Christopher Alesund 
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Rough showing in Cologne
July 4, 2018
GeT_RiGhT tallied a measly 11/34 KD during NiP's 2-0 loss against ENCE that eliminated them from ESL Cologne on Tuesday.
This series perfectly encapsulated GeT_RiGhT and his team's performance in Cologne this week in Cologne. From the outset, it seemed like they lacked a certain level of teamwork and rhythm, which was perfectly demonstrated by their only picking up eight rounds in throughout both games of this series. For his part, a 5/16 showing in Game 1 and 6/18 showing in Game 2 were one of the many nails in this NiP coffin as they'll have to watch the rest of the action from the sidelines.
Huge plays seal victory against SK
April 18, 2018
GeT_RiGhT came up big when his team needed him most with his 17/20 KD in their win over SK Gaming at DreamHack Marseille.
GeT_RiGhT might have started out on the wrong foot in this game, with only three kills to his name after 12 rounds, but he more than made up for it in the end. With SK threatening to make a second-half comeback, GeT_RiGhT popped right back up with a 3k in Round 21 and a key kill on NiP's Round 29 eco round that ended up winning them the game. More of this from GeT_RiGhT, and NiP could be in for a nice time at this tournament.
Unable to secure the sweep in OT
March 21, 2018
GeT_RiGhT posted a 42/37 KD in the series split against Heroic for the Ninjas in Pyjamas on Tuesday in Week 4 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
GeT_RiGhT kicked off the series with a strong start to the CT-side on Inferno to secure a massive 6-0 lead. Heroic managed to pick up two rounds, ending the streak, but GeT_RiGhT turned around and held the B-bombsite flawlessly alongside REZ to extend their lead 9-2. After taking an 11-4 half, GeT_RiGhT continued to press on in the second half to contribute to the 16-6 series lead. The start to Train was rather dismal for GeT_RiGhT, resulting in an 11-4 half on the wrong end. However, his performance in the second half of the CT-side was lights out, thanks to his team-leading 1.11 rating to reach match point. Heroic brought back the deficit to force overtime, where the Danes' continued their comeback to split the series with a 19-16 win on Train.
Stumped in Overpass loss
December 9, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a 14/20 KD in the 16-9 loss on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
The series opened up with a tough time for GeT_RiGhT to turn his opening kills into round wins as SK held off for a 5-0 lead. Finally, in Round 6 GeT_RiGhT helped get on the board but SK returned with a win of their own and a few more rounds to-tally. Down 9-2, GeT_RiGhT contributed to the last four rounds won on punishing an over-aggressive defense for a 9-6 deficit. The second-half started smoothly on the defense but SK once again returned in the anti-eco to sail the remainder of the half for complete offensive dominance. Unable to hold off the offense, GeT_RiGhT had little to no economy left to give him a chance at a comeback as he took a tough 16-9 loss.
Big showing in win
December 5, 2017
GeT_RiGhT tallied a 28/19 KD in Ninjas in Pyjamas' win over OpTic Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
GeT_RiGhT continues to be on quite the roll these days, with yet another strong performance under his belt. He was all over the place in this match and was a big reason why his team managed to take down their former in-game leader, friberg. When GeT_RiGhT picked up an early 3k in Round 3, it was clear that he meant business as NiP managed to come out with a narrow 16-14 win.
Defense wins games
November 14, 2017
GeT_RiGhT earned a 19/15 KD on Tuesday with a 16-11 win over Astralis in Group A of IEM Oakland.
A slow start put GeT_RiGhT and company down 3-0 to start the tournament, however, his entry kill into the A-bombsite helped secure the bomb plant. Earning the first round of the half, GeT_RiGhT continued to pressure the Astralis defense and break their economy to take the 5-3 lead. Although Astralis contested with a round win, GeT_RiGhT quickly turned things around with a double opening frag to shut down the boost on the B-bombsite to secure Round 10. GeT_RiGhT contributed to several entry-kills and bomb plants but Astralis always pulled off the defuse, which led the first half to settle with an 8-7 score for NiP. GeT_RiGhT didn't skip a beat in the second half of the defense to hold off a strong lead throughout the half. The ending contribution was eight rounds against to close out the 16-11 win on Overpass, earning a team-leading 82.9 ADR.
