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Will play at CS:GO Asia Championships
June 11, 2018
Team EnVyUs will be using xms at the upcoming $300,000 event, HLTV.org reports.
There has been no official statement from Team EnVyUs on the current situation that xms and SIXER will be taking place of RpK and Happy on the active roster at the CS:GO Asia Championships. However, HLTV.org has confirmed the line-up change by the tournament organizers directly that xms and SIXER will travel to the event in Shanghai, China, on June 14-18.
xms benched
January 29, 2018
Team EnVyUs are set to bench xms after the French team failed to advance to the ELEAGUE Major in Boston, according to a report from Flickshot.fr.
The French team failed to advance to Boston at the ELEAGUE Major New Challengers stage with a 0-3 record. xms has been part of the squad since February 2017 when he was signed from LDLC. He helped the French team win the title at DreamHack Open Atlanta but outside of Atlanta, he has had a rather rough performance, averaging a 0.97 rating on LAN. With several group stage exits and mixed results, the French look to strengthen the roster with the addition of kioShiMa.
Unable to edge Na'Vi in 2-0 loss
December 3, 2017
xms posted a 40/42 KD on Sunday in the semifinal loss to Natus Vincere 2-0 at Dreamhack Open Winter.
The start on Overpass is one xms would want back as he took a blundering first half 13-2 deficit going into the second half. However, his offense shined in the second half but Na'Vi was quick to finally pick up their third round and claim Overpass 16-11, posting a 13/20 KD and 58.3 ADR. The series shifted to Nuke where xms contributed to the defensive hold to pick up the 2-0 lead. Although Na'Vi contested and kept the score tight throughout the first half, xms took the first half lead thanks to his Round 13 1-vs-3 clutch on the B-bombsite. He then kicked off the second half with a triple kill clutch to secure the second pistol round. The pistol round win sparked the offense to pick up six rounds in the early stage of the second half but xms couldn't get past the defense for a 16-14 loss, posting a 27/22 KD and a team-leading 102.5 ADR.
Closes Train for semifinal berth
December 2, 2017
xms went 12/19 Friday in a 16-12 win over mousesports at DreamHack Open Winter.
xms picked up a handful of frags in the dominating first half performance, however, his performance was rather quiet in the massive 9-0 lead. With a first half 13-2 lead going into the second, the momentum didn't carry over as xms found himself with mouz picking up five in a row. xms showed signs of struggle as he couldn't get many frags that turned into round wins. Mouz managed to bring the score within two rounds 14-12 but a quick rotate to the B-bombsite shut down another rush. With map point advantage, xms finally shed some light and picked up a triple kill on the A-bombsite retake to secure Train 16-12, posting a 67.7 ADR and a ticket to the semifinals.
Short of win in double OT loss
November 14, 2017
xms went 30/31 on Tuesday in a 22-20 loss to SK Gaming in Group A of IEM Oakland.
A 3-0 deficit early on wouldn't phase xms as he picked up several frags on the Round 4 B-bombsite hold to win the first round of the half. Three more rounds would come out of the buy-round to take the 4-3 lead. Although SK came back and contested as both teams went neck-to-neck with xms closing out the first half 8-7 in a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite. The second half was another slow start, but two quick rounds on the A-bombsite tied the game 9-9. However, SK slowly pulled away with the lead 13-10 but xms riding on momentum will break the defense in Round 25 with a triple entry-kill on the A-bombsite to secure the round. SK did manage to reach map point, but xms continued to get the entry frags to force the extra rounds. The majority of the overtime rounds were highly contested as xms remained composed getting the trade kills and earning rounds. Unfortunately, some of his frags weren't enough to close out the win with a 22-20 loss to SK Gaming.
Rough Game 1 sets EnVy up for loss
September 15, 2017
xms posted just a 24/40 KD in Team EnVyUs' loss to Na'Vi on Day 1 of ESL New York.
xms had himself a rough time in this series from the very start. He only had just two kills in the first 13 rounds of the first game. While he managed to put together a bit of a better showing in the second half, it still was nowhere near enough for him to prevent the loss or his 9/21 KD. The second game was bit better, as he finished with a 15/19 KD, but the rest of his team was all over the place in this loss. They only managed to win eight games as they were bounced from the tournament.
Slow starts cost a win
September 1, 2017
xms posted a 21/23 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a loss to Fnatic 16-13.
xms had a slow start on Cobblestone but in Round 4 his triple spray down on the B-bombsite secure the round and the lead 3-1. xms picked up several entry kills along the more offensive first half, ripping through the B-bombsite defenses for a 9-6 lead at the half. After giving up three rounds to start the second half, xms came up huge with a big play in Round 20, winning a 2-vs-1 on the A-bombsite with a defuse to secure the round 11-9. xms secured a few more rounds for nV in the second half, but it wasn't enough to hold off Fnatic from taking the game 16-13.
