Nai Zheng Yeik 
Team Secret
Odd Earthshaker pick did not pay off for Secret
October 23, 2018
MidOne's versatility was on full display as Secret force the draw against Evil Geniuses at ESL One Hamburg. The star midlaner finished with a KDA of 14/9/22.
MidOne opened up the series with a mid Earthshaker. The odd pick worked out terribly for Secret as CCnC's Dragon Knight just had an easy time against him. While he picked up a quick 10 minute Blink Dagger it just couldn't turn around the game for Secret. In Game 2, shifted to the safelane with Monkey King. He picked up a seven minute Hand of Midas because of a favorable lane against S4's Dragon Knight. His farming game was just pitch perfect as he eventually took over the game.
Super series from Secret's middle lane
September 20, 2018
MidOne finished with an overall KDA of 25/9/32 in a well-played 2-0 win vs Team Liquid in in the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers.
In Game 1 MidOne played Dazzle in the middle lane, and unusual but effective pick. He had a rough time in lane against Miracle's Lina, but MidOne was extremely useful for Secret for the rest of the game. His quick Glimmer Cape and Force Staff provided huge utility that helped Secret secure its lead in the first few fights of the game. He finished with an 11/3/20 KDA. In Game 2 MidOne played a great Tiny. He had a tough lane but managed to bounce back with a vengeance. He moved around the map finding kill after kill and creating tons of space for Nisha's Drow Ranger to farm up and then sit in the back of fights and shoot away. MidOne finished with a 14/6/12 KDA.
Punished for questionable item choices
August 24, 2018
MidOne was underwhelming in Secret's elimination bout against Liquid. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 12/17/21.
MidOne played Storm Spirit in the first game. He fared well early against Matumbaman's Broodmother. However, his itemization against Liquid's several silences was questionable, as he often shut down in his reckless initiations. In Game 2, MidOne was on the Monkey King. He was often moving around in the laning stage, and that hurt his economy game. MidOne managed to lead the pick-off game for Secret finding key kills for his team, but his items were lacking as Liquid eventually overpowered the European squad.
One big mistake in the late game costs Secret greatly
August 21, 2018
MidOne had a solid series against Evil Geniuses but he lacked help. The Secret star finished with a KDA of 26/10/22.
MidOne started the series with Morphling in the midlane. He found a kill early against Sumail's Alchemist. The kill helped kick-start his quick 18-minute Ethereal Blade. Despite his solid performance with 15 kills he just couldn't go toe-to-toe against Sumail in the late game. In Game 2, he played a signature hero in Tinker. MidOne was once again the centerpiece of the Secret draft. He helped his team hold against a tremendous deficit. But one bad Blink forward in the late game on a dieback forced Secret to concede.
Masterful performance from the Secret star
August 18, 2018
MidOne simply outclassed TNC in a masterful performance at The International 2018. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 15/7/38.
MidOne kicked off the series with his signature Arc Warden. But he was off to a terrible start against Armel's Storm Spirit. He was for most of the early game, the poorest core on the map. He even had to buyback at the 16-minute mark which slowed him down but luckily Ace's Wraith King had his back. MidOne adjusted his pick against TNC's Broodmother as he went with Kunkka in Game 2. He had a crazy creep score of 51 at the five-minute mark thanks to Raven's mismicro. MidOne had Phase Boots, Armlet of Mordiggian, and Drums of Endurance by the 13-minute mark which caused a lot of problems for TNC.
Beats down OpTic as Necrophos
August 17, 2018
MidOne finished Team Secret's 2-0 victory over OpTic during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 7/3/14.
MidOne played Arc Warden in Game 1 and though he lost his lane he proved to be a boon for his team the longer the game went. He managed to deal 6,200 damage to towers thanks to his split pushing ability and racked up 22 assists with his many Spark Wraith traps. In Game 2 MidOne came up big as Necrophos. He was the key to bringing down OpTic and after winning his lane he went on to rake in nine kills and give up only one death as Secret finished the game in under 30 minutes.
Lackluster performance
August 16, 2018
MidOne finished Team Secret's 2-0 loss to VGJ.Storm during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 4/4/6.
MidOne played Shadow Fiend in Game 1 with less than ideal results. He drew his lane against Resolut1on's Dragon Knight and proceeded to do very little for his team, itemizing poorly, and always playing catch up. In Game 2 MidOne had a better laning experience but no better results after that as Kunkka. His itemization was once again odd, centered around making up for some drafting problems. MidOne seems to be in the middle of an identity crisis at the worst time.
Lackluster in Game 1
August 15, 2018
MidOne finished Team Secrets' 1-1 draw with Team Serenity during The International 2018 Group Stage with an average KDA of 3/6/6.
