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Will attend CS:GO Asia Championships
June 11, 2018
SIXER will be back on the main Team EnVyUs roster for the upcoming CS:GO Asia Championships, according to a report from,
SIXER, alongside xms, will be joining the team as they are preparing to travel overseas for the upcoming CS:GO Asia Championships, which is set to kick off June 14-18 in Shanghai, China. It is unclear at this time as to why Team EnVyUs made the change before the event. has confirmed the changes through the tournament organizers directly regarding the change. There has been no official statement on the matter.
EnVyUs to bench
February 6, 2018
EnVyUs announced Tuesday that SIXER has been benched.
SIXER was moved to the bench due to a lengthy period of lackluster results since joining the team in late 2016 to replace DEVIL. The 26-year-old spent 15 months with the team and during that time was only able to secure wins at WESG 2016 and DreamHack Open Atlanta, with an abundance of group stage exits under his belt. His average rating on LAN only reached 0.96, which has been a spiral of speculation from critics with his ability to bring to the table what the team needs. The final result came from the ELEAGUE major Boston New Challengers stage exit with a 1-3 record.
Edges BIG in OT
December 2, 2017
SIXER posted a 33/20 KD on Friday in a 19-17 overtime win against BIG Gaming at DreamHack Open Winter.
SIXER started on the defensive side of Cache with a firm hold on the A-bombsite to pick up a clean 2-0 start. Although BIG contested and eventually tied the game in Round 6 with a quick entry into the B-bombsite. With enough money in the bank, SIXER picked up the AWP and effectively shut down the BIG offense to pick up four straight rounds. BIG returned with a couple of rounds barely won but SIXER shut the door in Round 13 with a quad kill hold on the A-bombsite that eventually led to the 10-5 lead at the half. SIXER started slowly in the second half with four rounds against, despite getting several bomb plants along the way. In Round 21, SIXER put the team at a three-round lead, thanks to his quad kill clutch to deny the A-bombsite retake. From there, he only picked up a few more rounds to earn map point advantage but BIG forced the extra rounds. BIG continued to ride on their momentum picking up the first two defensive rounds, but SIXER picked up the remaining four to take the 19-17 win, posting an 89.2 ADR along the way.
Tries and fails to bring his team back in Game 2
September 15, 2017
SIXER tallied a 31/38 KD in Team EnVyUs' loss to Na'Vi on Day 1 of ESL New York.
SIXER had a bit of an odd series here against Na'Vi. He started off pretty bad in Game 1 but managed to recover a bit in the second game. He opened well with a 3k in the first pistol round to give his team a nice win before it all went downhill for him. He only managed to find two more kills in the rest of the first half. That set EnVyUs back quite a bit and they dropped the game. He was much better in the second game, however. It took him a few rounds to get going, but once he found his footing, he was killing it. This was especially true in the later rounds where he just couldn't seem to miss at times. He was the single biggest factor in why his team managed to even get somewhat close here. But the rest of his team fell off in the second half and they dropped the game.
Rocky second half in loss
September 1, 2017
SIXER went even in the EnVyUs loss to Fnatic 16-13 on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 16/16 KD.
After planting the bomb in the pistol round in a 2-vs-2 loss, SIXER came back in Round 2 with a double entry kill into the B-bombsite to help secure the round 1-1. After picking up two more rounds when Fnatic finally came back in contention, SIXER came close to a Round 10 win with a triple kill entry into the B-bombsite but fell short in the 1-vs-2. SIXER planted the bomb in several rounds in the first half, which held down the security of the economy to take an offensive lead going into the second 9-6. SIXER had some solid defensive holds in the slow start of the second half. However, his defensive holds couldn't hold off Fnatic after breaking his economy with the 16-13 loss on Cobblestone.
Closing with massive win over SK
May 31, 2017
SIXER earned a well 14/9 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a win over SK Gaming 1-0.
SIXER had a great offensive first showing on Inferno, applying the pressure early on the B-bombsite that gave them the economic advantage early on. SIXER racked up many kills in his entries as he contributed to the quick 6-0 lead early on. After SK scored a few rounds, SIXER eased out the half, taking the confidence away from SK for a 12-3 deficit at the half. The second half was nothing to show for SK, and SIXER remained perfect on the defense on an aggressive early start of their own to shut out the half 16-3, posting a 64.0 ADR.
Dismal performance despite win
May 31, 2017
SIXER posted a slim 5/8 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in a 1-0 win over Immortals in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
SIXER contributed to the massive offensive performance in the first half of Cobblestone, taking down Immortals with a 13-2 deficit. SIXER contributed to a few kills, but mostly died throughout the first half. The second half was more kills for SIXER racking up before the team won the third and final round to close out the match in dominating form 16-2, with SIXER posting a low 55.6 ADR.
Slow start in match win
May 30, 2017
SIXER posted an even 14/14 KD for EnVyUs on Tuesday in a win over Cloud9 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
SIXER contributed mostly in the five-round comeback in the first half of Cobblestone to overcome the Cloud9 strike after the pistol round wins to take the early 6-3 advantage. SIXER then mostly did his job by helping his teammates take the bombsites, picking up what was left of the chaos that unfolded in the late rounds. After a 9-6 lead at the half, SIXER headed into the second half with a few rounds won before Cloud9 stumbled back with five before being closed out for a 16-11 loss as SIXER tallied just a 47.7 ADR against Cloud9.
