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Tempo Storm
Will lead Tempo Storm's new European squad
May 6, 2018
HS will be taking the reigns in Tempo Storm's new European squad, the organization has announced.
A first for the former PENTA and OpTic Gaming player, HS will be taking over as the in-game leader of the new European squad. HS expressed his excitement, saying that he felt "like this roster has players who share a similar mindset, goal, mentality, and attitude - they're extremely easy to work with. This is going to get [them] far." HS will compete with the new lineup in Lisbon as the team has been invited to the Mercedes-Benz CS:GO Cup, a $50,000 competition that will begin June 9 at Altice Arena.
Future undetermined
February 10, 2018
HS is without a team after OpTic Gaming have revealed their starting roster.
HS joined the team in late August after his five-month run with PENTA came to an end when the organization released its players. The 21-year-old spent nearly six months wth OpTic Gaming, placing first in the North American division of ESL Pro League and as runner-up finish in the ECS Season 4 regulation. However, the results were spayed as OpTic could not get past the quarterfinal exits at IEM Oakland, ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, and ECS Season 4 Finals to round out his stint with the team. Mixed results and roster moves following the ELEAGUE Major Boston caused HS to be inactive as the CS:GO schedule is about to ramp up. Neither player nor organization has determined his future as the Estonian youngster awaits his new home.
Does what he can in loss
December 17, 2017
HS posted a 10/17 KD in the 16-4 loss to Fnatic on Friday at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
HS started Cobblestone on the offense with a quick pistol round win by helping with the fast entry into the A-bombsite. However, from there, HS struggled to help get the offense into the B-bombsite or the late rotations to earn the plant. The offense was shut down from every direction as HS tried everything he could, including his Round 11 quad kill on the post-plant to win the last round for the Green Wall. Fnatic continued their reign to take the first half 13-2 and went into the second half to blast the defense of HS and his team for a three-round sweep.
Mirage proves to be downfall
December 9, 2017
HS picked up a 61/64 KD in the 2-1 loss to Fnatic on Friday in the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
A solid start on the defense of Inferno granted HS the 2-0 lead but Fnatic quickly turned around and evened the score. HS then traded rounds with Fnatic with the A-bombsite hold to eventually even the series 6-6 but the Swedes rode off with the half 9-6. HS, after all, found his groove in the buy-round of the second half and never looked back as he dominated on the entry-kills to edge Inferno, winning 10 rounds. After trading rounds early, HS failed to take down the defense, despite closing the half with a triple kill on the 2-vs-2 post-plant situation. Down 11-4 at the half, HS picked up several defensive rounds to contest in the second half but it wasn't enough to control for a 16-10 loss. The series decider came down to Mirage where HS crawled back from 5-3 on the defense in Round 9 with a triple kill hold on the A-bombsite. A 9-6 score at the half quickly went in the favor of Fnatic as HS tried to get past the stout defense, but only five rounds could be counted as Fnatic edged in the 16-14 win.
Crushes NRG in dominant form
December 9, 2017
HS went mad in a 30/8 KD on Wednesday to send NRG packing with a 16-3 win in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
HS opened the series with an offensive overtake on the B-bombsite to pick up the pistol round win. However, NRG contested and even the score in the anti-eco round win. From there, the team opened up the map control to win three straight before NRG contested once more. HS earned a triple entry-kill on the A-bombsite in Round 7 to take the 5-2 score. With the NRG economy reset, HS continued to get the entry-kills to give NRG no room for error and then finally closed out the first-half with a triple entry-kill on the A-bombsite for the 12-3 lead. The second half was a breeze as HS blanked NRG to a perfect defensive half to take Cobblestone 16-3, posting a team-leading 142.9 ADR in the win.
Consistent in split
September 30, 2017
HS picked up a 41/38 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Renegades in ESL Pro League Season 6.
HS had a great start for the defense on Cache to take the massive 7-0 lead early on, but Renegades did gain some ground late in the first half to settle the score 8-7. Although HS didn't have the greatest second half with nine unanswered rounds to drop Cache 16-8, posting a 16/18 KD and 63.2 ADR. With a 3-0 start on Train, HS got multiple entry-kills to take the lead 7-2 over Renegades. However, Renegades came back to once again settle the half with an 8-7 scoreline. The second half was a battle for HS, but his frags in the remaining three rounds to close the series in a 1-1 split. HS picked up a 25/20 KD and 89.4 ADR in the 16-14 Game 2 win.
Free Agent
Set to join OpTic Gaming
August 18, 2017
HS will join OpTic Gaming's new European squad, according to a report from Flickshot.
After being in the shadows of the CS:GO scene for quite some time, HS will be joining OpTic Gaming in quite the move. The new all-European squad will feature HS along with friberg, Magisk, allu, and mixwell, the only returning OpTic Gaming member. We'll have to see how this team performs in actual situations, but at first glance, they look pretty deadly. However there is a chance HS might be forced to stay on PENTA, should OpTic Gaming not meet the organization's demands.
Free Agent
Leaves Rogue
October 14, 2016
HS is no longer with Rogue, reports Dennis Gonzales of theScore esports.
The team came to the decision to part ways with HS and Maniac after it was determined that they all had different visions for the team and how they should play the game. The team has had some muddled results as of late and are looking for a bit more unity. They hope to have found that with V1c7oR and bubble.
Nowhere to found in sweep to NiP
October 12, 2016
HS put up a poor 23/35 KD in PENTA's sweep at the hands of Ninjas in Pyjamas on Wednesday.
HS took a bit to get going, as he had no kills for the first four rounds of the game. The problem was not at all limited to him, though as PENTA could do nothing against NiP early on in Game 1. Things didn't get much better throughout the rest of this 16-7 loss. Game 2 was more of the same for HS. It wasn't really his fault individually, though, as none of PENTA seemed to be able to do anything against NiP in this entire series.
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