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FaZe Clan
Returns to lineup after three-month absence
July 10, 2018
olofmeister is finally on his way back to the active roster, FaZe Clan announced Tuesday.
After stepping down from the FaZe Clan roster back in April, olofmeister will make his triumphant return when FaZe Clan takes the stage at the ELEAGUE Premier next weekend. The team didn't do too bad in his absence, making three straight semifinals with cromen in the lineup, but they'll no doubt be happy to have their star player back in the fold. Whether he will slot right back in and hit the ground running remains to be seen, as there could be some rust present once he finally does step back into the fold.
To miss ECS Finals
June 7, 2018
olofmeister has confirmed that he will not attend the upcoming finals in London.
The 26-year-old admitted that he is not ready to compete again and revealed that he would, "take a much longer break and come back when I am 110 percent." olofmeister gave no timetable for his return, which comes as a desperate time for FaZe Clan who are in search for a fifth for ECS Season 5 Finals in London this weekend, as well as the upcoming ESL One Belo Horizonte tournament set to kick off June 13.
Returns from inactivity
May 28, 2018
FaZe Clan has announced that Olofmeister has returned to the active roster following a two-month leave.
olofmeister has been out of the loop since early April when he took a leave of absence for an uncertain period due to personal issues. During that time, FaZe Clan fielded Xizt in his stead and took part in three offline tournaments, placing 5th-8th at DreamHack Masters Marseille, first at IEM Sydney, and 3rd-4th at ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals. olofmeister will return in time for the team to prepare for the upcoming ECS Season 5 Finals, which will take place in London, United Kingdom, on June 8-10.
Takes a leave of absence
April 1, 2018
FaZe Clan has announced that olofmesiter will be stepping back from the competition for personal reasons.
As suspicious as it may be, yes, this is real despite today being April Fool's Day. The ELEAGUE Major Boston runner-up olofmeister will be taking a break as the former in-game leader, Xizt, will be taking his place for the time being. It has been mentioned in the statement that this is only a temporary transfer as olofmeister "will be back in full force when the time comes." The announcement coming on Sunday is a result of ESL Pro League's rules that require teams to submit any changes to their roster within 48 hours of the next scheduled competition, and FaZe will kick off the week on Tuesday.
Close, but no cigar
January 28, 2018
olofmeister put together a 64/70 KD in FaZe Clan's 2-1 loss at the hands of Cloud9 in the grand finals of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston.
olofmeister certainly had his moments in this grand finals, but they simply didn't come in the moments that his team needed against Cloud9 in this explosive series. His teammates did most of the heavy lifting in the late stages of the 41-round third map. Had he shown up a bit more in those finals rounds, the outcome of this game very well could have been much different. Make no mistake, though, this FaZe team is still one of the best in the world and will continue to show up in these moments for some time to come.
Composed in OpTic stomping
November 15, 2017
olofmeister went 20/9 on Tuesday with a 16-3 win over OpTic Gaming in Group B of IEM Oakland.
olofmeister opened up the offense of Overpass with several key entry kills to pick up a quick 3-0 lead. OpTic was quick to take a round back, but olofmeister continued to apply pressure on the defense and pick up more frags along the way. Seven consecutive rounds won made a mark in the first half as OpTic could only pick up a few more rounds before olofmeister would shut the door 12-3. The second half was a breeze on the defense, as olofmeister held off four straight rounds to take Mirage 16-3, posting a 96.6 ADR.
Continues to secure series sweeps
October 15, 2017
olofmeister earned a 35/31 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 win over Team EnVyUs in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals.
olofmeister struggled in the start of Nuke without getting too many frags to help his team take a commanding lead. However, he did come up big for a few rounds to help his team eventually take the first half with an 8-7 score. The highly contested first half put olofmeister on his toes in the second half on the offense, although ripped through the defense of nV for seven rounds, including his 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite to advance on mappoint. olofmeister was then reset with a weak economy which allowed nV to win five straight before olofmeister closed Nuke with an 18/21 KD and 69.1 ADR in the 16-12 win. Game 2, olofmeister lost the pistol round with a close retake on the B-bombsite but nV took the 1-0 start. From there, it was all defense from olofmeister as he held the line in the first half for a 13-2 lead going into the second. In the second half, he remained consistent on the offense and even taking the series with his triple kill to secure Overpass 16-3, with a 17/10 KD and 95.4 ADR.
Comes up big against North
October 13, 2017
olofmeister tallied a 45/31 KD in FaZe Clan's 2-0 sweep of North in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
As time goes on, olofmeister continues to gel with this new roster as FaZe is turning into the monster we knew they could be. He led his team in the first game that was probably the closest after FaZe came out the gate a bit slow. His quad kill to open the second half was just what the team needed to get back on track and push to the 16-12 win. While he wasn't as strong in the second game, he still found some big plays to help his team find the win. They will have their work cut out in grand finals against Astralis.
