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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Reclaims Pro League spot for season 8
May 11, 2018
AGO has defeated Team EnVyUs 2-0 in the relegation stage to book a spot in ESL Pro League Season 8.
The series began on AGO's pick, Overpass, where the French of EnVyUs secured the pistol. The Poles of AGO replied and took over the first half with eight straight before EnVyUs finally got their second on the board. AGO remained stout and didn't allow EnVyUs to put together a comeback to take the first half 12-3. EnVyUs put together another pistol win but the Poles answered back with four in a row to lock down the map. On EnVyUs' map pick, Train, saw AGO get a smooth start on the defense with a 7-0 lead before the French reduced the deficit by three at the 9-6 half. AGO come out of the gates red-hot and picked up the pistol and the anti-ecos but fell short in the gun round, which gave EnVyUs their first of the second half. EnVyUs managed to come back with four rounds but AGO shut down the comeback attempt and strung three together to reclaim their spot for season 8.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Qualify for StarSeries i-League Season 5
May 8, 2018
AGO has qualified for StarSeries i-League Season 5 over North 2-1 (16-13 on Overpass, 0-16 on Inferno, and 16-14 on Mirage) in the grand final of the European qualifier.
AGO began the series on the offensive side of Overpass where the Poles took the first six rounds. North came back with six of the following seven rounds but still trailed 9-6 at the half. The Danes tied the game 9-9 at the start of the second but AGo ran away winning Overpass 16-13. North blasted AGO out of the water on Inferno, splitting the series 1-1 with a perfect 16-0 score. AGO managed to bounce back in the decider, coming back from a 13-7 deficit to edge over North 16-14, qualifying for StarSeries i-League Season 5.