Confirms move to MIBR
July 14, 2018
tarik took to Twitter confirming his addition to the MIBR roster, as had been heavily rumored over the last week.
After a week filled with rumors and his official release from Cloud9, tarik is officially the newest member of MIBR. Citing the desire to win as the main determining factor for his move to the team, he sounds ready and willing to get right to work with the former SK juggernauts. He also made sure to dispel any rumors that Cloud9 may not be doing all they can for their players, stating that the organization didn't factor into his decision to leave. With this part of the equation solved, we now await the fate of boltz and coldzera, as both have been rumored to be on their way out of MIBR.
Subpar showing in win
July 3, 2018
boltz only managed a 12/15 KD in MIBR's 16-13 win against Renegades on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
MIBR might have won this game, but boltz didn't really have much to do with it. Not only did it take him 11 rounds to finally pick up a win, but even when he did, he never really put many kills on the board. His best moment of the entire game came when he played the part of a martyr and got a clutch defuse just before dying to keep MIBR moving on towards this win. They might have picked up the win, but boltz will need to step it up a bit when MIBR takes on FaZe Clan on Wednesday in the first winners' match.
Solid start to MIBR tenure
July 3, 2018
fer finished MIBR's 16-13 win over Renegades on Tuesday at ESL Cologne with a 25/19 KD.
The first half of this one might have looked grim, but you can never count out fer for too long and this game was no different. He got his team going early on with a double entry kill in Round 14 that led right into a blistering quad kill in the second pistol round. If that wasn't enough, he put up another three in Round 17 as MIBR was now firing on all cylinders. Whether it was flanking or straight up slaying, fer was doing it all and making sure that they didn't let this first game as a new organization slip away. With the win, they'll now move on to face FaZe Clan in the winners' side of Group B.
Leads MIBR to first win after rebrand
July 3, 2018
coldzera put up a 26/14 KD in MIBR's 16-13 win over Renegades on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
coldzera may not have picked up a kill until Round 4, but he was deadly once he got a head full of steam in this game. He and Stewie2k kicked off MIBR's comeback with a nice tag-team play with a flashbang that shook Renegades and gave MIBR some much-needed confidence. If that wasn't enough, he completely popped off in Round 13 with a huge 1-vs-3 clutch that kept them moving in the right direction. Moving into the second half, he was setting the tone early and often for MIBR as they came storming all the way back to eventually take the win. With them on the verge of victory late in the half, he found doubles in both Round 27 and 29 to close things out.
Wins first game under MIBR brand
July 3, 2018
FalleN tallied an even 19/19 KD in MIBR's 16-13 win over Renegades on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
The first half of this game to open ESL Cologne was a rough one for FalleN and company. For FalleN specifically, he couldn't seem to get his AWP to land any shots at all as he missed kill after kill while getting cut down himself. As the half was coming to an end, however, everything started to come together a bit for MIBR. FalleN himself made an incredibly clutch play to plant the bomb with his dying breath in Round 13, with coldzera closing things out. When the second half got underway, MIBR continued their surge with FalleN shutting things down finally with his AWP. His biggest round probably came in Round 29 when he secured a double entry frag with his AWP to set his team on the path to a 16-13 win.
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