MidOne got handled in the middle lane as Dragon Knight in Game 1. Despite playing a very tanky hero, MidOne suffered heavily against Lina and ended up with 11 deaths by the end of Game 1. In Game 2, MidOne was sparse but effective as Templar Assassin. He won his lane and then dished out a heavy amount of damage for Team Secret who snowballed to victory.
Hard-hitting series from the Secret mid laner
June 9, 2018
MidOne had a solid series for Team Secret at the China Dota Supermajor. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 16/5/36.
MidOne's Zeus had a fruitful laning stage against Ori's Puck. MidOne finally drew a late First Blood in the 12-minute minute mark against Fenrir's Bane. He was just dishing out so much magic damage for Secret especially after his Kaya and Aghanim's Scepter. In Game 2, MidOne tried his signature Ember Spirit. He rushed Aeon Disk because of the burst damage potential on the side of Vici Gaming. The item worked out perfectly for MidOne as he was always alive in the crucial engagements and he eventually got his damage items.
Action packed wins in both games
June 3, 2018
MidOne racked up the kills in a 2-0 win vs VGJ.Storm at the China Supermajor, finishing with an overall KDA of 30/7/36.
In Game 1 MidOne played Gyrocopter. He did a great job holding on against a dominant early and mid-game from VGJ.S. After 30 minutes of playing from behind, MidOne and secret were finally able to start winning fights. As soon as he was slightly ahead, MidOne's damage began to take over fights. He finished with a 15/3/18 KDA. MidOne played Monkey King in Game 2, dominating fights with Wukong's Command. He did very well in lane, setting him up for a dominant mid and late-game where he could play from a position of power. He was incredibly strong against VGJ.S' short-range heroes, who were all forced to either fight in the Wukong's Command circle or run away. MidOne finished with a 15/4/18 KDA.
Exciting win from Secret's middle lane
May 10, 2018
MidOne played very well as Monkey King in a close victory against Evil Geniuses at GESC Thailand. He finished with a 16/7/19 KDA.
After dominating his lane, MidOne went on to be a huge part of Secret's teamfight. As the followup to Fata's Magnus, it was MidOne's job to actually kill the disabled targets. His Wukong's Command was very strong this game, letting him cleave off of multiple heroes and deliver an insurmountable amount of damage.
Casual Buckler not the way to go on Ember Spirit
May 4, 2018
MidOne couldn't keep Secret's Epicenter XL hopes alive as they were eliminated by Mineski. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 9/6/6.
MidOne played his favorite Ember Spirit in the safe lane for the only game of the series. He secured the two first kills of the game against iceiceice's Pangolier with well-timed Searing Chains, but the momentum couldn't be sustained as some awkward rotations allowed Mineski to take command of the game. His itemization wasn't ideal as well as he had to buy a casual Buckler and a Black King Bar early in the game, so he wasn't really dealing that much damage for Secret.
Comes up short, but still makes playoffs
May 2, 2018
MidOne had a rough time in a 0-2 loss to Virtus.pro at EPICENTER XL. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/11/13.
MidOne played Kunkka in Game 1. He made some nice plays with his spells, locking down a few kills for Secret, but he couldn't do enough to stop Virtus.pro on his own. He dealt tons of burst damage, but Secret just couldn't finish off those crucial kills. He finished with a 3/5/4 KDA. MidOne played Kunkka again in Game 2, putting on another decent but not-quite-good-enough performance. He struggled once again with actually finishing off kills after unloading his burst damage in fights. He finished with a 5/6/9 KDA.
Couldn't sustain good start
April 30, 2018
MidOne was shell shocked against OG in Epicenter XL. The prolific midlaner finished with a poor KDA of 11/14/26.
MidOne's only good game on the series was in Game 1 with his Gyrocopter. Rotations from Yapzor's Rubick help secure his free farming early game against s4's Dragon Knight. He had an impressive 18-minute Aghanim's Scepter followed up by a Black King Bar and a Satanic. The Satanic-Aghanim's combination allowed him to get almost double the lifesteal from the Lifesteal procs which paid off tremendously. His following games failed to impress however as his games on Death Prophet and Lina in struggled heavily from the laning stage against s4.
Flashes of brilliance not enough to crack Virtus.pro
April 1, 2018
MidOne played Lina in a loss to Virtus.pro at DAC 2018. He finished with a 6/8/15 KDA.
When he was able to connect his spells, MidOne looked like a beast, but this was unfortunately not the case in most fights. Virtus.pro had the tools to handle MidOne, and as soon as they got on top of him it was very difficult for MidOne to escape the pressure.
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