Thrashing in Game 2
October 8, 2017
GeT_RiGhT went 36/28 on Thursday in a 1-1 split with mousesports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
GeT_RiGhT has seen better performances in his days as he took a massive thrashing in Game 1 on Inferno with mouz stomping the offense for a 13-2 lead going into the second. Unfortunately, GeT_RiGhT could only contribute an 8/17 KD and 69.4 ADR in the three rounds blowout in the second half, tallying a crushing 16-2 Game 1 loss. Although in Game 2, GeT_RiGhT came out in fury for the defense to take on a 5-0 lead. Only giving mouz a few rounds of exposure, GeT_RIGhT remained composed and shut down the offense for an 11-4 lead at the half. In the second half, he ripped through the A-bombsite as well as the outside to lower-B push to accumulate more offensive rounds to close the series with a 16-6 win on Nuke. GeT_RiGhT posted a team-leading 28/11 KD and 114.6 ADR to even the series 1-1.
Silent in Game 2 loss
September 30, 2017
GeT_RiGhT picked up a 30/26 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with FaZe Clan in ESL Pro League Season 6.
In Game 1, GeT_RiGhT did what he does best on the offense picking up multiple entry-kills in the dominant first half on Cobblestone. With an 11-4 lead going into the second, GeT_RiGhT had a slow start but a Round 18 eco round win helped the team take Game 1 16-6, posting a 22/8 KD and 72.0 ADR. Although in Game 2, GeT_RiGhT had an uncharacteristic performance on Mirage unable to get many frags in the first and second half with an 8/18 KD and 56.4 ADR. With a 9-6 deficit at the half, GeT_RiGhT had little to show in the second half with only one round won for the offense in the 16-7 loss on Mirage.
Edging G2 for the sweep
September 28, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a firm 49/36 KD on Wednesday in an edging 2-0 win over G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A great start on Nuke served its purpose as GeT_RiGhT claimed the defensive side early with a 4-1 start. In Round 6, his double retake on the B-bombsite allowed the team to extend its lead to 5-1. Despite a huge lead early on, G2 managed to fire back on all cylinders to take the first half 8-7. GeT_RiGhT then plowed through the second half, earning map point with a triple kill on the B-bombsite to win the 1-vs-1. G2 came close to sending Game 1 to overtime, but GeT_RiGhT saved Game 1 with a double entry into the B-bombsite to secure the 16-14 win. After edging G2 on Nuke, GeT_RiGhT was crushed by G2's momentum going into Game 2 with a 12-3 lead at the half. He made it look easy in the second half on the defense to show out for a thirteen-round streak that would close out the series in a 16-13 win on Overpass to shut down and crush the split for G2. GeT_RiGhT led the team with a firm 25/17 KD and 103.3 ADR in the series sweep.
Shutting down Game 3 on defense
September 2, 2017
GeT_RiGhT earned a 70/59 KD with a 2-1 NiP win over Gambit on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
GeT_RiGhT had a massive first half on the offense for his team with a huge 13-2 lead going into the second half. Although Gambit won 11 straight to tie 13-13, GeT_RiGhT rebounded to send the game into map point with a triple kill hold on the B-bombsite. While Gambit came back to force overtime, GeT_RiGhT continued to play strong defense to control the extras rounds for the win on Cache 19-16. He then had another smooth start on the offense of Overpass with a solid lead in the first half. Gambit managed to win a handful of rounds to settle the 9-6 lead at the half and carry its momentum throughout the second for a 14-10 lead. GeT_RiGhT rallied back on the defense to hold off the B-bombsite executes and last call rotations to the A-bombsite to force overtime. Although he won two rounds for NiP on the defense, Gambit came out on top to even the series 19-17. After a slow start in Game 3, GeT_RiGhT blasted Gambit in the second half after a 9-6 lead in the first to dominate eight out of nine rounds to take the game and series.
Living right in NiP's win
August 30, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a 17/13 KD in his team's 16-8 win over FaZe Clan on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
It took GeT_RiGhT a few rounds to get going, but once he was fully online, he was doing pretty well for his team. He got his first kill in Round 5 and then went on a tear from then on. From Round 6 to 15, he put up a strong 11 kills to completely flip NiP's fortunes in this game. With such strong contributions from all of NiP, it was nothing at all for them to easily walk away with a 16-8 win here.