Poor finish in match loss
May 30, 2017
SIXER posted a dismal 8/19 KD for EnVyUs on Tuesday, Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals in a 1-0 loss to Fnatic.
SIXER faced a quick 4-0 deficit to start the first half of Inferno on the defense and only managed to win three rounds throughout the first half for a massive 12-3 deficit at the half. After a slow start in the second half, SIXER contributed to the late comeback to win six rounds before Fnatic closed out the game 16-9. SIXER only contributed to a 41.2 ADR to try and helped close out the series in the second half, but came up short of a win.
Lack of confidence in series loss
May 20, 2017
SIXER posted a 20/33 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series loss to FaZe Clan in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
SIXER contributed to the early 3-0 lead in the first half, but his play dwindled on the offense for a grueling 11-4 first half deficit. However, his second half performance was much better as he picked up a 14/18 KD in EnVyUs' 10-round come back to tie the game at 14. SIXER came close to holding off the offense of FaZe, but he did little damage on the defense with 44.0 ADR to close Inferno with a 16-14 loss. In Game 2 SIXER, remained silent in the first half with only three rounds won for a 12-3 deficit at the half. The second half was a disaster as SIXER was blanked for four rounds only obtaining a 6/15 KD and 40.9 ADR on Train.
A bit slow in series split
May 11, 2017
SIXER posted a 25/26 KD in Team EnVyUs' 1-1 split with in the ECS on Thursday.
SIXER had a bit of an odd series here against on Thursday. He opened up the first game with just one kill in the first four rounds of the game, but then he picked up a double in Round 5 to kick off some good rounds in the first half. Once the second half started, though, he only added in some sporadic kills here and there, but he had no multi-kills as VP took over the half for the win. The second game was about as one-sided as they come, with EnVyUs dominating from start to finish. SIXER was a bit slow once again, only posting two kills in the first nine rounds even as his team was up 8-1. He ended up with a 9/6 KD in his team's 16-2 win.
Cheeky with the AWP against HellRaisers
February 21, 2017
SIXER posted a 22/37 KD Tuesday during a 1-1 split against HellRaisers at the ESL Pro League.
SIXER didn't post great stats, and was ultimately out-AWPed by his counterpart DeadFox, but he showed off his formidable game sense on Train. In Round 10, SIXER watched a smoke fly by and then immediately stepped in front of it to get a opening pick at Ivy. He outplayed HellRaisers' utility throughout the half, holding vital angles with the big green gun. SIXER's obviously no KennyS, but he showed that he's at least capable of secondary AWPing for a top team. As a primary AWPer, he's probably outmatched.
Doesn't do enough to win
December 17, 2016
SIXER finished Team EnVyUs' loss against G2 on Day 2 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier with a 15/19 KD.
Despite the fact that EnVyUs took a bit to find a round win, they did get a bomb plant in the first three rounds, with SIXER getting two of those plants. This allowed them to stabilize their economy a bit despite the early round losses. He didn't get his first kill until Round 5 as G2 jumped out to a fast 5-0 lead here. Even as EnVyUs started to surge and take a bit of a lead, SIXER didn't really do much to help. He only had four kills between Rounds 6 and 14. He ended the half with a nice double to get a 9-6 lead. He then picked up a nice double in Round 19 to get EnVyUs' first win of the half, but it would prove to be nowhere near enough for his team to do anything to stop G2 in this second half.
Unable to carry in crushing loss vs G2
November 13, 2016
SIXER earned a KD of 47/46 in EnVyUs' 0-2 loss to G2 in Northern Arena Montreal on Saturday.
SIXER had a strong start to Game 1 on Overpass, picking up a big 3k in Round 7 to help NV pull even with G2. SIXER's rifle work earned him several multi-kill rounds throughout the game, which went to double OT, but it wasn't enough to carry EnVyUs to a win. Earning a decent 84.7 ADR along with a good 33/27 KD, SIXER looked poised to take over Game 2, but it never happened. NV got steamrolled on Nuke, picking up a few early rounds before G2 suffocated NV. SIXER was essentially a non-factor in Game 2, posting a 14/19 KD alongside a poor 68.0 ADR, as NV dropped Game 2 and the series to a motivated G2.
Subdued performance in win
November 10, 2016
SIXER posted a 10/5 KD in EnVyUs' victory against CLG in Group B of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday.
Despite all of the early success that EnVyUs had in this game, SIXER wasn't a huge part of that in terms of kills. He only had one kill in the first five rounds of the game. He apparently felt the pressure from his teammates, though, as he grabbed a 3k in the following round to give EnVyUs a 6-0 lead. He secured another 3k in Round 11 with all headshots from a flank position on the Ramp. He would only snag three more kills for the rest of the map, but EnVyUs didn't need him to go off to pick up the 16-3 win.
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