Kristian Wienecke 
OpTic Gaming
Slow start in the split
April 15, 2018
k0nfig posted a 50/43 KD on Wednesday in the 1-1 split against NRG in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
A slow start to the series on Mirage saw NRG take the pistol and the following anti-ecos to take the 3-0 lead. However, k0nfig and co. rallied back to equalize the score 3-3 as k0nfig grabbed the fourth straight with a triple kill using the AWP to secure the A-bombsite for the T-side. k0nfig helped string together two more rounds to take the 6-3 lead before NRG answered back with four to take the 7-6 lead. k0nfig got right back in the first half to help secure the last round, but NRG returned to edged the first half for an 8-7 lead. Unfortunately, NRG dominated the second half to win eight straight as k0nfig and no response in the 16-7 loss. The series then landed on Inferno where NRG controlled the first half on the T-side for a 10-5 lead going into the second. Despite the slow start in the second half, k0nfig pressed on to win eleven rounds to help his team earn the series split, thanks to his team-leading 29/23 KD and 104.3 ADR.
Signs with OpTic
February 10, 2018
OpTic Gaming has signed former North player k0nfig to the starting roster for the upcoming hectic schedule.
k0nfig saw his way out of North after the disappointing run at ELEAGUE Major Boston New Legends stage in Atlanta with a 0-3 exit. k0nfig was also experiencing "personal problems" as the player was unavailable for interviews at the Major, which indicated something internal was an issue. As a result, k0nfig was released from his duties on North, putting the Danish player future up in the air. Now, OpTic Gaming has completed its roster with k0nfig just in time for the roster lock for the upcoming ESL Pro League, which is set to start February 13th.
North set to bench
January 30, 2018
North is set to bench k0nfig just a day after placing their AWPer, cajunb on the bench, according to a report from Dust2.dk.
Sources close to the team have reported that the Danish star is taking an indefinite break due to person reasons. The first sign came as the Danish player was unavailable for media interviews at the ELEAGUE Major Boston New Legends stage in Atlanta. The past three events saw k0nfig show up with uncharacteristically below-average performance, making the move understandable from the organization's point of view.
Shuts down Fnatic in double-OT series
October 18, 2017
k0nfig picked up a 46/51 KD on Tuesday with a win over Fnatic 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
The series started with a 3-0 deficit early on Mirage, but k0nfig would watch the Fnatic lead grow strong early on. Down 6-1, k0nfig would help the team rally back on the defense to hold the mid split to the A-bombsite and tie the game 6-6. As Fnatic picked up the following round, k0nfig would then shut down Fnatic with a triple kill on the A-bombsite to even the score 7-7. After taking the first half 8-7, Fnatic would come out of the gates to pick up four rounds and take the 11-8 lead. In Round 20, k0nfig would clutch the round with a triple kill to sweep the round. Both teams would trade rounds as k0nfig would earn map point after picking apart the Fnatic defense with entry kills. Fnatic would then force overtime as k0nfig endured a slow start in the extra rounds, which would eventually pick back up once the sides changed back to the defense, where he would then close out Game 1 19-17. Game 2 on Cobblestone had the light shine down on k0nfig and his offense in the first half for an 8-0 lead. His entry kills would help the team take the first half with a 10-5 lead going into the second. However, Fnatic would contest in the second half, as they managed to pick up more offensive rounds to tie the game late 14-14. k0nfig then picked up the map point advantage as Fnatic would force overtime. Albeit in the extra rounds, k0nfig would take down Fnatic 4-1 to secure Game 2 19-16.
