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Returns to competition
June 6, 2018
SmithZz has linked up with shox in the newly revamped G2 lineup, which is set to debut this weekend at ECS Season 5 Finals, the team revealed.
SmithZz makes his return to competitive play after the 29-year-old decided to end his competitive career to become the team's coach. Since then the team has not been the same, as group-stage exits have outweighed some of their successes, but with shox's return, the team could curve their shot to rise through the second half of the year. SmithZz will return to action this weekend when the team travels to London to compete at the ECS Season 5 Finals, with $660,000 on the line.
Steps down as coach
March 12, 2018
G2 have announced that SmithZz will be stepping down from his position as coach.
After being the team's coach since the start in February 2017, SmithZz has expressed his desire to return to competitive play. The 29-year-old has been out of competition since G2 revamped their roster in February 2017, helping the team take home titles such as DreamHack Open Tours 2017, ESL Pro League Season 5, and DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017. However, the former coach struggled to lead his team out of the playoffs since their Malmo win, and to make matters worse, the team's best rifler is sidelined due to surgery. Taking SmithZz place will be the team manager, Niak, as well as analyst, enkay J, to handle the coaching responsibilities, while NBK is set to trial as the in-game leader. SmithZz will be moved to the backup position as the French player looks for other opportunities.
Ends playing career to become coach of new-look G2
February 3, 2017
SmithZz has decided to switch gears from player to coach for G2 Esports, the team announced on its website Friday.
G2 has put together one of the strongest teams in Europe with the addition of NBK, kennyS and apEX from Team EnVyUs and retention of shox and bodyy. To get all five players into the mix, SmithZz decided to step down from player and become coach of the team. While this is a shocking move that many players wouldn't be able to do, SmithZz seemingly made the decision with ease. It will certainly be a big boost to the newly formed team going into the 2017 competitive season.
Bottom frags in blowout loss
January 24, 2017
SmithZz turned in a 4/18 KD during a best-of-one loss to Astralis in the ELEAGUE Major group stages on Tuesday.
SmithZz was predictably awful against Astralis on their favored map, Train. SmithZz had the worst KD of either team, and the lowest ADR (56.2). Other than a nice pick with the AWP onto a jumping Kjaerbye in Round 13, SmithZz was a massive liability for the French squad. Perhaps his rumored move to the coaching staff will come sooner than expected.
Rumored to be coach for new-look G2
January 7, 2017
SmithZz has been rumored to join the French super team as coach after the ELEAGUE Major, reports Sparx of Dexerto.
After a dismal end to his 2016 campaign, SmithZz has been rumored to move from full-time player to coach for G2 after his contract expires after the Major. It has also been rumored that three EnVyUs players will now be under his command in this new role including NBK, apEX and kennyS. The team will be stacked with the best French players in the CS:GO scene, and will look to make an impact after the ELEAGUE Major and throughout 2017. However, Happy, RpK, ScreaM and SIXER will remain without a lineup after the Major due to their expired contracts.
Disappearing act in the second half
December 18, 2016
SmithZz went 11/20 in G2's loss against Team Dignitas on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
SmithZz didn't want to let bodyy and RpK have all the fun in this game, so he picked up a 3k of his own in Round 2 on the MP-7 to get a 2-0 lead. He took some early AWP duties from shox and picked up a big double in Round 7. He ended the half with a double to take a 9-6 lead, but then disappeared in the second half as he didn't get another kill until Round 23 in a tough loss. This trend was found in every member of G2 not named shox or RpK, as those two were the only ones to still get consistent frags in this pitiful second half showing from G2.
Is the primary AWPer in a big way
December 17, 2016
SmithZz finished up G2's win against Vega Squadron on Day 3 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier with a 14/15 KD.
Despite his overall negative KD, SmithZz was a strong AWPer in this game. While it may not have been at the level of shox in G2's earlier matches this weekend, it was plenty for G2 to use to get the win here. He ended with a game-high eight kills with the sniper rifle. It did take him six rounds to finally get a kill, but once he did, he provided his team with some nice picks early in the rounds to allow them much more freedom on the map. With two respectable AWPers on the team, G2's got a great shot to go the distance this weekend.
Pulls out the occasional AWP to down EnVyUs
December 17, 2016
SmithZz put up a strong 25/16 KD in G2's big win over Team EnVyUs on Day 2 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
SmithZz got off to a hot start in this game with a quick headshot double to open the pistol round. He picked up another double in Round 3 on a retake on the A-site to shut down EnVyUs and get a 3-0 lead. While EnVyUs was starting to surge, he was there with a double on the AWP to try and get a defuse, but RpK just barely ran out of time. He pulled out a scout in Round 17 to pick up a big double on the entry that set his team up for great success. He and shox would frequently run in a double AWP setup in this second half, which worked wonderfully for the duo. They would essentially pigeonhole EnVyUs into very specific lanes on the map, which allowed G2 more freedom to roam.
