Adam Friberg 
Signs with Heroic
May 11, 2018
Heroic have revealed that they have signed a long-term contract with friberg.
After serving as a stand-in for nearly two weeks, friberg will now officially be a member of Heroic. The 26-year-old has been a stand-in as a result of JUGi and Snappi parting ways with the team to join OpTic Gaming in late April. Since then, friberg has been helping the team in the remainder of the ESL Pro League season, where the team finished in eighth place but ended up replacing HellRaisers at the finals in Dallas, due to woxic's visa issues. The ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals in Dallas will be friberg's first official offline match with Heroic as he will also attend the CS:GO Asia Championships, which will take place on June 14th-18th in Shangai, China.
Added to Heroic's EPL roster
April 24, 2018
The former Ninjas in Pyjamas member, Friberg, has been added to Heroic's Pro League roster, according to a report from
friberg will be helping Heroic as they are now having to fill the gap left behind JUGi and Snappi, who left for OpTic. friberg will be returning to action since February when the Swedish in-game leader parted ways with OpTic and was open to offers and hinting the possibility of leading a team once again. Heroic is now just one point shy of the season finals' after defeating EnVyUs in both matches from Tuesday morning as friberg will "for now" stand-in for Heroic in their upcoming match on Thursday.
Free Agent
Announces free agency
February 12, 2018
The now-former OpTic Gaming in-game leader, friberg, has announced his free agency.
After OpTic Gaming signed their new-look, predominantly North American lineup, friberg's future was uncertain as the 26-year-old is without a team once again. Questions loomed over his contract for several days but friberg revealed that he will, in fact, become a free agent alongside mixwell. friberg's six-month tenure with the team carried mixed results, but the in-game leader led his team to two offline finals at IEM Oakland and ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals. He failed to qualify for the ELEAGUE Major and flunked out of the group stage for the ECS Season 4 Finals. friberg mentioned in his TwitLonger post that he can "still feel the hunger and will to keep on playing, and believes in himself that he can compete at the top level."
Future uncertain
February 10, 2018
OpTic Gaming has announced their new lineup without the likes of friberg on the active roster.
The 26-year-old's five-year legacy with Ninjas in Pyjamas ended in July of 2017 due to a lack of results coming from the Swedish team. Nearly a month later, friberg found himself on a new team with new colors, and a new in-game leader role representing the Green Wall, but only for a limited time. friberg's short time with OpTic had mixed results with a 3rd/4th-place finish to Misfits at the CyberpowerPC Extreme Gaming Series to start. OpTic qualified for IEM Oakland but fell to SK Gaming in the quarterfinals; however, the team did top the North American division of the ESL Pro League. Unfortunately, they also fell in the quarters thanks to Fnatic. Neither OpTic nor friberg has given information regarding his contract and future.
Crushed mouz in win
December 17, 2017
friberg went 16/10 on Friday in the 16-4 win over mousesports at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
friberg showed resilience on the defense of Mirage to hold off a massive 6-0 lead. friberg shutdown the late rotations from mouz to hold the executions as well as being keen on the retakes. Although mouz picked up a few more rounds, friberg didn't allow mouz much room or control as the German-based team won their last round with a 12-3 deficit. In the second half, friberg sent the offense to aggressively win the early rounds before eventually closing out the 16-4 win, posting a 92.7 ADR.
Closes dominant win over NRG
December 9, 2017
friberg looked strong with a 17/9 KD on Wednesday in the win over NRG 16-3 in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
friberg started early with the pistol round win on the B-bombsite, however, NRG returned the favor to take his anti-eco round. Tied 1-1, friberg exploded on the offense to overrun the A-bombsite as well as the aggression towards the B-bombsite ran the NRG defense thin. Taking full advantage of the tattered NRG economy, friberg continued to hound the defense with a 9-3 lead, thanks to his double kill on the post-plant hold on the B-bombsite to force the defense to save. friberg then swept the remainder of the first half to pick up four rounds to take the 12-3 lead going into the second. The second half was all defense as friberg closed out the map with a triple spray down on the B-bombsite hold to take the 16-3 win, posting a 78.3 ADR.
Can't solve former team
December 5, 2017
friberg went 18/21 in OpTic Gaming's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
Playing against his former team, friberg was unable to get OpTic past those pesky ninjas. To his credit, friberg ended up dealing the most damage on his team, finishing with an 83.6 ADR. Even though he's wearing different colors these days, it looks like friberg hasn't lost a step based on this match. While he was a minus-3, he almost managed to lead this team to a win against NiP. They fell in the final round, but a 16-14 loss shows a bit of growth nonetheless.
Struggles in loss to SK
November 16, 2017
friberg managed just a 20/38 KD in OpTic Gaming's sweep at the hands of SK Gaming in the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland.
Despite being one of the best IGL's in the world, friberg seemed to struggle with both fragging and leading his team to victory in this series. While the first map was abysmal from everyone on the team, friberg didn't bounce back at all in the second game of the series. He was at the bottom of the barrel with a 12/22 KD and subpar 54.2 ADR. This team certainly needs a bit of a spark at some point soon or they could find themselves drifting into obscurity.
