Kevin Amend 
Signs with Imperial
June 11, 2018
kRYSTAL has found a new home in Imperial, the organization has announced.
The 24-year-old German player has been without a team since parting ways with Sprout in mid-May. kRYSTAL has already been trying out with the team for a month as he took part in DreamHack Open Tours, placing last. Now, kRYSTAL has been confirmed as Imperial's in-game leader and will travel to Sweden for the upcoming DreamHack Open Summer event, which will run from June 16-18.
Free Agent
Parts ways with Sprout
May 17, 2018
kRYSTAL's time in Sprout has come to an end, the 24-year-old German announced on Facebook.
kRYSTAL put an end to his six-month tenure with the team, making the 24-year-old a free agent. The news comes after Sprout recently lost Polish player, innocent, to a revamped mixed European lineup in Tempo Storm. On his Facebook page, kRYSTAL mentioned that differences between him and his teammates were getting out of hand, stating that they were too much to handle. It is unclear what kRYSTAL's future may hold, but he will be next seen traveling with Imperial to DreamHack Open Tours to stand-in as in-game leader.
Will lead Imperial at DH Tours
May 11, 2018
kRYSTAL will be taking the reins for the team at DreamHack Open Tours, according to
After losing AcilioN, Imperial's former in-game leader, the team will now be utilizing kRYSTAL to organize the team in Tours. The 24-year-old has been missing on Sprout's roster for some time as he is now taking over the in-game leader role at Tours. DreamHack Open Tours is set to start May 19-21 with $100,000 on the line as one more invite still remains unannounced.
Lackluster Game 1 dooms PENTA
October 12, 2016
kRYSTAL ended PENTA's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Wednesday with a 19/36 KD.
kRYSTAL actually managed to get the first kill of Game 1 on Nuke, but it was nowhere near enough to get the round win since NiP were on point with their frags. They couldn't even managed to win a round when they had a 3-vs-1 on Xizt. Instead of getting the plant and then seeking him out, they just chased him around for 90 seconds and lost the round. It was plays like this that showed the gap in skill between these two teams in the 16-7 loss for PENTA. He was much better at the start of the second game, as he had half as many kills in Round 4 alone than he had in all of the first game. Whereas he performed better in this game than the first, his team actually performed worse overall.
Unimpressive versus new F3 roster
September 23, 2016
kRYSTAL put up 35/43 in Thursday's 1-1 split against FlipSid3
kRYSTAL is predictably overaggressive. His style of play Thursday was sloppy and one-dimensional, and F3 were able to punish him on several occasions, especially on Nuke where he was bottom fragger by a mile. As the T side AWPer on Overpass, he was constantly dying without getting compensation through frags, damage or vital information, and he gave away the M4 on the CT side on Nuke for free a few times. Sure, his aggression pays off sometimes, and he earned a nice quad kill in a pistol round, but it really hamstrings his team overall.
Comes up just short with AWP in Game 1 OT
September 22, 2016
kRYSTAL ended PENTA's sweep at the hands of Na'Vi with a KD of 39/44.
kRYSTAL was pretty quiet to start out this series against Na'Vi. He was running with an AK and he would just pick up some kills here and there, but didn't make a huge contribution to the game. This was pretty much the case for the rest of the game that went pretty back and forth, but eventually saw Na'Vi take the map 19-17. He was huge in OT when he picked up the AWP and got a 3k with it. He almost single-handedly brought his team back into this game in the second half of OT, but it just wasn't enough. kRYSTAL started the second game on Overpass off with a bang, as he picked up a 3k that included first blood to get a quick 2-0 lead. As the game drew on, though, PENTA seemed to lose all their mojo and completely crumbled under the might of Na'Vi's prowess.
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