Mathias Lauridsen 
Unable to break out on Inferno
April 15, 2018
MSL gathered a 43/39 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split against Ninjas in Pyjamas in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
MSL had a rough time getting his men together on their T-side, who only won three rounds as NiP sailed through the first half taking a 12-3 lead into the second. MSL finally found some room in the second half to structure the defenses to pick up 12 rounds as MSL forced the overtime rounds by outlasting f0rest in a 1-vs-1. From there, MSL led for four straight to take the series lead 19-15 on Nuke. MSL saw another dismal start on Inferno as NiP won nine straight through the first half before MSL ended the streak with a quad kill on the A-bombsite hold to secure their first. However, only three more rounds would come of his heroics as MSL faced an 11-4 deficit at the half. The second half didn't serve well either as he could only come up with two offensive rounds in the 16-6 loss.
Rough showing in loss
December 5, 2017
MSL tallied an 11/21 KD in North's 16-7 loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
MSL was at the bottom of his team throughout this one-sided showing against SK on Tuesday. Not only did he put up the least amount of damage with a 53.0 ADR, but he only had 11 kills to boot. Perhaps it wasn't surprising since this North team has seen better days, but it was still a far cry from what North would need to do in order to make it out ahead of SK.
Shows off his CZ skills
October 13, 2017
MSL tallied a 33/43 KD in North's 0-2 loss to FaZe Clan in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
MSL had a couple moments in this series, but they were too far and between to really help his team do much of anything in this trouncing. He mainly did some nice work with the CZ75-A, showing off the increased utility of the weapon of late. He simply died too many times to really do much to help his team, however. North certainly needed a bigger performance here, and without it, they were bounced from the playoffs.
Puts his name back in the conversation
September 15, 2017
MSL tallied a KD of 32/34 in North's big win over Immortals on Friday in Group B of the ELEAGUE Premier.
While MSL normally doesn't really do a ton to show off for North, he certainly did his best to do so in this game. North was struggling a bit coming out the gate before MSL showed up with a big double kill in Round 11 that set them on the path to eventual greatness. He continued to put up rounds like that in the rest of the game, including a huge 4k in Round 21 that saves the day. He capped off that round with an excellent peek at the right moment that caught his opponent off guard and gave him the win. They had to fight hard through two overtimes to get the win, but they got it in the end.
Unable to lead the offense to victory
September 4, 2017
MSL gathered a 36/37 KD in the grand finals of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-0 loss to G2 Esports.
MSL had a rocky start to Game 1 on Inferno with a 5-0 deficit early. Although finally winning a round in Round 6, MSL struggled to hold off the offense of G2 for an 11-4 half. After giving up the first two rounds, MSL paved the way for five rounds to cut the deficit to a 13-9 scoreline. However, they were unable to track down shox, who saved an AWP, resultint in a 16-12 Game 1 loss. MSL had a firm start on the defense for North with a 3-0 start, however, G2 rallied back to settle the tie 3-3. In the following round, MSL had a strong triple kill hold on the B-bombsite to break the tie and surge for four rounds 7-3. G2 managed to pick up three rounds but MSL came out on top with an 8-7 lead. However, he was unable to carry the momentum into the second half only winning one round in the 16-9 Game 2 loss on Cobblestone of the grand finals.
Composed in Game 3 to close series 2-1
September 2, 2017
MSL went 51/52 in the 2-1 North win against SK Gaming on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
MSL's slow start in Game 1 resulted in a dominant offensive side for SK, taking a massive 12-3 lead at the half. However, MSL helped pick up the two offensive rounds in the second half for the tough 16-5 loss. However, Game 2 MSL had a great offensive start with several key entry kills on the A-bombsite of Train, which resulted in a massive lead over one of SK's best maps. However, SK rallied back to settle the half 8-7, but the second half belonged to MSL on the defense with a major performance to shut down the A-bombsite to win Game 2 16-8. Game 3 came down to Inferno with another impressive first half on the less-favored offensive side with a quick and aggressive 13-2 lead at the half. SK did manage to have a contested second half until the economy for MSL was strong enough to hold off for three rounds to take the series 16-11.
Consistent defense in split
August 27, 2017
MSL earned an even 34/34 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
MSL was rather quiet in the start of Nuke until Round 6 where he contributed to tying the game up after a 3-0 deficit with a double kill on the A-bombsite to stop the rush from G2. He then won the following round to take the lead for the first time holding his grounds on the A-bombsite with a triple kill. G2 didn't give up and fired back with a few more rounds, but MSL got the two round lead in Round 12 winning a 1-vs-1. MSL ended the half earning the 9-6 lead with a firm defensive double kill hold to take the first half. In the second half, it was all G2 as MSL struggled on the offense to gain any grounds over G2 in a 16-9 loss. In Game 2, MSL contributed to the 5-0 start with several bomb plants and post-plant holds, however, G2 came right back into the action. G2 finished the half down 9-6 after coming back late in the first, but the second half was all North as MSL stayed consistent on the defense to hold off any aggressive pushes from G2 for the 16-7 win on Cobblestone.
Big showing not enough for win
July 5, 2017
MSL finished North's loss against SK Gaming on Wednesday at ESL Cologne with a KD of 21/20.