Free Agent
To join OpTic Gaming
August 18, 2017
friberg is set to join OpTic Gaming's new European squad, according to a Flickshot report.
After leaving the active roster of Ninjas in Pyjamas back in June, friberg dabbled in some analysis work at ESL Cologne, but made it known that he wished to continue to playing a few weeks ago. When he does jump back into the game, he will be doing so with a bang. He, along with allu, Magisk, and HS, will be joining mixwell on OpTic Gaming as part of the team's all-European roster. On paper, this roster has potential to do some major damage. friberg will be the in-game leader of this squad once they officially get together.
Free Agent
Will continue playing
July 31, 2017
friberg is expected to continue his career after being released from Ninjas in Pyjamas last month, the player relayed Monday via Twitlonger.
There was some concern friberg may decide to hang it up after four years alongside Ninjas in Pyjamas, but it appears as if the veteran player will continue his career, albeit on a new team. With multiple high-profile tournaments inbound, it seems likely friberg will find his way onto a new team shortly.
Departs active NiP roster
June 12, 2017
friberg has departed the active NiP roster according to a post from the organization Monday.
After having played with Ninjas in Pyjamas for four years friberg will be departing the team's roster. The change comes after several lackluster finishes in recent competitions as the team looks to make improvements from their recent steady decline. Both the team's official post as well as his Twitter indicate the departure comes on good terms. It is unclear whether friberg will continue playing professional CS and look for another team to play on. NiP will replace friberg with REZ as an attempt to improve their recent showings and start the new generation of NiP.
Holds the line for series tie vs Astralis
April 20, 2017
friberg earned a 36/39 KD on Tuesday's tie with Astralis in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
Friberg held off the offense on the B-bombsite for a 2-0 lead to start the first half on Inferno, even though Astralis were knocking on the door with an eco-round win to make it 2-1. From there friberg contributed to rounds won, holding off the aggressive pushes as well as making some aggressive moves of his own on the B-bombsite to flank Astralis. Friberg's quick rotations also benefited the team when the A-bombsite was overrun, taking the lead at the half 9-6 after closing the half with a triple kill on the A-bombsite. However, friberg's offensive abilities were closed to just three rounds in the second half for a grueling 16-12 loss for the offense. friberg contributed an 18/21 KD and 73.6 ADR on Inferno. Game 2 friberg had a monstrous first half, taking a strong offensive lead on Cache up 6-0 early. Friberg allocated a few entry kills as well as bomb plants to get the economy stable; however, Astralis rallied back late into the first half to steal the lead 8-7. friberg continued to remain strong, both on his defensive plays to override the Astralis offense on the B-bombsite and on fast rotations to cut off the chances for the Astralis offense to take more than the four rounds won in the second half. friberg finished the day 19/18 KD with a team-leading 97.6 ADR on Cache.
Dismal display in sweeping loss to G2
April 12, 2017
friberg posted a 20/41 KD on Wednesday in a crushing 2-0 loss to G2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
friberg was unable to get the ball rolling in Game 1 of Cobblestone posting a team-low 10/23 KD and 40.1 ADR. Despite winning the initial two rounds, fribery was shut down on the offense, unable to break free of an 11-4 deficit. The second half remained in the hands of G2 even though friberg remained quiet picking up a few kills in a 16-10 Game 1 loss. friberg continued to show no signs of finding his groove, as he faced yet another challenging first half despite contributing to the 4-0 lead. However, G2 would overrun friberg and break the economy for a 9-6 lead at the half as friberg couldn't capitalize in the anti-ecos for a 16-9 loss on Train. friberg picked up the last team-low performance with a 10/18 KD and 50.2 ADR.
Trick plays bring home the win
April 8, 2017
friberg posted a 22/11 KD on Thursday in a win over in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
friberg had a solid performance overall on Thursday against, taking home the crushing victory by posting a 22/11 KD and 101.5 ADR on Nuke. friberg got NiP on the board early in the pistol round after letting the offense take the lower B-bombsite for the bomb plant. friberg managed to get a smoke off on the bomb and defuse to steal the pistol round. friberg contributed to the following anti-eco wins as the team took an early lead over VP. friberg remained a tough opponent to get past on the A-bombsite holding the off angles as well as his aggressive plays that paid off well with an 11-4 lead at the half. After winning the second pistol round, friberg gives NiP their second round won with a quad kill entering the B-bombsite and holding the post-plant. Eventually, the team closed Nuke with a crushing 16-5 win to improve to 2-1 in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Lost crown on Inferno
April 6, 2017
friberg posted a 14/17 KD on Tuesday in the single-game loss to G2 in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Friberg got off to a rough start, unable to capitalize on the pistol round or the following two for the measure. Only a few rounds were gathered in the first half as friberg picked up a few opening kills on the B-bombsite as well as the A executes including his Round 12 triple kill to give NiP's last round of the half, down 13-2. Friberg had a better half with more defensive rounds won, including his Round 19 double kill on the retake of the A-bombsite to secure NiP's last round of the map for a 16-6 loss. The rest of the team had a similar performance in the first half as well as contributing to as much as they could to close the map with a loss.
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