Huge performance over SK in win
May 31, 2017
xms was alive, earning a 20/11 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in a 1-0 win over SK Gaming in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
xms had a solid start for EnVyUs, contributing to six rounds won to start the half with a big lead 6-0. xms punished the defense with quick and aggressive plays that paid off well as SK struggled to hold off for a commanding 12-3 deficit. xms had big plays, opening up the bombsite as well as holding off for the post-plant rounds that granted a big lead early. The second half was a quick session as xms contributed to the four straight won on the defense to take the match with a convincing 16-3 win, earning the team with a runner-up 92.3 ADR.
Unstoppable in win over Immortals
May 31, 2017
xms posted a 13/11 KD on Wednesday, Day 2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a dominating win over Immortals 1-0.
xms had a great start on the offense in the first half of Cobblestone, helping his team to quickly penetrate the defense on their default setups early on. The lead grew and grew until Round 9, where Immortals won their first and followed with a second round of the half. xms quickly came back on the offense and closed out the half 13-2. The second half went by quickly as xms held off the offense of Immortals for three rounds to take the match 16-2, earning a 95.9 ADR along the way.
Consistent in Day 1 win
May 30, 2017
xms posted a solid 20/19 KD for EnVyUs on Tuesday, Day 1 in a win over Fnatic in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
xms had a pistol round win to start, but a Cloud9 comeback early for the 3-1 lead to start Cobblestone. However, he contributed to the five-round comeback to take the lead back up 6-3. From there, xms was able to hold off and control the lead on the offense for the 9-6 lead at the half. The second half was a smooth, but short-lived start on the defense as Cloud9 came back in the late rounds to come close to tying the game with their five rounds on the offense. xms had the upper advantage on the favored side defense to hold off the push for the last two rounds to close out the 16-11 win. xms posted a solid 79.1 ADR against Cloud9 in the Day 1 win.
Rough loss to Fnatic in Game 2
May 30, 2017
xms posted a fair 14/18 KD for EnVyUs on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals during a loss to Fnatic.
xms had a dismal start to Inferno down 4-0 on the defense for a later 12-3 deficit to start the series against Fnatic. xms struggled to hold off the offense of Fnatic while they were overwhelmed in the early rounds forced to retreat, but never able to come back for the loss. However, the second half performance was much better despite the six round won as xms picked up a few more kills along the way, but the 63.7 ADR wasn't enough to keep the streak going as Fnatic closed out the map 16-9.
Poor finish in Game 2
May 20, 2017
xms had a rough day posting a 24/37 KD in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan.
xms had a good start on Inferno contributing to a few kills in the 3-0 start on the offense, however, his fragging capabilities slowed and his confidence turned the other way for an 11-4 deficit at the half. The second half treated xms well providing 10 straight wins to tie at 14-14, earning a solid 19/21 KD and 61.7 ADR before FaZe closed Game 1 16-14. xms overall had a nightmare of a performance on Train with only a 5/16 KD and 41.1 ADR throughout both halves to show in the 16-3 Game 2 loss.
Recovers in Game 2 for split
May 11, 2017
xms posted an even 29/29 KD in EnVyUs' series split with Virtus.pro in the ECS on Thursday.
xms didn't have the greatest start to this series of games, going just 17/22 in the opening game. He started with a 3k in the opening pistol round and had some more consistent frags in the first half, but then fell a bit short in the second half. Once VP started to win rounds with some consistency, xms wasn't there with consistency of his own to pick up the win. Going into Game 2, xms found his footing along with the rest of his team. He got off to a nice start with a 1-vs-1 clutch against TaZ in Round 4 to put his team up 4-0. They never stopped from there on, picking up the 16-2 win to split the series.
Impresses in debut against HellRaisers
February 21, 2017
xms turned in a 32/35 KD Tuesday during a 1-1 split at the ESL Pro League versus HellRaisers.
xms showed a lot of fragging potential, although it came against a middling opponent. While HellRaisers isn't the best test of xms' ability, and teams will certainly adjust to xms' aggressive style, xms showed decisiveness and composure, particularly on Train. He won a lot of straight-up aim duels, and showed good timing in Round 7 on Train when he dropped down into Pop Dog and sprayed down two. Most importantly, xms stayed within the rhythm of EnVyUs' setups, restraining any desire to make hero plays until EnVyUs actually needed it, like when xms pushed through a smoke in the second half and found an immediate headshot. xms had a quiet second map on cobblestone, but was impressive overall.
Joins Team EnVyUs
February 4, 2017
xms has been signed by Team EnVyUs, reports Kristine Hutter of theScore esports.
Coming from the little known Team LDLC.com, xms joins a new-look EnVyUs roster that rises from the ashes of a high-profile transfer. kennyS, apEX and NBK left the team to join G2 Esports, leaving some holes to fill. One of the stronger members of LDLC, xms looks to be a great choice. The former EnVyUs roster, while technically strong, weren't able to translate that into actual results in the latter half of 2016. This injection of the fresh blood of RpK, xms and devoduvek will hopefully help the team reach new heights in 2017.
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