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Leaves PENTA
December 5, 2016
mikeS has left PENTA Sports, Annabelle Fischer of theScore esports reports.
Now that mikeS has announced his departure, there are only two players left on PENTA at the moment. tahsiN also announced last week that he would be leaving the team, and IoWel left the team a couple months prior. Even when they had a full roster, the team never really performed at a high level. They managed to qualify for Season 4 of the ESL Pro League, but finished second to last with an abysmal 5-21 record. On the bright side, the team now has the chance to build from the ground up. With fnx leaving SK Gaming, maybe PENTA will look to persuade the two-time Major winner to come build a new dynasty.
Leaves PENTA
December 1, 2016
tahsiN has departed from PENTA, reports Dennis Gonzales of theScore esports.
tahsiN gave no details as to the departure, but announced on his Twitter that he would not be with the team anymore. He is one of the veteran members of the team, as he joined the team in September of 2015. While the team did qualify for the ESL Pro League Season 4 by beating in a relegation match, they performed poorly during the season. tahsiN perhaps wants to move on to greener pastures with a more reputable team.
Nowhere to found in sweep to NiP
October 12, 2016
HS put up a poor 23/35 KD in PENTA's sweep at the hands of Ninjas in Pyjamas on Wednesday.
HS took a bit to get going, as he had no kills for the first four rounds of the game. The problem was not at all limited to him, though as PENTA could do nothing against NiP early on in Game 1. Things didn't get much better throughout the rest of this 16-7 loss. Game 2 was more of the same for HS. It wasn't really his fault individually, though, as none of PENTA seemed to be able to do anything against NiP in this entire series.
Lackluster Game 1 dooms PENTA
October 12, 2016
kRYSTAL ended PENTA's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Wednesday with a 19/36 KD.
kRYSTAL actually managed to get the first kill of Game 1 on Nuke, but it was nowhere near enough to get the round win since NiP were on point with their frags. They couldn't even managed to win a round when they had a 3-vs-1 on Xizt. Instead of getting the plant and then seeking him out, they just chased him around for 90 seconds and lost the round. It was plays like this that showed the gap in skill between these two teams in the 16-7 loss for PENTA. He was much better at the start of the second game, as he had half as many kills in Round 4 alone than he had in all of the first game. Whereas he performed better in this game than the first, his team actually performed worse overall.
AWP play not enough to defeat NiP
October 12, 2016
mikeS posted a KD of 30/39 in PENTA's 2-0 loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Wednesday.
mikeS seemed to be very clueless and out of sorts at certain parts of this opening game on Nuke. At one point, he stood in an open doorway right in front of f0rest and was easily picked off. Once PENTA finally won a round and got some decent money, mikeS pulled out his AWP to try and get some kills for his team. He was able to come up with some nice kills here and there, but without a ton of support from his teammates, they were taken out 16-7. He pulled out the AWP again in the second game, but once again, there was just nothing that PENTA could do at all to stop NiP, and they lost 16-5.
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