Ghost Gaming
Leaves Ghost; returns to Europe
May 1, 2018
stan1ey has announced that he will leave the United States to head back home to the United Kingdom, parting ways with Ghost.
The UK player deemed his stay in North America "questionable" and mentioned he will be taking a break from the competitive action to enjoy time to himself. The 19-year-old returns home after helping Ghot through a season in Pro League, in which he congradulated his team for holding on to the Pro League spot as Splyce and compLexity being the teams who will finally travel to the UK for the ESL Pro League Relegation.
Stumped on Mirage
April 7, 2018
Wardell went 48/40 on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Team Liquid in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Wardell started rather smooth on the T-side of Overpass to put Liquid on their heels early. However, Liquid had a glimmer of hope through their shattered economy to bring the deficit back and eventually control the first half. Wardell pressed on to get the entry kills but had settled with a 10-5 score at the half. Wardell kept his composure through the second half, where he picked up four straight for Ghost from his 1-vs-2 clutch for the defuse on the B-bombsite. Much like the first half, Wardell began to slip away in the late rounds as Liquid took the series lead with a 16-14 win. The series then shifted over to Mirage where Wardell had a huge Round 8 quad kill. However, not much would come from his heroic as Ghost ended the match with another loss.
Blasted on Mirage
April 7, 2018
seb posted a 29/37 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series sweep loss to Team Liquid in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The series started on Overpass where seb began his smooth start on the T-side. The pistol round and the follow anti-eco's were right in his back pocket but Liquid finally broke free in their buy round to end the streak. seb kept his focus and tried to work around the Liquid defense but to no avail, the Liquid team ran off with the half. Down five rounds, seb once again got the start needed to get back into the action as he helped secure four straight. From there, he battled Liquid tooth and nail, although without success Liquid claim the series lead. Things didn't get any better on Mirage as seb sat at the bottom of the leaderboard with only a 7/18 KD and 45.4 ADR in the 16-4 loss.
Unable to edge on Overpass
April 7, 2018
stan1ey gathered a 20/39 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Team Liquid in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
A great start for stan1ey on the T-side of Overpass allowed his team to get into the B-bombsite to clear for a plant that allowed for two more to reach a 3-0 lead. Liquid came out on top of their buy round and continued to press on, leaving stan1ey with little money through the half. A 10-5 deficit was the result as stan1ey began to crank out the defensive rounds to reduce the deficit by one, but Liquid contested and eventually picked up the win. Down in the series by one, stan1ey looked to get back into the thick of things on Mirage but Liquid was content and left no room for error in the 16-4 win. stan1ey could only harness a 7/17 KD and 45.2 ADR in the loss.
Joins Ghost Gaming
February 10, 2018
The organization has announced the completion of their roster with Subroza.
Ghost Gaming has completed their roster in due time for ESL's roster lock for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 7, which is set to start February 13th. Subroza has been seen playing for several North American teams, such as ACE Gaming and CLG. His time with CLG was rather short, as he joined in August of 2016 but exited after just six months with the team, only acquiring a first-place finish in the IEM Oakland qualifier over NRG. Since CLG, Subroza has been flying the FRENCH CANADIANS banner, who recently qualified for the latest North American Minor, but was unable to attend after all. Now, Subroza will gear up as the team will be taking on the ESL Pro League starting on Tuesday.
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