Aleksi Jalli 
Returns to ENCE
March 12, 2018
ENCE eSports has announced their return to Counter-Strike, with allu in tow to build a new Finnish team.
allu will be returning to the Finnish organization after being part of the team prior for seven months before leaving to join FaZe Clan. The 25-year-old had a brief spell with OpTic Gaming, who he helped finish 5th-6th at IEM Oakland as well as the Finals of ESL Pro League and ECS Season 4. The Green Wall was unable to produce more than they hoped before the team cut ties with the players, however. allu is the only member of this new project as the organization plans to unveil the remainder of the roster in the "coming weeks."
Listening to offers
February 10, 2018
Due to OpTic Gaming releasing their new roster without the Finnish awper, allu, the player is now seeking offers.
The 25-year-old Finnish awper has been released from OpTic, according to his TwitLonger post. allu joined the Green Wall alongside friberg in August after his one-year tenure with FaZe Clan came to an end. allu didn't have a long period with OpTic, with only six offline appearances and no titles during that time. The Finnish AWPer did qualify for IEM Oakland and finished top in the North American division of ESL Pro League, but could not follow up, with quarterfinal exits on both occasions. allu is now open to any team that is interested as the roster lock for ESL Pro League is now in effect and the new season is set to start on Tuesday.
Snipes mouz for the win
December 17, 2017
allu led the 16-4 win with a 23/8 KD on Friday over mousesports at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
The series started on Mirage with allu on the defense, who took a massive lead to start the tournament. allu held down the B-bombsite in several rounds to help the team earn the massive lead and a comfortable economy to work with. The lead grew to 6-0 before mouz finally got on the board as allu couldn't complete the retake but his Round 8 triple kill hold on the B-bombsite put mouz back on edge. The first half went to the Green Wall with a 12-3 score as allu continued his dominance in the second half on the offense. With several entry-kills and post-plant holds, allu held the team win the four rounds needed to take the win.
Unable to break Fnatic
December 9, 2017
allu posted a firm 57/59 KD on Friday after a 2-1 loss to Fnatic in the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 6 finals.
allu opened up the series with an impressive 1-vs-1 clutch on the A-bombsite to earn the defuse and the pistol round win. allu did what he could do on the defense to hold the aggressive offense of Fnatic for six rounds but the Swedes took the 9-6 half. A slow start on the offense quickly turned around as several B-executes helped the economy, which gave allu the AWP early. He sniped down the defense of Fnatic to open up the second-half for an edging 16-14 win. However, allu's performance on Train has been rather lackluster as it showed in the first half for the offense, but his Round 13 1-vs-1 clutch on the post-plant hold of the B-bombsite granted the team their third round of the half. After taking the 11-4 first half beating, allu had a few string of rounds look promising but the offense was too much to handle as Fnatic evened the series. Allu looked strong early on Mirage but began to dwindle as the series went on, eventually taking a huge loss 16-14 to be sent home empty-handed.
Fails to show up in loss
December 5, 2017
allu went 17/25 in OpTic Gaming's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Tuesday at the ESL Pro League Finals.
Simply put, allu was one of the reasons why OpTic lost this game on Tuesday. He never got himself into any sort of groove at any point, falling all the way to the bottom of his team. With him playing at such a low level, it was no surprise that OpTic didn't have enough to edge out NiP in this close 16-14 loss.
Shows up in split
October 3, 2017
allu finished OpTic Gaming's 1-1 split with Immortals on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League with a 32/33 KD.
The first game of this series was one that certainly got away from OpTic, as Immortals ran away with a 16-4 win in the game. allu did manage to lead his team, but he still posted just a 10/17 KD. OpTic found their footing in the next game, however. He was right behind Magisk, posting a 22/16 KD in the 16-10 win. More performances like Game 2 will be what OpTic needs to keep the hype train rolling.
AWPing his way to the split
September 30, 2017
allu posted a 39/37 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split against Renegades in ESL Pro League Season 6.
allu had a great start on the defense of Cache for OpTic with a 7-0 lead while sniping down Renegades. However, Renegades managed to come back over his AWP to even the score 8-7 at the half. Unfortunately, allu couldn't win a single round in the second half for a nine-round loss, posting a 13/18 KD and 54.5 ADR in the 16-8 Game 1 loss. allu had another good start in Game 2 on Train for the offense with a 3-0 lead early. Although Renegades contested early on, allu got the AWP and took the 7-2 lead with him. Although Renegades once again stuck to the ground and forced out the first half with an 8-7 score. The second half was highly contested, but allu remained consistent on the AWP to lead his team with a 26/19 KD and an 87.0 ADR to close out Game 2 with three straight for the 16-14 win.
Set to land on OpTic Gaming
August 18, 2017
allu will be joining OpTic Gaming's new-look European roster, according to a report from Flickshot.
allu was benched by FaZe Clan earlier this month as part of the ongoing roster shuffle that is sweeping through the CS:GO world. Word had been short on where he would land until this week. On Friday, he was named as part of a brand-new OpTic roster featuring a full slate of Europeans. Mixwell will be the only returning member of OpTic and will be joined by allu, friberg, Magisk, and HS. With friberg at the helm, this is a team that could take the CS:GO scene by storm for the rest of the year.
