Syed Sumail 
Evil Geniuses
Amazing Game 2 momentum not enough to take the series
March 9, 2018
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 12/11/25 in a 1-2 loss to Liquid at PGL Bucharest.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Abaddon, one of his most successful offlane heroes since making the swap. He went for the same build he does in most games: Drums of Endurance, Medallion into Radiance and Solar Crest. Unfortunately for him Liquid seemed more than prepared to deal with him. SumaiL spent most of his Borrowed Time stunned, unable to heal or get any damage out other than Radiance burn. He finished with a 1/4/3 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Ember Spirit, putting on one hell of a show. Despite starting in the offlane, this game brought back memories of vintage SumaiL mid. He dominated Miracle's Timbersaw in lane with some help from Misery's Chen, and never looked back. He finished with an 11/0/12 KDA. In Game 3 SumaiL played Beastmaster, another of his favorite offlane heroes. Despite his recent success and comfort on the hero, he couldn't get it done against Liquid. Perhaps still riding the high from his amazing Game 2, SumaiL made a lot of careless and cocky plays that fed away a lot of potential advantage over the course of the game. He finished with a 1/7/10 KDA.
Looks great in his offlane
March 8, 2018
Suma1L had his best showing yet as Evil Geniuses defeated Team Liquid 1-0 in the group stage of The Bucharest Major. Suma1L finished with a 11/6/28 KDA.
Still getting used to the offlane position since all the switches with EG, SumaiL had one of his best showings since the switch. In a game that EG was not expected to win, SumaiL needed to play his best. Pulling out the surprise Abaddon with the last pick, SumaiL had a massive impact on the game, being second on his team in kills and having the highest kill participation of anybody. EG should not have won this game, but escaped with the win and can still learn from it.
Still getting used to his new role
February 24, 2018
SumaiL struggled as Evil Geniuses lost to Virtus.Pro 2-1 in the quarterfinals of ESL One Katowice, finishing with a 15/20/19 KDA.
After the recent reshuffle to the EG roster, SumaiL found himself in a new offlane role. SumaiL is a skilled enough player where he will be able to make it work, but it will still take getting used to. This series, however, was not much of a learning experience as it became a very one-sided series in a hurry. Even though EG took a game, VP outplayed them throughout, even having more kills than EG in their lone win.
Man on a mission against Newbee
February 23, 2018
SumaiL was a man on a mission in the Evil Geniuses victory over Chinese powerhouse Newbee in ESL One Katowice. The flamboyant offlaner finished with a KDA of 11/3/20.
SumaiL returned to the mid lane anew with his Enigma in the series opener. He recorded a crazy 508 gold-per-minute statline on the hero and didn't even need a Blink Dagger to pull off effective Black Holes. He was back to the offlane with Puck in Game 2 and was just creating all sorts of problems for Newbee after acquiring a 12-minute Blink Dagger.
Still looking weak in the offlane against top teams
February 20, 2018
SumaiL played a decently, but not well enough to tackle LGD. He finished with a 4/5/4 KDA.
He did an OK job farming in lane, but SumaiL gave up quite a few deaths without getting much in return. This rough start seriously limited SumaiL's ability to get into the thick of fights and survive, which limited his effectiveness greatly in fights against LGD.
Knocked back down a peg by Team Liquid
January 27, 2018
SumaiL had a rough time in a 2-0 loss to Liquid at ESL One Genting. He finished with an overall KDA of 2/12/8.
In Game 1 SumaiL had a rough time on Omniknight. He was heavily pressured in lane, putting him in a very precarious position going into the mid-game. Without the levels or items to let him get into fights, SumaiL couldn't help out his team as much as he would have liked. He finished with a 1/6/3 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Underlord, but didn't manage to improve on his Game 1 performance at all. It was essentially a repeat performance with an underleveled and poor SumaiL trying to walk into the thick of fights and getting blown up. He finished with a 1/6/5 KDA.
Outstanding series from EG's offlane
January 26, 2018
SumaiL played great in a commanding 2-0 win over at ESL One Genting. He finished with an overall KDA of 18/2/14.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Abaddon. A lot of SumaiL's recent offlane games have been shaky at best, but this was a really great performance by the recently transitioned middle laner. His Radiance build made him a constant threat, and thanks to a great lane phase SumaiL was ahead in levels and very difficult to bring down. He finished with an 8/2/10 KDA. In Game 1 SumaiL played Puck, one of his best heroes. His comfort on the hero really showed this game. Even after getting pressured in lane, SumaiL managed to bounce back with a vengeance. He dominated in fights, delivering huge burst damage and control while remaining impossible to bring down. He finished with a flawless 10/0/4 KDA.
