Astralis Remains Perfect in ECS Season 5
ECS Season 5 - EU
Daily Recap

Week 2 of the European division of the Esports Championship Series is now in the books as the Danes of Astralis remain undefeated. While they sit at the top, things started to heat up a bit once Fnatic, GODSENT, and Team EnVyUs entered the fray this week. Let's take a closer look at how the region shook out last week.

Astralis (12-0, 36 points) kicked off the second week of competition on Wednesday against the WESG 2017 Champions of Fnatic (4-2, 12 points), in a rather quick series. Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz surged through Train with a 2.11 rating in the 16-1 win to start things off. The dominance continued for Astralis on Inferno as their CT-side set the tone to pick up the sweeping series win. GODSENT (2-4, 6 points) also started their week against the Ninjas in Pyjamas (3-6, 9 points) in another quick series as the Ninjas eased past Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin's squad on Train and Cobblestone to end the day with another sweep.

On Thursday, Astralis continued their dominance with another sweeping victory, this time against GODSENT. Despite the rough showing against Astralis, GODSENT finally got their first two wins of the season against Team EnVyUs (1-7, 3 points) on Cache and Train to wrap up the action on Thursday.

Fnatic got back into the action on Friday as the Swedes continued EnVyUs' losing streak with another 2-0 sweep over Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer's squad. It didn't stop there as EnVyUs' struggles continued when Astralis picked up two more wins to extend the streak.

The weekend action started on Saturday where NiP and EnVyUs squared off on Cache as Dennis "dennis" Edman and co. sailed through both halves for a 16-4 series lead. Through the second week of struggles, EnVyUs finally picked up their first win of the season on their CT-side of Inferno to hold off NiP to end their winless streak. NiP continued their weekend full of competition but unfortunately could not find a win in both series against Fnatic and the dominating Astralis to conclude the Week 2 action.

ECS will be back in the swing of things on after a week off as the European and North American teams will compete in the upcoming qualifiers for IEM Sydney. Week 3 will return Tuesday, April 3rd when Fnatic and Gambit start the action to chase down Astralis.

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