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Joins Ghost Gaming
February 10, 2018
The organization has announced the completion of their roster with Subroza.
Ghost Gaming has completed their roster in due time for ESL's roster lock for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 7, which is set to start February 13th. Subroza has been seen playing for several North American teams, such as ACE Gaming and CLG. His time with CLG was rather short, as he joined in August of 2016 but exited after just six months with the team, only acquiring a first-place finish in the IEM Oakland qualifier over NRG. Since CLG, Subroza has been flying the FRENCH CANADIANS banner, who recently qualified for the latest North American Minor, but was unable to attend after all. Now, Subroza will gear up as the team will be taking on the ESL Pro League starting on Tuesday.
Signs with Ghost
February 10, 2018
Ghost Gaming have signed the UK youngster to their active roster, the organization has revealed.
The 19-year-old from the United Kingdom will come to the United States and represent Ghost Gaming in his recent signing with the team. stan1ey has been playing for EndPoint before signing with Ghost Gaming, where he helped the team win the ESL Premiership Autumn with a 2-0 victory over CeX. His final appearance with the team came at the Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 with a 4th-place finish to EnVyUs Academy. Before the official announcement, stan1ey was seen playing for Ghost in the North American qualifier for IEM Sydney, where they lost to compLexity 16-6. Now, the UK youngster will debut with Ghost in the upcoming ESL Pro League, which is set to start on Tuesday, February 13th.
Quiet in Game 2
October 18, 2017
Dallas posted a 24/39 KD in the 2-0 loss to SK Gaming on Tuesday in ESL Pro League Season 6.
The series started on Inferno as SK Gaming came out of the gates to take a quick 3-0 lead. Dallas would contribute to the Round 4 win but SK would take the remainder of the first half with a 6-1 score. Dallas did, however, string together a few rounds to help the offense get the entry kills to win six rounds in the first half as SK would take the lead 9-6. Going into the second half, both teams would fare decently in the early rounds, but SK would then dominate on the offense to keep their distance. However, Dallas would come close to tying the Game in Round 26 but SK would edge for a 16-13 Game 1 win. Dallas had little to show in the Game 2 performance on Cobblestone as he struggled to pick up frags to help his team in the 16-6 loss, and SK Gaming would take the sweep.
Unable to edge out Game 1
October 18, 2017
seb posted a 25/44 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to SK Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
seb faced a 3-0 deficit early on as SK Gaming would hold down the bombsites early on in dominant form for a 6-1 lead. However, seb finally started to pick up a few more rounds for the offense on the A-bombsite to lessen the deficit 6-4. SK did pick up more defensive rounds to eventually take the half with a 9-6 score but Ghost would contest in the second half. seb came out on the defense to hold off a few rounds in the early stages of the second half. With the economy fixed, SK would then take the remainder of the half under their control on the offense to close out Game 1 16-13. Feeling the effects from Game 1, seb couldn't win many in Game 2 as his 10/21 KD and 62.3 ADR wasn't enough to win more than six rounds to even the series against SK Gaming for a 16-6 Cobblestone loss.
Unable to hold off SK in Game 2
October 18, 2017
Wardell posted a solid 46/35 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to SK Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Wardell started on Inferno for the offense as SK Gaming would immediately take the 3-0 lead. In Round 4, Wardell managed to finally get on the board after taking the A-bombsite and getting the plant for the 3-1 deficit. However, SK would hold down the defense to pick up three more rounds for the 6-1 lead , until Wardell picked up a double entry on the A-bombsite in Round 8 with the AWP to secure the round. From there, Wardell would pick up more entry kills to secure a three-round streak before SK would pounce. SK would take over the remainder of the half for the 9-6 score going into the second. Wardell had a contested start in the second half, but the SK offense would pull away with the lead for a short time. Wardell would hold off several rounds to get the defense back into the frame with a 13-12 deficit. Unfortunately, Wardell would take the Game 1 loss as the SK offense proved to be too much to handle in the 16-13 loss. Despite leading the team in Game 2 with a 17/16 KD and 72.0 ADR, Wardell would tank in Game 2 on Cobblestone as he took an 11-4 deficit at the half. The second half wasn't any better as his defense was worth only two rounds in the 16-6 loss.
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  • ESL Pro League Season 7 - NA
    2/25/2018 - 4/26/2018
    SK Gaming emerged victorious at the end of Season 6, besting FaZe Clan in a 3-1 series to bring the Pro League crown back to the North American region. Will history repeat itself? Or will someone else from NA rise to the occasion?
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