The International 2018 Compendium Predictions, Part 4
The International 2018 Compendium Predictions, Part 4

Well folks, our time together is coming to an end. This is the last article in the TI Compendium Predictions series. Thanks to those who have been following along this whole time and for those of you just joining in, you can find the first article in the series here. Today we will be looking at the Player category for our predictions and it should be an interesting one, so let's get to it!


Player with highest Kill avg:

The player with the highest kill average is more than likely going to be a core player, usually a carry or mid player. Look for players who are prioritized by their team in all stages of the game. Maybe, Resolut1on and Raven are all great options for this category. I will be going with Abed from Fnatic as he is often expected to carry his team and becomes a rallying point for the team as games drag on.

Author’s Prediction: Abed (Fnatic)

Player with most Kills in a game:

The player with the most kills in a single game is likely going to come from the same pool of players who could have the highest kill average. Though sometimes you can get some crazy outliers, this year seems like it will be somewhat tame. The more games a player takes part in the better chance that player has to come away with the most kills in a game. With that in mind, I have selected Maybe from PSG.LGD as I expect them to win The International.

Author’s Prediction: Maybe (PSG.LGD)

Player with lowest Death avg:

The player with the lowest death average is likely going to be a player who is in the carry role and either goes the distance in the tournament playing very well or gets eliminated somewhat early on. Resolut1on, Maybe, Raven could all be great for this category. Universe used to be the king of this category for the longest time, but he plays a bit more aggressive on Fnatic so for all you in the old guard who may not have payed attention this year, don’t go picking Universe.

Author’s Prediction: Raven (TNC.Predator)

Player with highest Assist avg:

The player with the highest assist average is more likely to be a player who lasts long into the tournament on a team that likes to fight. Universe, YapzOr, Jerax could all be excellent choices for this category, I am going with fy on PSG.LGD because I have picked them to win the tournament, the team fights together and often, fy is always terrifyingly good at The International.

Author’s Prediction: fy (PSG.LGD)

Player with the most Assists in a game:

Often times the player with the highest assist average is the best candidate for the player with the most assists in a game. A player who lasts longer in the tournament is going to be given more chances to get the most assists, but someone could pop off and then be eliminated in groups. I'm going with fy again for the reasons stated previously, but Jerax, YapzOr and maybe Solo would all be solid picks for this category.

Author’s Prediction: fy (PSG.LGD)

Player with highest Last Hit avg:

Highest last hit average is likely going to a carry player who finds themselves in consistently long games. Maybe, Resolut1on, EternalEnvy are all solid bets here but I am going with Paparazzi from Vici Gaming. Paparazi knows how to farm and with VG constantly going long I think he has a good shot to take this with ease

Author’s Prediction: Paparazi (Vici Gaming)

Player with most Last Hits in a game:

The most last hits in a game is going to go along the same lines as last hit average. A player who is involved in a long game more frequently is likely going to take the win. While I don’t necessarily think Vici Gaming will be in the tournament longer than some of the other candidates for this category, I think Vici Gaming plays so slowly that Paparazi will get as good a chance as anyone else to win this title. Other good candidates for this category would be Maybe, Resolut1on, EternalEnvy or Ramzes.

Author’s Prediction: Paparazi (Vici Gaming)

Player with most GPM in a game:

This category boils down to one question, is there going to be an Alchemist or a long Anti-Mage game and who is going to be the one to play that hero? As we covered in the articles for the Tournament predictions and the Hero predictions, I do think that Alchemist will find a successful game and the person I think playing him will be ana from OG.

Author’s Prediction: ana (OG)

Player with highest GPM avg:

Just because we think ana is going to have an outlier game does not mean he will consistently be throwing up 1000+ GPM numbers throughout the tournament, then again maybe he will, I’m no psychic. It's more likely that a carry player who can survive until late in the tournament or someone who is going to be constantly hard carrying their team takes this category. I'm going with Resolut1on here. Resolut1on is constantly called upon to win the game for his team, he did it last year and he can do it again. However, if he is going to be playing the hero for the second year in a row, the man is going to need a lot of farm. Ramzes and Miracle are also solid choices here.

Author’s Prediction: Resolut1on (VGJ.Storm)

Player that plays the Most different heroes:

The player that plays the most different heroes probably has to make it past the group stage and depending on the team the position could range from carry to hard support. PPD, Universe, Miracle, Arteezy and so many other are viable candidates for this category. Someone who is versatile and sticks around longer are obviously going to have a better chance. I went out on a limb here and chose Sumail. Sumail isn’t known to continually spam the same hero, sans DAC, and I don’t think he is going to start here at TI.

Author’s Prediction: Sumail (Evil Geniuses)

And there you have it folks, that is all the takes I have on The International 2018 Compendium Predictions. If you enjoyed the series share it with your friends, if you think I am full of it be sure to follow me on Twitter and tell me why you think I am wrong! Either way I hope this guide helps you get all the Battle Points from your predictions!

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