Disappointing performance in loss
December 15, 2016
SmithZz finished G2's loss to GODSENT in the ELEAGUE qualifiers on Thursday with a KD of 15/17.
SmithZz didn't find much success on Overpass, trading one-for-one at best in the early rounds in G2's first half T-side. SmithZz had limited impact on the game, from his secondary AWP work to his rifle play, unable to give G2 meaningful advantages. SmithZz finished the game with a disappointing ADR of 63.6, despite dying the least on G2. With a KD of 15/17, SmithZz did little more than watch as GODSENT had a monstrous T-side in the second half to hand G2 a 16-11 loss.
Roars back in overtime against Liquid
November 17, 2016
SmithZz finished Wednesday's 1-0 victory over Liquid at IEM Oakland with 25/26.
SmithZz bizarrely fell to his own death in Round 1, after tripping from Heaven. But he rebounded brilliantly with a slew of mid-round frags before the end of the first half. In the second half and overtime, he was one of G2's top performers, scoring multi-kills everywhere he looked. His 4k in overtime, with the rounds at 17-16 in favor of Liquid, single-handedly put G2 in position to complete their comeback and win the map. SmithZz was also more effective with the AWP than he had been in recent matches, finding an entry pick onto jdm in Round 28 and two entry frags from CT Spawn in Round 24. Encouraging performance for one of G2's biggest question marks.
Holds his own against Na'Vi
November 17, 2016
SmithZz posted 13/21 Wednesday in a 0-1 loss to Na'Vi at IEM Oakland.
SmithZz has come under fire recently, and hasn't really kept his composure all that well. Against Na'Vi, however, he looked dialed in. His Round 3 3k stunned Na'Vi, and his Round 10 4k (1 AWP kill + 3 AK47 kills) put them on the ropes. Even the casters were somewhat shocked to see SmithZz top-fragging for G2 after 10 rounds. Although G2 fell apart on the CT side, and SmithZz completely melted down, finishing with just a 46.2 ADR over the map, I would argue for the glass being half-full here: SmithZz is finally showing signs of life.
Bounces back from controversially poor performance at Northern Arena
November 17, 2016
SmithZz finished G2's win over Astralis in Group A of IEM Oakland on Wednesday with a stellar 28/17 KD .
SmithZz tried to get the jump on gla1ve in Round 3 with some nice positioning under the catwalk outside, but he was seen too quickly and picked off. He picked up a key double in Round 12 to get another round for G2 and reset their economy a bit. He showed some nice positioning in the following round to get another double to win the round. He continued to play extremely strong in the second half, which was great to see following his poor performance during Northern Arena Montreal last weekend.
Fails to perform in group stage play
November 16, 2016
SmithZz had a poor showing against IMT in the group stage at IEM Oakland, finishing with a KD of 4/15.
SmithZz could not catch a break against Immortals, getting abused repeatedly throughout the first half on T side. With IMT playing aggressively, G2 looked visibly shaken and disoriented, with SmithZz being no exception. Whether it was losing rifle duels or not checking corners, SmithZz was a non-factor in G2's crushing loss. SmithZz was unable to avoid the bottom of the scoreboard, posting a KD of just 4/15 along with a game-low ADR of 28.1 as G2 got steamrolled by Immortals.
Brutally inept in Northern Arena finals
November 14, 2016
SmithZz was 42/62 in a 1-2 loss to OpTic Gaming in the 2016 Northern Arena Montreal grand finals Sunday.
You've got to feel bad for SmithZz at this point. It's been such a tumultuous past few weeks for him. He's been on and off the AWP, and received so much flak from not only the online community but also the casting desk. If we can read into his performance at all, it's not unfair to suggest that all the negativity is beginning to overwhelm him. He was impossibly bad on Dust 2, with a 11/22 KD and a 55.7 ADR, and he was out-AWPed by mixwell from the moment he touched his mouse. Having an impactful sniper for OpTic summoned a painfully obvious elephant in the room for G2. Their roster is really lacking a long-range threat -- one of the most important roles in Counter-Strike.
Uninspiring performance despite series sweep
November 13, 2016
SmithZz finished G2's 2-0 win over EnVyUs with a KD of 33/43 in the Northern Arena semifinals.
SmithZz had an underwhelming performance throughout the series, beginning with his Game 1 woes on Overpass. SmithZz failed to impress during his time with the AWP, surrendering the expensive rifle to his teammates as he died with disheartening consistency. Riding his teammates' coattails from the bottom of the scoreboard, SmithZz finished with a 21/28 KD and a woeful 60.4 ADR, despite the game going 40 rounds, as G2 took a hard-fought double OT victory. While G2 had a much better outing on Nuke in Game 2, poor SmithZz was unable to generate any success for himself. While G2 stomped EnVyUs, SmithZz was the only member of G2 to post a negative KD at 12/15. This, alongside with his team-low 66.2 ADR, made for a performance SmithZz will be hoping to forget as G2 advanced to the finals of Northern Arena Montreal.
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