Electric play turns anemic after long
July 8, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a 66/52 KD in Ninjas in Pyjamas' loss to Cloud9 on Friday at ESL Cologne.
GeT_RiGhT was living right for the first two games of this series. With C9 playing at such a high level, NiP needed someone to step up and GeT_RiGhT was their man. He was playing smart in these games with strong retakes and saves to give his team major advantages. He even picked up the MAG-7 at one point to make some flashy shotgun kills. In Game 1, he took a 22/6 KD into the first half, but then faltered in the second half that saw C9 come roaring back. This was a trend that ended up haunting NiP later on. He jumped right back in during Game 2 to help NiP to a win that forced a Game 3, finishing with an impressive 29 kills. Despite his prowess in the early games, however, he came up short in the final game. He grabbed just a 12/19 KD as C9 ran off with a 16-6 win.
Consistent in draw vs G2
June 8, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a 37/43 KD on Wednesday in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 1-1 draw versus G2 Esports.
GeT_RiGhT started slowly on the defense of Cache, unable to hold off the aggressive offense of G2 with a 5-0 deficit early. Round 6 GeT_RiGhT contributed to the first round won and then continued to march through the first half for a dominating first half up 8-7. However, GeT_RiGhT had a slow start to the second half, unable to find the weakness in the defense of G2 as they won their ninth round to close Game 1 16-12, with GeT_RiGhT posting an 18/23 KD and 89.8 ADR. Game 2 GeT_RiGhT played a very aggressive role on the defense, and it paid off well with a 6-0 start on the defense. However, G2 punished GeT_RiGhT and turned over more rounds to take the half over NiP 8-7. The second half was no easy task as GeT_RiGhT won the first three rounds but took a thrashing in the remainder for a 16-11 Train loss, earning a 19/20 KD and 95.2 ADR.
Closer Game 2 vs Astralis
April 20, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a 38/36 KD during Tuesday's draw with Astralis in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
GeT_RiGhT had a slow performance overall in Game 1 of Inferno, where he only managed to pick up a team-low 15/20 KD and 53.3 ADR. GeT_RiGhT contributed to the early 2-0 lead to start Inferno on the defensive side, though, due to his ability to accumulate kills on the B-bombsite hold thanks to his teammate friberg cleaning up the mess. GeT_RiGhT contributed to the 9-6 lead at the half despite having few kills to show for it. The second half was a dismal display as GeT_RiGhT couldn't help his team overcome taking either bombsite to capture Game 1, falling 16-12. Game 2 GeT_RiGhT came alive, earning a triple kill in the opening pistol round to take the A-bombsite and to secure the round. He then kept picking up kill after kill, which eventually led to a massive 6-0 lead early. However, Astralis came back over GeT_RiGhT to take the first half by storm late for an 8-7 lead. Although the Danes killed the momentum of NiP at the end of the first half and the start of the second, GeT_RiGhT slammed the door on Astralis in Round 19 with a triple anti-eco win on the B-bombsite to make the score down 10-9. From there the defense managed to pick up round after round as GeT_RiGhT continued to have a strong showing to close Game 2 16-12, earning the team a 23/16 KD and 83.1 ADR on Cache.
Unable to close out against G2
April 12, 2017
GeT_RiGhT posted a 41/39 KD in Wednesday's 2-0 loss to G2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
GeT_RiGhT got off to a great start on Wednesday, picking up the first two rounds and a few kills for the 2-0 lead. However, he remained shut down in the first half, though he did pick up a couple more rounds and add a couple of double kills, including his 1-vs-2 clutch to win NiP's last round of the half for a dismal 11-4 deficit. GeT_RiGhT opened the second half with a second pistol round save, winning the 1-vs-1 on the B-bombsite. G2 remained in the lead even after a few rounds were put together as GeT_RiGhT couldn't hold off the offense for a 16-10 Game 1 loss, earning the team a 21/20 KD and 88.4 ADR. Game 2 GeT_RiGhT got off to another great start on Train, picking up the first two rounds before taking the lead 5-1 early. GeT_RiGhT began to get picked off at the A-bombsite as G2 pounced to a quick comeback to take the first half 9-6. GeT_RiGhT's second-half performance was rather quiet; he did pick up necessary kills to create odd-man situations, but there weren't enough rounds to close for a 16-9 loss. GeT_RiGhT earned a 20/19 KD and 105.6 ADR in a series loss to G2.
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