Starting to make offlane his own
January 25, 2018
SumaiL continues to improve in the offlane role as Evil Geniuses dominate TNC in ESL One Genting. The EG star finished with a KDA of 22/7/29.
SumaiL started the series with his Abaddon. He had a solo matchup early on against Raven's Weaver, which didn't really go either player's way. SumaiL managed to pick up an impressive 23-minute Radiance, which sped up his farm exponentially. In the end he racked up the highest hero damage in the game at around 41,000 and tanked effectively for his team at the same time. In Game 2, SumaiL played Omniknight. He again had the solo matchup against Raven's Razor. He still found a lot of farm for himself and had a lot of clutch Purifications and Guardian Angels for EG.
Unable to find his footing
January 23, 2018
SumaiL finished with a 2/8/3 KDA in a loss to Na'Vi at ESL One Genting.
SumaiL got to play one of his favorite heroes, Magnus, but it didn't matter much to Na'Vi. There was just more teamfight on the Na'Vi lineup, and SumaiL couldn't do enough with Reverse Polarity to change fights in EG's favor.
Continues to struggle in offlane role
January 5, 2018
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 16/14/32 in a rough 1-2 loss to Team Secret at Captain's Draft 4.
In Game 1 SumaiL had a tough time on Pugna. He did some very good damage, both in fights and to buildings, but was ultimately too fragile to stand in fights against Secret's overwhelming area damage. There was a good mixture of magical and physical damage on Secret as well, rendering his Decrepify useless as a defensive tool. He finished with a 6/4/8 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Magnus, one of his favorite heroes from his time as a middle laner. His comfort on the hero really showed in this game. SumaiL's initiations were very good, and he did a great job beefing up Arteezy's Juggernaut for fights. He finished with a 3/3/10 KDA. In Game 3 SumaiL played Beastmaster. He did a nice job farming and made a couple of good plays, but this was an overall underwhelming performance from SumaiL. He finished with a 7/7/14 KDA.
Struggles in his offlane debut
January 4, 2018
SumaiL did not look comfortable yet as Evil Geniuses lost to compLexity Gaming in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. SumaiL finished with a 3/7/4 KDA.
With the roster changes, SumaiL has to now get used to playing off lane instead of mid. This was a not great sign for the shift, as SumaiL played very poorly on Axe. We know SumaiL has a ridiculous amount of talent, but he will still need to make adjustments to make a new position work.
Big improvement for the newly transitioned offlaner
January 4, 2018
SumaiL finished with a 4/3/13 KDA in a solid performance vs Pain Gaming at Captain's Draft 4.
SumaiL played Beastmaster, greatly improving on his earlier offlane showing against compLexity. His positioning was, for the most part, very good this game. He was able to use his spells well, and stayed alive long enough for his attack-speed aura to have a big impact in fights.
Moving to offlane
December 20, 2017
SumaiL has struggled lately in the middle lane as the recent patch has changed the strength of the role. Seeking to create some results without disbanding, EG will make some role changes. SumaiL dominated the middle lane when he first broke onto the scene and will seek to do the same with less resources at his disposal in the offlane role.
Shut down by OG
December 16, 2017
SumaiL got manhandled in Evil Geniuses' 0-2 loss to OG at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/12/6.
SumaiL got off to a good start on his Razor in Game 1 but was brought to a quick stop as OG started to acquire their key items. He was unable to stay alive long enough in fights to leech the damage he needed, and it quickly became easy for OG to burst him down. SumaiL finished with a 7/7/3 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Medusa, but things didn't go much better at all for him. Despite the strengths of the hero, OG had no trouble bringing down SumaiL in fights. He was shut down so hard that he never made it to his plus-800 mana talent at level 20, which would have made him much tankier. SumaiL finished with a 1/5/3 KDA.
Lights out Tinker showing in Game 2
December 14, 2017
SumaiL played an impressive series overall against compLexity, finishing with an overall KDA of 22/6/25.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Medusa. It took him a while to bring himself online, but SumaiL managed to maintain Medusa's impressive winstreak so far at the Summit 8, bringing it to a total of five games. SumaiL made all the usual Medusa moves, and eventually was just too tanky for compLexity to bring down. He finished with a 4/1/13 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL crushed compLexity on Tinker. He went for a Dagon after getting Kaya and Boots of Travel, which let EG start fights with an instant kill on a compLexity hero. SumaiL also avoided giving away a massive gold and experience bounty with an ill-timed death, the downfall of many Tinker players. He finished with a 15/2/9 KDA. In Game 3 SumaiL played Medusa again, finally ending the Medusa winning spree. There were a few moments where it looked like SumaiL was going to be able to deal the damage EG needed, but a few close calls allowed compLexity to snowball beyond the point where SumaiL could hope to kill them. He finished with a 3/3/3 KDA.
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