Consistent in 2-0 sweep over Heroic
October 15, 2017
k0nfig went 43/25 on Wednesday in a 2-0 win over Heroic in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals.
k0nfig jumped to a great first half start on Overpass for the defense to take on a 10-5 lead at the half. k0nfig earned many defensive holds on the B-bombsite that would help his team take on the massive lead at the half. The second half was a slower start on the offense as Heroic had a stiff hold on the A-bombsite. However, k0nfig then broke through Heroic to take the half opening up the bomb site and getting the bomb plants to solidify the Game 1 win 16-7, posting a 27/8 KD and an 86.2 ADR. Game 2, k0nfig popped open the A-bombsite for a 2-0 lead for the offense on Mirage. Although Heroic contested early with a 4-3 lead on the defense, k0nfig still managed to pull together a more dominant first half to take a 9-6 lead going into the second. Still ripping through the defense of Heroic, he continued to thrash the Danes in the second half to win seven out of eight rounds for the 16-7 sweep, with a 16/17 KD and 72.9 ADR.
Can't bring enough in loss
October 13, 2017
k0nfig put up a 37/38 KD in North's sweep at the hands of FaZe Clan in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
k0nfig is usually one of the catalysts for this North squad, but even his antics weren't enough to bring home a win here. He managed to find a couple multi-kills in the series, but it wasn't consistent enough for North to really build on. While the team had a strong showing over the last few weeks, this meeting against one of the best rosters ever was simply a mismatch for the Danes.
Rising to the occasion in Game 1
October 7, 2017
k0nfig picked up a solid 37/35 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with FaZe Clan in ESL Pro League Season 6.
k0nfig contributed to the 2-0 start with a defensive hold on the A-bombsite, but FaZe Clan came rally back to tie up the score and take the lead in Round 6. However, k0nfig turned things around in Round 7 with a triple kill with a pistol on the A-bombsite eco to stay in the game. FaZe picked up one more round but k0nfig took the lead for the defense, including his Round 13 triple kill for the defense to take the 8-5 lead, ultimately taking the first half 10-5. k0nfig wasn't done as he carried his momentum into the second half to overhaul the defense with four offensive rounds to start. Although FaZe clan did win seven in a row off of a broken North economy, k0nfig helped close out the two rounds left to earn a 16-12 Game 1 win, posting a team-leading 31/18 KD and 115.8 ADR. k0nfig didn't have the greatest start in Game 2 of Inferno with a dismal offense in the first half 13-2 and the rounds didn't favor in the second half either with only a 6/17 KD and 41.1 ADR to contribute in the Game 2 16-4 loss.
Consistency nets a huge win
September 15, 2017
k0nfig put together a nice 33/28 KD in North's victory over Immortals on Friday in Group B of the ELEAGUE Premier.
k0nfig was consistent from the start of this game, even if he wasn't really making a huge impact in the early going. He didn't put his stake on the game until Round 17 when he found a nice 3k that set his teammates up quickly for the win. He followed that right up with another 3k that led to a 9-9 tie. The teams started to battle back and forth for quite awhile after that, going into two overtimes before North finally came away with a win.
Needed more rounds to stay alive
September 4, 2017
k0nfig picked up a 45/33 KD in the grand finals of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-0 loss to G2 Esports.
With a 5-0 deficit to start his series with G2 Esports, k0nfig did what he had to do to get his team back into contention with a quad kill on the B-bombsite hold to earn the 7-2 score. He came up short of winning one more round in Round 15 with a failed triple kill retake for the 11-4 half. After giving up the pistol and one eco round, k0nfig forced his way into the bombsites picking up the entry kills to earn a five-round win streak to bring it to 13-9. However, allowing shox to save the AWP crushed his chances to take Game 1 with a 16-12 loss on Inferno. In Game 2, k0nfig started with a firm 3-0 hold on the B-bombsite before G2 came right back to tie. Switching a few positions in the later rounds found k0nfig getting a key hold on the A-bombsite to pick up four straight 7-3. Although G2 thrashed for four more rounds to settle the half 8-7. Unfortunately for k0nfig, the second half was a struggle with his only round won being a double entry into the B-bombsite using a pistol to secure the round with a plant. k0nfig finished runner-up with a 16-9 loss in Game 2 of the grand finals.