Benched by FaZe
August 3, 2017
allu has been moved to the bench of FaZe, the team announced on Facebook Thursday.
With the addition of GuardiaN as FaZe's new AWPer, allu has been put on the bench. Following the team's lackluster showing at the PGL Major Krakow where they failed to win a single game, a change was certainly expected. Despite allu being a more than capable player on the AWP, he was the one to get the boot. It is unknown what the future will hold for allu, but he will remain on the roster until he finds a new home.
Quick start to a dismal finish
July 19, 2017
allu posted an even 17/17 KD on Sunday with a loss to BIG on Inferno at the PGL Major.
allu had a great start on Inferno, picking up a double kill on the A-bombsite retake to take the pistol. He then followed up in the two anti-eco rounds with a pair of double kills to further extend the lead to 3-0. After winning the fourth round, allu was stumped for four rounds as BIG overcame his AWP, but a Round 10 triple hold with the AWP on the B-bombsite gave the team the 6-4 lead needed. BIG came scurrying back, picking up four more rounds to round out the first half with an 8-7 lead. Unfortunately, allu struggled on the offense in the second half, only winning one round despite his efforts in Round 19 with an entry and a bomb plant. However, allu came out with a 16-8 loss on Inferno, claiming a 69.1 ADR.
Strong start not enough in 2-0 loss to SK
July 9, 2017
allu put together a 29/40 KD on Saturday with a loss to SK Gaming in the semifinals at ESL Cologne.
allu had the most frags in the first and second half of Overpass with the AWP and rifle, but with only 4 rounds won in the entire series, there wasn't much to celebrate as allu posted a team-leading 13/17 KD and 73.8 ADR. Game 2 allu struggled early on, but helped his team scrape together a few rounds late in the first half for a 9-5 deficit going into the second. The second half was another slow start, but once the economy was solidified, allu was able to rack up the kills and rounds on the offense to force overtime. However, his overtime performance only granted one round as he struggled to get past the defense as well as to hold off SK for a 19-16 Game 2 loss on Cache, posting a 16/23 KD and 46.2 ADR.
Almost brings FaZe back
July 4, 2017
allu led his team with a 24/19 KD in their loss to mousesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
allu didn't start off the game hot, but he sure did get there in the end. It was his triple in Round 10 that finally got his team on the board. From then on, it was the allu and kio show as those two tried desperately to shoot FaZe back into this game. The only negative here was that the rest of his team simply didn't bring their all. NiKo and rain were almost nowhere to be round, and karrigan's strategies didn't seem to be clicking early on. They managed to bring the game within a few rounds, but the early deficiencies proved to be too much.
Almost to snipe his team to a championship
June 26, 2017
allu used his AWP to put together a 60/59 KD in FaZe Clan's close loss against SK Gaming in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals.
allu stuck with his AWP for most of this series and almost sniped FaZe to a championship victory. Much like kioShiMa, allu was actually worse off in his team's win than he was in the losses. But once he got his footing in Games 2 and 3, he was a force to be reckoned with. The heads of SK Gaming weren't safe as his incredible skills on the AWP managed to flip Game 3 upside down after SK took a 13-2 lead into the half. He helped FaZe pick up a 13-2 of their own to force overtime. They eventually lost, but FaZe continues to show that they are here to stay.
Falls apart late in series split
June 7, 2017
allu put up a 39/26 KD in his team's 1-1 split with GODSENT on Wednesday in the ECS.
allu truly did it all for FaZe in this opening win of the series on Wednesday. Whether it was with the AWP or the Tec-9, he was completely dominant. He ended up with a KD of 22/7 and an ADR of 116.2, both game-highs. From the start, FaZe Clan controlled the rounds with strong executes and retakes. There was no stopping them in this 16-3 trouncing. Despite all the good that he did in Game 1 and at the start of Game 2, allu and FaZe fell apart late in the second half. Towards the end of the half, it seemed as if they lost all ability to play consistent, which led to a big GODSENT comeback. After going up 10-2, allu went just 6/13 while GODSENT battled back for the 16-10 win.
Dominate in 2-0 series win over nV
May 20, 2017
allu earned a whopping 51/28 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series win over Team EnVyUs in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
allu had a slow start to Game 1 as Team EnVyus took an early 3-0 lead. Once the economy of FaZe was stable enough for an AWP, allu came back with vengeance to take a massive 11-4 lead at the half. allu played a more aggressive role with the AWP which allowed him to open the bombsites and thin out the defense during the first half. However, the second half was tilted as EnVyUs controlled the defensive side for 10 rounds until allu saved Inferno 16-14, posting a team-leading 31/19 KD and 98.7 ADR. In Game 2 allu remained composed taking yet another massive 12-3 lead at the half. allu with the AWP is trouble for his opposition as he picked apart the defense to sneak his way into the bombsites and hold in post-plant situations. allu then dominated of what was left in the second half for a four rounds blowout to take Train 16-3, posting another team-leading 20/9 KD and 107.3 ADR.
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