Rene Borg 
OpTic Gaming
Joins OpTic
February 10, 2018
OpTic Gaming has announced their roster is now complete for the upcoming ESL Pro League, with cajunb as a starter.
The news comes after cajunb was released from his starting position in North after a lackluster end to their 2017 campaign and an early exit at ELEAGUE Major Boston. The Danish AWPer will now wear the Green Wall colors as the team put together a roster in the final hours of the ESL Pro League roster lock. cajunb now has a home where he will compete for the upcoming ESL Pro League, which is set to start February 13th.
cajunb benched
January 29, 2018
The Danish organization has announced that cajunb will be replaced by North Academy's mertz.
After a disappointing run at the ELEAGUE Major New Legends stage with a surprising 0-3 record, North has now promoted mertz from North Academy to fill in the role. The team has undergone a rough 2017 campaign as the team was only able to pick up one win at DreamHack Montreal, thanks to Immortals unprofessional grand final tardiness. North has been to two different finals, which the team fell short to G2 at the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals and DreamHack Masters Malmo. cajunb has been part of the team since 2016, which involved the trade with Astralis picking up Kjaerbye from the prior Dignitas team.
Leads his team in loss
December 5, 2017
cajunb tallied a 14/15 KD in North's tough loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
While his play wasn't off the charts, cajunb still led his team in this lopsided loss. He was the closest member to an even KD while having the highest HLTV rating at 1.00. He may have managed to go 5/3 against boltz, he couldn't solve coldzera and North were easily handled 16-7.
Sniping Heroic down for 2-0 win
October 15, 2017
cajunb earned a 29/22 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 win over Heroic in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals.
cajunb had a 3-0 start on the defense in Game 1 of Overpass and continued to reign down on Heroic throughout the first half. In Round 10, cajunb snipes down three on the A-bombsite to hold the 8-2 lead. Although Heroic managed to pull together a few rounds, cajunb got right back on the AWP to close out the half 10-5. In the second half, Heroic couldn't win more than two rounds as cajunb continues to impress with a 1-vs-2 clutch on the B-bombsite post-plant to take Overpass 16-7, posting a 14/9 KD and 72.5 ADR. In Game 2, cajunb carried his momentum into the first half with a 2-0 start for the offense. Heroic then contested for the majority of the first half until cajunb started to get the opening kills that would solidify a 9-6 lead at the half. cajunb then continued to play aggressively in the second half over Heroic, who would only win one round in the second half blowout as cajunb got the team to mappoint with a triple kill on the B-bombsite retake. cajunb then closed out the series with a Mirage win 16-7, posting a 15/13 KD and 74.7 ADR.
Comes up short in sweep loss
October 13, 2017
cajunb finished North's loss at the hands of FaZe Clan in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 with a 33/40 KD.
cajunb, like most of his team here, was a bit off in this series on Thursday. Despite their having been playing pretty well lately, there was nothing much they could do to stop FaZe in this series. That blame doesn't fall solely on one player, however, as FaZe is just simply a strong roster that few teams can stand up for. North will surely look back at the tape of this one to bounce back in the future.
Composed despite 2-0 sweep
October 8, 2017
cajunb posted a 36/39 KD on Thursday in a 2-0 loss to Astralis in ESL Pro League Season 6.
cajunb started out with winning the pistol and two anti-eco rounds over Astralis' defense on Mirage, setting the tone early. Although Astralis fired back to take the lead 4-3, cajunb struggled to get past the Astralis defense with a broken economy for eight rounds before finally getting on the board in Round 12. Down 8-4, Astralis picked up another round while cajunb denied the retake on the A-bombsite with a triple kill to close the half 9-6. In the second half, cajunb had a solid start on the defense to hold the A-bombsite down but it wasn't enough to close out the half with a 16-10 loss. In Game 2, cajunb came out of the gates on the defense with a double kill hold on the B-bombsite to take the pistol. Unfortunately, for the next five rounds, cajunb couldn't hold back the aggressive offense of Astralis who would take the 5-1 lead. cajunb then picked up a few more rounds with a stern hold on the B-bombsite as well as his quick rotations to assist the A-bombsite for a 9-6 deficit at the half. A smooth 3-0 start on the offense started with cajunb picking up a few entry kills but Astralis then went the extra mile to win seven rounds to close the sweep 16-10 on Inferno.
Quiet in Game 2 loss
October 7, 2017
cajunb picked up a 28/33 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with FaZe Clan in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A strong start on the defensive hold of the A-bombsite got the team a 2-0 lead early on Mirage. However, FaZe contested early on as well, overriding the defense to win a handful of rounds to take the 4-3 lead. Although cajunb could finally get the AWP on hand for the double sniper setup, and it worked flawlessly with a shutdown on the offense of FaZe to take the first half 10-5. cajunb carried momentum into the second half with an explosive offense to start as four rounds were gained over the defense of FaZe for the 14-5 lead. However, FaZe came rallying back with seven straight but cajunb remained composed and closed out the final two rounds to take Game 1 16-12. Unfortunately, cajunb had little to show in Game 2 of Inferno with a tough first half loss with a score of 13-2. The second half didn't fare so well either as cajunb could only win two rounds for the defense to close the Game 2 loss 16-4, posting a positive 21/16 KD and 64.5 ADR.
Huge clutches lock up marathon win
September 15, 2017
cajunb put up a 30/26 KD in North's win over Immortals in Group B on the ELEAGUE Premier on Friday.