Charging the way in Game 2
September 30, 2017
olofmeister went 50/29 on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Ninjas in Pyjamas in ESL Pro League Season 6.
olofmeister didn't have the greatest start in their series against NiP on Cobblestone for the defense, with only a handful of rounds won in the first half to end with an 11-4 deficit. A strong start on the offense in the second half didn't last too long once the NiP economy strengthened to take Game 1 16-6. olofmeister then turned on all cylinders in Game 2 of Mirage with a brilliant overall performance to earn the split. The first half was all olofmeister with the entry kills and fast rotations to confuse the defense of NiP to take the half 9-6. Then his second-half performance blew away NiP, who only won one round, picking up a massive 37/10 KD and 161.4 ADR to secure the 16-7 win.
Aggressive plays pay off in win
September 2, 2017
olofmeister picked up a 17/16 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a win over mouz 16-9.
olofmeister picked up a handful of kills through the early stage of the first half on Mirage with a 4-0 start. Although mouz came rallying back to even things out, olofmeister remained composed and continued to help win rounds, including his Round 14 aggressive push through the middle to pick up a double kill to win the last round of the 9-6 half. olofmeister won Round 19 for his team in a post-plant hold on the A-bombsite in the second half to expand the lead by three rounds 11-8. olofmeister picked up the rounds late in the second half with post-plant holds and entry kills on both sides of the bomb sites to secure the 16-9 win on Mirage.
Comes up short in his new threads
August 30, 2017
olofmeister ended FaZe Clan's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo with a 14/19 KD.
olofmeister seems to be taking a bit of time to adjust to his new role here with FaZe. Although none of his teammates save NiKo looked particularly strong, either. olof did open the map with a kill in the pistol round, but then he started to miss sprays with alarming regularity as the game progressed. This gave NiP an avenue to start making a bit of comeback. FaZe was unable to match NiP's play late in this game, however, which left Faze with no options but to lay down for a 16-8 loss.
Reserved in split
August 26, 2017
olofmeister gathered a 44/41 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with mousesports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
olofmeister had a slow start in Game 1 of Cache faced with a 5-0 deficit early. He didn't do much until Round 9 where his double kill hold on the A-bombsite helped win the round and start the grind on the comeback, down 7-2. A few more rounds went to FaZe Clan late, including his Round 14 triple kill on the B-bombsite retake to defuse and a double kill hold on the same bomb site to secure the 8-7 lead. However, his offensive performance in the second half was poor, as he only contributed to one out of two rounds won in the second half, 16-9. In Game 2, olofmeister had a solid start on the offense capitalizing on the post-plants and getting the early entry-kills to hold on to the lead. However, mouz came back late to settle the half down 8-7 going into the second. olofmeister was rather quiet in the second half but contributed to a handful of defensive holds to edge mouz 16-14.
Struggles in new role
August 24, 2017
olofmeister went 30/36 in FaZe Clan's split with BIG on Thursday in the ESL Pro League.
olofmeister seemed unable to really fit in with his teammates in this series. While they had a nice showing on the first day of the week against G2 Esports, things were much different here. He started off well enough, notching some doubles and triples here and there, but as the series drew on, his performance fell off. They managed to pick up the win in Game 1, but the second frame was a whole different story. While he had the only kill in the first couple rounds for his team, it took them until Round 9 to find a single win. Even when FaZe started to find some wins, however, he was nowhere to be found. It was still just his second series with FaZe since coming over from Fnatic, however, so he'll likely start to gel as the season progresses.
Strong in debut for FaZe
August 23, 2017
olofmeister posted a 36/38 KD on Tuesday with a win over G2 Esports 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
olofmeister seemed to fit in well on the debut with FaZe Clan against G2 Esports on Cache with a dominating showing. olofmeister remained consistent throughout Game 1 by putting the pounding on G2 in the first half on the defense for a 12-3 lead. The second half was just as dominating with a 4-0 sweep to take Cache 16-3, posting a 16/10 KD and 98.9 ADR. Game 2 olofmeister had a highly contested first half after picking up the first three rounds to settle for an 8-7 deficit. The second half was more controlling for the defense to hold off G2, only allowing four rounds won. olofmeister finished the map with a double kill to help send the game to match point and the series sweep 16-12.
Officially joins FaZe Clan
August 20, 2017
olofmeister is officially a member of FaZe Clan, the team announced on Facebook Sunday.
After reports came out earlier in the week that the veteran would be joining FaZe, the team made it official on Sunday. He will be joining a roster that is looking for a way to get over the hump that they've been stuck on for most of this year. While they had a string of grand final appearances, that all came to a screeching halt at the PGL Major where they went 0-3 in the group stage. The addition of olof will certainly be a major boon for this squad that already added GuardiaN, one of the best AWPers in the game, a few weeks back. The team will be in action this week with the start of the ESL Pro League.
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