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Returns to lineup after three-month absence
July 10, 2018
olofmeister is finally on his way back to the active roster, FaZe Clan announced Tuesday.
After stepping down from the FaZe Clan roster back in April, olofmeister will make his triumphant return when FaZe Clan takes the stage at the ELEAGUE Premier next weekend. The team didn't do too bad in his absence, making three straight semifinals with cromen in the lineup, but they'll no doubt be happy to have their star player back in the fold. Whether he will slot right back in and hit the ground running remains to be seen, as there could be some rust present once he finally does step back into the fold.
To miss ECS Finals
June 7, 2018
olofmeister has confirmed that he will not attend the upcoming finals in London.
The 26-year-old admitted that he is not ready to compete again and revealed that he would, "take a much longer break and come back when I am 110 percent." olofmeister gave no timetable for his return, which comes as a desperate time for FaZe Clan who are in search for a fifth for ECS Season 5 Finals in London this weekend, as well as the upcoming ESL One Belo Horizonte tournament set to kick off June 13.
Returns from inactivity
May 28, 2018
FaZe Clan has announced that Olofmeister has returned to the active roster following a two-month leave.
olofmeister has been out of the loop since early April when he took a leave of absence for an uncertain period due to personal issues. During that time, FaZe Clan fielded Xizt in his stead and took part in three offline tournaments, placing 5th-8th at DreamHack Masters Marseille, first at IEM Sydney, and 3rd-4th at ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals. olofmeister will return in time for the team to prepare for the upcoming ECS Season 5 Finals, which will take place in London, United Kingdom, on June 8-10.
Finally defeats SK in playoffs
May 20, 2018
karrigan posted a 34/36 KD on Friday in a 2-0 series win over SK Gaming in the quarterfinals at the ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas.
The series began on SK's pick, Overpass, where karrigan stole the pistol round on the CT-side in a 1-vs-4 clutch. This triggered FaZe to pick up a massive defensive 7-0 lead before SK could respond, but with only a handful as karrigan and his men secured the 10-5 half. The sides switched and so did the momentum as SK were able to reduce the deficit on the defensive side, but not for long as karrigan remained in the wheelhouse to take the 16-13 win for the series lead. The momentum continued on Mirage where karrigan and company dominated the offensive first half for a 13-2 lead. The second half was contested as SK tried to hold on but FaZe secured the three rounds to finally beat SK in the playoffs for the semis.
Dominated SK in 2-0 win
May 20, 2018
NiKo posted a team-leading 46/26 KD on Friday in a 2-0 series win over SK Gaming in the quarterfinals at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals in Dallas.
NiKo looked rock solid from start to finish in the 2-0 series win over SK Gaming, with a smooth 7-0 start on the defensive side of Overpass. SK managed to pick up a handful of rounds in the first half but NiKo kept things to a minimum for SK for a 10-5 half. The second half saw NiKo pick up the second pistol but SK rallied back with eight rounds to bring the deficit to a minimum but NiKo kept his composure to seal the deal for a 16-13 win and a series lead. NiKo continued his reign on Mirage where the offense picked up a massive 13-2 lead at the half. A slow start in the second half saw SK pick up three but FaZe rallied back with three of their own to take the series for a semifinal spot on Saturday.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Invited to ESL One New York
April 22, 2018
ESL has revealed that FaZe Clan will return to defend their title at ELS One New York.
FaZe Clan has been confirmed for the 2018 edition of ESL One's New York $250,000 tournament, which will take place at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on September 26th-30th. FaZe, having won last year's tournament after dominating Team Liquid in the grand final 3-0, will have another chance to defend their title and secure another win toward their already one point in the Intel Grand Slam, with SK Gaming leading the way with two wins. It is uncertain if Olofmeister will return to the lineup, following his leave of absence with Xizt to fill the void, at least temporarily. FaZe is the first team invited out of the five who will receive an invite, while the remaining three slots will go to the qualifiers, which has yet been determined.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Invited to ESL One Cologne
April 10, 2018
ESL has announced that the mixed European giants have received a direct invite to ESL One Cologne.
FaZe Clan is the fourth team invited to ESL One Cologne with a $300,000 prize pool that will take place from July 3-8. The start of 2018 has been rather lackluster for FaZe Clan as Olofmeister decided to take a leave of absence, which saw the former in-game leader, Xizt, take his place until Olofneister's undetermined return. FaZe Clan finished runner-up to Cloud9 at the ELEAGUE Major Boston, then a Month later Fnatic would best FaZe at IEM Katowice to hand karrigan and co. another teasing runner-up finish.
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FaZe Clan confirmed at IEM Sydney
March 22, 2018
FaZe Clan are the second team following SK Gaming to be handed a direct invite to IEM Sydney, ESL announced.
FaZe Clan will also return alongside SK Gaming after their grand final loss to the Brazilians 3-1. There is no doubt that the competition will be fierce as FaZe would be looking to have revenge over their 2017 grand finals loss. This year the stakes are higher with the prize pool being increased to $250,000 from the previous $200,000 in 2017. Joining FaZe and SK will be sixteen teams invited to the event from the previous years' eight participating teams. The event will take place from May 1-6 as six teams will make the playoffs at the Qudos Bank Arena, where they will play in front of a live audience on the last three days.
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FaZe Clan to ELEAGUE Premier 2017
July 26, 2017
ELEAGUE has revealed the Premier Tournament invites, including the multi-international team FaZe Clan.
FaZe Clan is one of the twelve invited teams to the ELEAGUE Premier starting in early September. FaZe will be placed in Group A which will run September 8-9th competing against Natus Vincere, G2 Esports and the Qualifying team from the Americas or Europe/CIS. FaZe Clan finished 3-4th during ELEAGUE Season 2 but had a dismal performance during the 2017 ELEAGUE Major with a 5-8th finish. With the addition of Nikola "NiKo" Kovac, the multi-international team looks to come back in full swing after much success as of recent, finishing second in both ECS S3 Finals and IEM Sydney.
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Invited to DreamHack Bucharest
August 18, 2016
FaZe Clan has been invited to DreamHack Bucharest, reports Olivia Da Silva of theScore.
When DreamHack Bucharest kicks off on September 16, FaZe Clan will be one of the teams getting into the action. There will be a total of six invites to the event, with the final two spots being filled via qualifiers. Team EnVyUs and Virtus.pro were also invited in the initial wave of invitations.