Consistent in series win over SK 2-1
September 2, 2017
k0nfig picked up a 64/44 KD on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-1 win over SK Gaming.
k0nfig had a rocky start to the series on Cobblestone with the B-bombsite highly contested early on. He struggled on the defensive holds which crushed their economy and allowed SK to overrun the first half 12-3. Despite the smooth start to the second half, it wasn't enough to come back for an offensive second half loss 16-5. In Game 2, k0nfig had a lightning start on the offense of Train, working the A-bombsite continuously until SK came rallying back to even the score at the half 8-7. However, his second half defense was no match for SK as he held off to win eight out of nine rounds for a 16-8 win to even the series. With several entry kills to rock the defense of SK on Inferno, k0nfig blitzed the Brazilians for an impressive 13-2 score at the half. Despite the slow start on the defense in the second half, k0nfig stopped the SK comeback short with a 16-11 win in Game3.
Closed Game 2 with 1-1 split
August 27, 2017
k0nfig completed Thursday with a 45/39 KD in a 1-1 split against G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
k0nfig didn't have the greatest start on Nuke with a high contested first half that ended with a 9-6 lead. The second half wasn't any better as he struggled to find frags to get past the G2 defense for a 16-9 Game 1 loss. In Game 2, k0nfig exploded with a double entry-kill on the A-bombsite to secure the pistol round win. From there, k0nfig contributed to the 5-0 lead and continued to apply pressure on the defense, including his Round 10 quad entry-kill into the B-bombsite to secure the 8-2 lead. G2 managed to gather a few more rounds before the half to lessen the deficit to 9-6 at the half. k0nfig had a strong showing on the defense in the second half, only giving up one round for the 16-7 Cobblestone win, posting a team-leading 29/15 KD and 131.7 ADR.
Best player on team in loss
July 5, 2017
k0nfig put together a 23/17 KD in North's loss against SK Gaming on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
k0nfig was a monster on the AWP in this game. Without his contribution, North wouldn't have been anywhere close to a win. Early on, he and North weren't able to really control SK in the first few rounds, but then once they got the economy under control, things started looking up. k0nfig got his hands on an AWP and started to pop off. He picked up a 3k in Round 10 and then a big quad kill in Round 14 to get the tie. In the second half, however, he simply didn't get enough from his teammates, which allowed SK to go on an incredible run to take the game 16-10.
Slow with his shots in lopsided win
July 4, 2017
k0nfig seemed to be a step slow when North took down TyLoo on Tuesday at ESL Cologne, putting together a KD of 14/10.
k0nfig started the game by trying to find some key flanks for his team, but they rarely seemed to connect early. He was the slowest member of North in the first half that saw North limp out the gate before coming up with some strong wins to jump off to a 15-1 run to close the map. k0nfig also found a nice double kill in the final round to shut down TyLoo, who had made a brilliant retake on the bombsite. That ended up being one of his only highlights, however, as he was simply average in the rest of the game.
Late surge in Game 2 secures sweep
June 4, 2017
k0nfig tallied a KD of 48/34 in North's win against Team Liquid in the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Finals.
k0nfig was very strong in this series, but his best performance was saved for last. Before that occurred, he was a bit of a secondary member of North in their big win. While he had a nice 3k in Round 11 to keep them rolling in the 13-2 first half, his services weren't terribly needed since they were performing so well as a unit.Game 2 is where he truly came alive to fuel the comeback victory for his team. He did open up the map with a quad kill, but then Liquid started to dominate for the rest of the opening half. North didn't go quietly into the night though, as they all banded together with big second halves to start inching back into the game. Needing one final push to get into overtime, k0nfig again showed up with a 3k to force the overtime rounds North needed for the win.
Overcomes late first-half struggles for win
June 1, 2017
k0nfig tallied a 19/20 KD in North's big win over OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
k0nfig was a bit slow to start here, with just two kills in the first six rounds of the game. Once OpTic started to come back, he was the only one on North to put out consistent damage, as he notched three kills between Rounds 7 and 8. From there until the end of the half though, he only managed to put up a single kill. In the second half, he was valiant in his efforts to stop OpTic. In Round 18, he picked up a 3k that included a 1-vs-2 clutch. OpTic came roaring back, but a late 3k in Round 24 put North back in control. He ended up securing the win with a double in Round 30 for the 16-14 victory.
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