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United States
Joins Misfits among the rest of the former TSM roster
January 15, 2017
In an announcement made by the organization Saturday, it was revealed that Misfits had acquired the former TSM roster.
After losing his home on TSM due to a dispute regarding the exclusivity of the PEA, sgares has finally found another home. Due to his strong leadership skills and relationship with his team, the former members of Team SoloMid expressed their desire to stay with sgares, resulting in the team leaving the organization to stay together. Shortly after, Misfits announced that they had acquired the team and the players would now be playing under the Misfits banner.
Parts ways with TSM
December 23, 2016
sgares has split with TSM just days after officially signing with the team, reports Dennis Gonzales of theScore esports.
The release comes on the heels of the growing controversy in the CS:GO world surrounding the exclusivity of the Professional Esports Association. After it came to light that the PEA would be attempting to stop players in its league from participating in the new season of the ESL Pro League, the players from the North American teams that made up the league wrote a letter expressing their displeasure with the new development. In the letter, the players state that the exclusivity portion of the league that was now being brought to light was not present in the initial negotiations between the players and the PEA. Furthermore, the players allege that further negotiations ironing out the terms were held without their knowledge. Unsurprisingly, the PEA and some owners were none too pleased about this letter. One such owner was Andy "Reginald" Dinh, founder of TSM. sgares posted a series of screenshots to his Twitter to show an exchange between himself and Reginald over this letter. Reginald expressed concerns about not being informed of the letter prior to its release as well as the letter hurting TSM's brand. This ultimately led to Reginald making it known that sgares would no longer be a part of the team. "No, I'm not saying that I'm cutting you over standing up for players' rights. I'm saying that I'm looking to replace you because you didn't even bother to have 1 conversation with me before tarnishing our brand," said Reginald to sgares in one of the screenshots. This move has kicked off a storm of controversy that only looks to be picking up steam as the hours drag on.
Officially a member of TSM
December 15, 2016
TSM has officially announced the signing of ShahZaM after reports surfaced last month of the impending roster move.
TSM has been struggling mightily all year long, and was in desperate need of a change. That change ended up being the signing of both ShahZaM and sgares, with FNS and Semphis being released to make room. ShahZaM will come onto the team as the primary AWPer and will look to make some waves. Fans will have to wait some time to see them in action, though, as the team failed to qualify for the ELEAGUE Offline Qualifier taking place this week.
Officially joins TSM
December 15, 2016
After reports surfaced that the former Echo Fox would be joining TSM, the team has officially announced the signing.
In desperate need of some cohesion and leadership, TSM has landed on sgares as their next in-game leader. The squad has been struggling quite a bit since Valve's in-game coaching ban back in August, and was in clear need of a change. That change has come with the addition of sgares and ShahZaM and the subtraction of Semphis and FNS. With the team failing to qualify for the ELEAGUE Offline Qualifier, they will have plenty of time to practice up with the new lineup.
Released from TSM
December 15, 2016
TSM just signed sgares and ShahZaM, which meant that it needed to purge a bit of its roster to make room. Chosen for the purge were FNS and Semphis. They were two of the weaker members on an overall lackluster TSM roster that was in need of some major adjustments. The move was partly necessitated by Valve's ban on in-game coaching that came down back in August. FNS is leaving with no hard feelings and has wished his former teammates, "nothing but the best of luck."
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Team News
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Cut down early in CyberPowerPC Summer 2016
August 28, 2016
Team SoloMid had their fire doused quite early on by OpTic Gaming, as they fell in the quarterfinals 2-0 and were eliminated from CyberPowerPC Summer 2016.
TSM got off to an average start to the series, as they went into the half down 7-8. It didn't get much better for them in the second half where they were roughed up on the CT-side to end up losing the game 16-12. If their start to Game 1 was simply average, their start to Game 2 was just flat out bad. Once again on the T-side, they went into the half down 5-10. There was just nothing they could do to stop the reign of terror that OpTic were putting on them. TSM really struggled on the T-side all throughout this series, as they were a combine 12-18 on that side in both games. As a result, they were just in too much of a hole to dig out of, which eventually led to their 16-12 demise on Cobblestone in Game 2. They only had two members of their team, Relyks and Twistzz, post positive or even KDs in this series, which was a huge reason why the just couldn't squeeze out the win here.