go the way for RpK, who came out of the gates to secure five straight. However, in the end, RpK couldn't keep the lead up for long as he was disabled to hold off FaZe to result in a 16-14 loss. The remainder of the series didn't get any better as FaZe dominated Overpass where RpK gained a little 7/16 KD and 52.8 ADR in the loss to go home empty-handed.
The tank keeps nV alive
April 19, 2018
RpK posted a 24/12 KD on Wednesday in a 16-7 win over G2 Esports in the Group A elimination match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
RpK kicked off the Group A elimination match against their French counterparts, G2 Esports, on Cache. RpK came right out of the gates, securing a huge 9-0 lead for the CT-side thanks to his Round 8 triple-kill hold through the middle. Round 10 was where G2 finally got on the board to pick up two in a row before eventually sealing the half 12-3. G2 continued their momentum into the second half to win four straight over RpK; however, RpK and co. then turned around to pick up four straight of their own to secure the win, posting a 91.4 ADR and a 1.49 rating.
Tank in force through Cache
April 3, 2018
RpK picked up a 25/29 KD on Tuesday in a series split against FaZe Clan in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
RpK made it look easy through Map 1 of Cache on the CT-side bringing the opening rounds to a 3-0 lead. Although the pistol and the following anti-eco's were highly contested, RpK had the economic advantage early, however, FaZe turned around and picked up their gun round to break the streak. RpK didn't back down and proceed to pick up the 13-2 half to complete the 16-5 series lead. Inferno was a different story for RpK on the T-side from the start as FaZe defenses were to tough too tame, resulting in a shattered economy. With only four rounds in the first half, RpK's defenses couldn't find the momentum to pick up ground en route for a 16-6 loss for the split.
Na'Vi break the tank in sweep
December 3, 2017
RpK gathered a 37/47 KD on Sunday in the semifinal loss to Natus Vincere 2-0 at DreamHack Open Winter.
RpK took a rather tough first half performance on Overpass with his defensive capabilities unable to shake Na'Vi in a massive 13-2 deficit. However, his offense in the second half looked brilliant in the early rounds but Na'Vi only needed three rounds to close Overpass. Winning nine out of 11 rounds wasn't enough to take Game 1 as RpK looked to gain some ground on Nuke. The first half of Nuke started smooth with a 2-0 lead, thanks to RpK and his solid retakes. Although Na'Vi contested rounds in the first half, trailing RpK to an 8-7 finish at the half. Another huge offensive start in the second half with RpK clearing the outside control to pick up six rounds in the second half. Unfortunately, Na'Vi returned to pick up nine rounds to finally edge RpK for a 16-14 win.
Tanks mouz for semifinal spot
December 2, 2017
RpK picked up a firm 26/19 KD on Friday defeating mousesports 16-12 at DreamHack Open Winter.
RpK had a huge offensive performance in the first half of Train, taking majority map control along with a 9-0 start. Although mouz finally got on the board in Round 10 EnVyUs continued their dominance, thanks to RpK and his double entry frag in Round 13 to secure the B-bombsite and the round. A 13-2 lead going into the second-half began to dwindle as mouz finally found their form in a quick and aggressive offense to take control. Unable to hold off the offense for five rounds at the start, RpK finally held the line on the B-bombsite to contribute to the defuse in Round 21. RpK was fairly quick on his rotations that stopped mouz in the final two rounds that helped grant EnVyUs the 16-12 win, posting a team-leading 93.2 ADR and advancing to the semifinals.
Shuts down Cache in OT
December 2, 2017
RpK posted a 31/26 KD in the 16-11 win on Friday against BIG Gaming at DreamHack Open Winter.
RpK was quick to retake the bomb site to kick off the 2-0 start for the defense of Cache. However, BIG contested early and brought the game to a tie in Round 6 but RpK would overcome the odds. After picking up three straight, RpK came up huge in Round 10 with a quad kill hold on the A-bombsite to help secure the round. BIG remained composed and picked up two more rounds before the tank of RpK came out and held down the first half lead 10-5. Going into the second half, RpK couldn't get past the offense of BIG that resulted in a four round deficit to start. However, the B-bombsite seemed to be a favored site to execute a few entry-kills to earn some rounds on the board. With a 13-12 lead, RpK broke the defense on the B-bombsite in Round 26 with a triple kill on the post-plant to secure the round. After reaching map point, RpK couldn't edge BIG which resulted in extra rounds. BIG picked up the first two defensive rounds won but RpK rallied back to settle with four consecutive rounds won in the 19-17 win, posting a team-leading 95.8 ADR.
The tank comes close
November 14, 2017
RpK posted a monster 44/28 KD on Tuesday with a double overtime loss to SK Gaming 22-20 in Group A of IEM Oakland.