While it may have taken a bit longer than expected, cajunb managed to get his team over the hump that was Immortals. cajunb did most of his damage with the AWP, as he picking up clutched at different points in the game to keep North alive in this battle. His biggest round by far came in Round 24 where he found a double kill that included a ridiculous one-tap with the Deagle to lock up the round. Immortals put a fight and pushed this into double overtime, but cajunb and North got there in the end.
Unable to stay composed in Game 2
September 4, 2017
cajunb finished with a 25/37 KD at DreamHack Masters Malmo grand finals with a 2-0 loss to G2 Esports.
In Game 1 on Inferno, cajunb had a slow start with a 5-0 deficit early, but his Round 6 double kill hold on the A-bombsite to secure the first round of the half. However, the remainder of the half was a struggle individually on the defense for cajunb, as North settled for an 11-4 deficit at the half. The second half started with a pair of G2 wins but cajunb contributed to the five-round win streak to get the team back in contention. In Round 24, cajunb picked up the AWP to get the double entry on the B-bombsite to secure the round. It still wasn't enough, however, as they fell late in the half to lose Game 1 16-12. cajunb started the second half 3-0 until G2 snapped back to tie. cajunb picked up the AWP to hold off for four rounds to take the lead 7-3. His triple kill on the B-bombsite served the eight round for the team lead going into the second 8-7. Unfortunately, cajunb fell hard in the second half on the offense as he was unable to penetrate the G2 defense for a 16-9 loss in the grand finals.
Firm on the AWP in series win
September 2, 2017
cajunb came up big over SK Gaming with a 2-1 win, picking up a 42/44 KD on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
cajunb struggled on the defensive start on Cobblestone with a fast-paced offense from SK that ripped through the bombsites to take the first half 12-3. However, the second half was another poor finish with only two rounds won for the offense in a 16-5 Game 1 loss. In Game 2, cajunb picked apart the defense in the first half with the AWP to beat SK into the A-bombsite to secure an 8-7 lead at the half. In the second half, his AWP remained a threat shutting down the offense for a massive second half overhaul 16-8. cajunb then carried his Game 2 performance into the third game, Inferno, with a crushing and explosive first half on the offense to claim the 13-2 lead. However, SK came right back on the offense to win nine rounds before his AWP stopped the run with three rounds to hold for a series win 16-11.
Composed in series split
August 27, 2017
cajunb gathered a 27/33 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split against G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
cajunb started the series on Nuke with the first round win for North with a double kill to hold off the offense of G2 after a 3-0 deficit. From there, the first half was highly contested but cajunb looked sharp with the AWP to take the first half lead 9-6. In contrast, his second half performance on the offense was rather poor, as he struggled to get any frags to win rounds in a 16-9 Game 1 loss. In Game 2, cajunb came out firing on all cylinders with a pistol round win thanks to his quick bomb plant on the A-bombsite and two frags to follow. With a 5-0 start, cajunb opened the bomb sites with multiple double kill entries and post-plant holds like his Round 7 triple kill on the B-bombsite that came out with a 1-vs-1 win. After taking the first half 9-6, cajunb continued to press forward on the defense, especially with the AWP on the B-bombsite to take Game 2 16-7.
Have you seen this man?
July 5, 2017
cajunb was nowhere to be found with a 6/16 KD in North's loss to SK Gaming on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
cajunb had an incredibly forgettable game here against SK. He didn't find a kill until Round 9, which left North scrambling for answers in the first half of this game. While they did end up finding enough rounds to make it a respectable 8-7 deficit at the half, cajunb still never managed to get himself together. He ended the half with a 3/7 KD and just a 22.2 ADR. He did finally pick up a couple kills in Round 20 to stop their second half skid, it was nowhere near enough to help prevent this 16-10 loss.
Rakes in the kills in big win
July 4, 2017
cajunb shut down TyLoo with a stellar 24/10 KD to give North the win on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
cajunb aged like a fine wine in this series. While he didn't start off on the best foot, he went off as things progressed. His first big play came in Round 7 when he shut down DD, who was cutting through North like butter. That round was the start of an impressive run that North went on to win the game. They closed the map on a 15-1 run to completely shut down TyLoo. He capped off his performance with a 3k in Round 21 to put his team on map point, which they easily locked up to take the 16-6 win.
Monster second half of Game 2 leads to sweep
June 4, 2017
cajunb put up a 49/32 KD in North's win over Team Liquid in the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Finals.
cajunb was the driving force for North in this big win over Team Liquid on Saturday. He started out with a 17/9 performance in the first game on Nuke. He and his team got out to an incredible 11-1 lead in the early rounds of the first half. They all looked on point and ready to take this series by storm. cajunb closed out the half with a double kill to give them a 13-2 lead going into the second half. They only needed six rounds to finish up the 16-5 win. Moving into Mirage in Game 2, things didn't start out very well for the Danes of North. In the first half that saw Liquid take an 11-4 lead into the half, cajunb was a paltry 6/11. When North took the second half by storm in the second half though, he recovered in a big way to the tune of a 26/12 second half to help his team push back. One of his best rounds came late in the game when North were down 15-13 and in desperate need of a spark. He came through with a 3k on the CZ275 to help squeak into overtime. They dominated that overtime period to lock up the 19-17 win to clinch the sweep.
Fades in and out of obscurity
June 1, 2017
cajunb picked up a 19/18 KD in North's narrow victory against OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
cajunb had a nice start to this game, even if it wasn't overly dominant. He picked up kills in the first five rounds, but then took a cue from some of his teammates and fell off for the rest of the half. While OpTic made a run, he shrunk into the background. The same was true for the opening rounds of the second half, with him only posting three kills in the first nine rounds of the half. He did manage to show up when his team most needed it though, picking up a key double in Round 29 to get into the 30th round that his team picked up for the 16-14 win.
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