MSL is usually more of a secondary player when North takes the stage, but this time, he was on his game. After the first few rounds, he was one of the only members of the team to record kills and give North any semblance of a chance to win some rounds. Once their economy stabilized, things were a bit better. He found consistent kills and ended with an 83.5 ADR, one of the highest on the server. One of the only rounds that they ended up winning in the second half was partly due to MSL finding a double kill to try and get into a groove. It ended up being all for naught, however, as SK took the 16-10 win.
Flanks well in big win
July 4, 2017
MSL used nice movement around the map to come up with a 14/10 KD in North's win over TyLoo on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
MSL was unable to do much against TyLoo in the early rounds of this game. The Chinese squad came out the gates with a purpose and crisp strategies. This left MSL searching for a way into the game. MSL tried to find his way in with some rotations, but every time, he was met with a member of TyLoo taking him out. This led to him only having two kills in the first five rounds of the game, but apparently all he needed was to get into a groove, because once North started rolling, MSL found some nice kills. He even picked up a multi-kill to completely shut down a rotation from TyLoo. That was the exclamation point on the big 15-1 run that they went on in this game to find their first win of the week.
Does what he can in sweep
June 4, 2017
MSL finished North's win against Team Liquid in the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Finals with a KD of 40/42.
MSL was pretty quiet in the entirety of his team's big win in the opening game of the semifinals. He started well enough with a 3k in Round 2, but only managed to put together 12 more kills in the other 19 rounds of this 16-5 win. With his team playing so well though, it was acceptable for him to come up a bit quiet here. The problem was that his quiet play continued on into the second map, which created fits for North. Despite winning the pistol round, they were unable to gain much traction in the rest of the half that saw Liquid go up 11-4. With MSL getting a double kill and defuse in Round 17, North began to chug along to make a nice comeback. To his credit, he went 16/17 in the second half after a lackluster 9/13 performance in the first half to do his part in the comeback. It took overtime, but North managed to lock up the 19-17 win to secure its spot in the grand finals against G2.
Provides the spark needed for narrow win
June 1, 2017
MSL put up a 25/22 KD when North took down OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
MSL was a big part of North's win in this game on Wednesday, providing his team with great stability in the late rounds to overcome the Green Wall. However, things weren't always rainbows and sunshine. While he started off with a 3k in Round 2, he disappeared once OpTic made an early run to take the lead in the first half. Once he flipped the switch back on, though, he was on top of his game from then on. It started with an amazing quad kill in Round 12 to stop OpTic's run and it continued on into the second half. He put up a couple late triple kills to tie things up and gave his team enough space to pick up the narrow 16-14 win.
Shows up when North needs him most
May 31, 2017
MSL posted a 27/24 KD in North's narrow win over mousesports on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
MSL got off to a bit of a slow start in this game, but he made up for it when it counted. His first kill didn't come until Round 6 and his third not until Round 9. At this point, North were fighting to keep up with mouz in a close first half. His 3k in Round 13 gave his team a slight lead that didn't necessarily last very long. His contributions in the later rounds of the second half allowed North to make their way all the way into overtime, where they picked up an incredibly narrow victory that was made possible by some timely contributions from MSL.
Strong play early isn't enough to prevent elimination
May 4, 2017
MSL tallied a 29/21 KD in North's tough 16-13 loss to Chiefs at IEM Sydney on Thursday.
MSL was electric to start out in this game against Chiefs. He opened with a 3k in Round 3 and double in Round 4 before picking up yet another 3k in Round 10 for the 8-2 lead. He and cajunb were tag-teaming well in this first half to get their team out to a nice start. Once they booted up for the second half, though, everything came apart at the seams. He got a nice double in Round 20 to stop the strong run that Chiefs were on in that first half, but then that was it as Chiefs kept pushing and North were unable to mount much of a defense. He tried to will them to victory with some more strong kills in the late game, but Chiefs were just on fire and kept pushing until North was eliminated.
Never gets into groove during loss
April 9, 2017
MSL posted a 51/63 KD in North's loss to HellRaisers in the quarterfinals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
MSL never played up to snuff in this series with HellRaisers, which ultimately led to their loss. He started off well in Game 1, as he was near the top of the scoreboard for his team in the 16-9 win. He picked up a 3k in Round 14 and a double in Round 15 to close the first half strong. The second game is where things started to fall apart for MSL and North. He put up some nice rounds in the second half, including a 3k in Round 26 to tie things up at 13, but it ended up not being enough to stop HellRaisers in the 16-14 loss. He started well in Game 3 with a double to deny an entry from HellRaisers, but as the game progressed, they once again were picked apart to drop the series in an upset.
Leading to first win for North
April 5, 2017
MSL posted a 10/14 KD on Tuesday in a win over Immortals on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
MSL got off to a great start on Cobblestone, working the offense over Immortals in the first half posting a 10/14 KD and 60.1 ADR in his first series win. MSL contributed to the pistol-round win followed by two more for the early 3-0 lead. Immortals came back to steal a round away, but MSL replied with a 1-vs-3 post-plant clutch for the 4-1 lead. From there MSL dominated, leading the team with the aggressive pushes into the A- and B- bombsites for the early plants to solidify their economy early. The strong economy allowed MSL to work around Immortals without casualties and take the first half 12-3. MSL switched over to the defense and closed the series out in four rounds for a shutout in the second half 16-3.
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