RpK started on the rough side of the matchup with a 3-0 deficit on the defense of Cobblestone. Finally, in Round 4, RpK held off the B-bombsite to shut down the rush to pick up the first round win of the half. From there, the defense of RpK contributed to a four-round streak to take the 4-3 lead. Both teams traded rounds for the remainder of the first half but it was SK to edge with an 8-7 score. A slow start in the first half quickly turned around as RpK opened up the B-bombsite to tie the game 9-9 after a couple of round wins. However, SK eventually begins to drift away with the lead and earning map point in Round 27 but RpK remained composed and forced overtime. In the extra rounds, SK picked up the first round but RpK returned with an ace in the following round to tie 16-16. Both teams traded rounds and end up forcing another set of extra rounds. Struggling to get past SK's defense, RpK came up Huge in Round 40 with a quad kill hold on the post-plant to tie 20-20 late. However, RpK came up short of a win as SK took Cobblestone with a 22-20 win, posting a team-leading 105.9 ADR.
Consistent despite 2-0 loss
October 15, 2017
RpK went 38/40 on Wednesday in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinal loss to FaZe Clan 2-0.
RpK had a strong offensive first half with him able to consistently open up the bomb sites with several entry-kills. With rounds flopping to both sides, RpK put up a huge fight against FaZe to even out the first half with an 8-7 score. However, RpK struggled on the defense in the second half as FaZe won seven straight to force mappoint. Although RpK was able to keep his team in the game with a triple kill hold in Round 23 to break the FaZe economy to pick up five-rounds. Unfortunately, FaZe took home Game 1 with a 16-12 win as RpK contributed a team-leading 30/22 KD and 128.2 ADR despite the loss. Game 2 RpK contributed to the hectic pistol round as he was able to help stop the defuse to secure the round. However, FaZe would then dominate for the remainder of the half as he could only contest with two rounds in the 13-2 half. He could only hold off FaZe for one round in the second half as RpK had little frags to help his team in the 16-3 loss on Overpass with an 8/18 KD and 45.8 ADR.
Clutches not enough to net win
September 15, 2017
RpK put together a 38/43 KD in Team EnVyUs' sweep at the hands of Na'Vi on Day 1 of ESL New York.
RpK was clutching left and right in the first game of this series. But clutches alone aren't enough to necessarily win rounds consistently once the other team starts to battle back. This reared its ugly head and left EnVyUs with a loss in this game. The second game was more of the same for RpK here. He started off a bit rough with just three kills in the first nine rounds, but then followed that up with a 3k in Round 10. While he did find a few more clutches late in this game, it wasn't enough to give his team the win or bring him out from the bottom of his team.
Unable to hold off Fnatic in loss
September 1, 2017
Rpk went tankless in the loss to Fnatic 16-13 with a 17/23 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
The double entry kill on the B-bombsite of Cobblestone in Round 3 started the first half for Rpk to take the lead 2-1. RpK picked up several entry kills along the way of the nV offensive first half, including his Round 11 entry kill on the B-bombsite following a solo frag to clean up the round 7-4. Rpk then lurked in Round 14 to pick up a double kill on the B-bombsite, which allowed him to pick up the AWP to secure the round in a 2-vs-1, taking the first half 9-6. RpK had a slow start in the second half, but he managed to hold off the B-bombsite and flank the offense for a few rounds. Late in the second half was a highly contested battle, but Fnatic came out on top to win three straight and take Cobblestone 16-13.
Beast mode over SK in win
May 31, 2017
RpK posted an outstanding 25/11 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in a 1-0 win over SK Gaming in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
RpK got off to a great start, hammering the defense of SK on the B-bombsite with aggressive pushes early that created a large 6-0 lead early. SK fired back with only a few rounds spread across the first half of Inferno as RpK ripped apart the defense for an impressive 12-3 lead at the half. RpK remained composed in the second half for a four-round blowout on the defense to take the match with an alarming 16-3 win over SK Gaming, earning a massive 147.8 ADR.
King of the castle
May 31, 2017
RpK earned a solid 21/9 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in a 1-0 win over Immortals in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
RpK had a brilliant first-half performance over Immortals, racking up the kills on the offense to take a massive lead at the half up 13-2. RpK ripped apart the defense and overtook the B-bombsite as well as the mid control for a dominating first-half performance. The second half was a quick three-round blowout on the defense to take the match in a blink of an eye 16-2, with RpK earning a solid 125.2 ADR on Cobblestone
Can't carry NV to win
May 31, 2017
RpK posted a KD of 24/20 in EnVyUs' 16-14 loss to G2 at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
RpK helped EnVyUs stay close in what appeared to be a blowout on Nuke, doing his best to give NV four round wins in a blistering first half from G2. RpK was a monster in NV's CT-side second half, taking duels and clearing out rooms like a monster. Unfortunately, G2's firepower overwhelmed the tank, leading to a 24/20 KD for RpK and a 14-16 loss for NV.
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