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Free Agent
Time with Empire at an end
July 9, 2018
In a statement on its website, Team Empire announced that fn would be parting ways with the organization.
Fn joined Empire in January of 2017, playing with the team during their impressive run at The International 7 that secured 7th/8th place. Since then, the team has been through a series of roster changes and poor results. No replacement for fn was named by Empire.
Lacked help from his team
May 1, 2018
Fn's gutsy performance for Team Empire wasn't enough against Mineski at Epicenter XL. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 14/7/7.
Fn went with Lina in the series opener. His laning stage against Moon's Dragon Knight didn't really work out too well for him. His harassing wasn't really forcing Moon to miss crucial gold or experience. Fn became much more effective for Empire after getting his Shadow Blade. He was constantly on the hunt as he picked up seven kills for Empire. In Game 2, fn shifted over to the safe lane carry role with Juggernaut. He didn't get much help from his supports in the first five minutes and was then punished by Iceiceice's Tidehunter and Jabz's Nature's Prophet. His supports finally came to his aid and helped salvage his lane. He finally got his farm going and got a 17-minute Manta Style but it wasn't enough to fight off the well-oiled Mineski machine.
Impressive individual play not enough
February 3, 2018
fn played his best in a 2-1 loss to Mineski at the fourth Starladder Invitational. He finished with an overall KDA of 19/9/13.
In Game 1 fn played Terrorblade. This was a very challenging game for fn. The rest of his lanes went poorly, and the weight of the game quickly shifted onto fn. He dealt considerable damage in fights, but was Empire's only threat which meant Mineski could focus all their efforts on just him. fn finished with a 2/3/2 KDA. fn played a great Queen of Pain in Game 2. He dominated his lane and was able to snowball this into a huge lead in the mid-game that carried Empire through to a win. His mobility in fights was crucial, letting him burst down targets quickly and without risk to himself. fn finished with a 14/2/8 KDA. In Game 3 fn had a rough Medusa game. The pace of the game was very similar to Game 1. fn got decent farm, but the game fell entirely on his shoulders after a certain point. He was able to put up a good fight again, but it wasn't enough to stop all of Mineski. He finished with a 3/4/3 KDA.
Shut down in both games
January 6, 2018
fn finished with an overall KDA of 10/11/8 in a one sided 0-2 loss to OG at Captain's Draft 4.
fn had an extremely rough time in Game 1 on Templar Assassin. There was a lot of good control and damage over time to remove his Refraction, and he suffered greatly in fights because of that. fn couldn't man up in fights at all, he would get either focused or cleaved down by OG. He finished with a 4/7/2 KDA. Game 2 didn't go much better for fn on Queen of Pain. He got some nice kills in the early game, but couldn't transition that lead into a significant enough advantage to seal the game. He finished with a 6/4/6 KDA.
Shines in tough loss
January 4, 2018
fn came up just short as Team Empire lost to Team Secret in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. fn finished with a 8/5/11 KDA.
You know a game is close when the losing team has just as many kills as the winning team. fn was the biggest reason as to why Empire was able to fight with a lead for most of the game, as he played Queen of Pain to perfection. He was seemingly the only force trying to keep Secret from closing out the game at the end, but at that point, he was just delaying the inevitable.
Unstoppable against Evil Geniuses
August 10, 2017
fn played an amazing series to help Team Empire defeat Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the lower bracket of The International 2017. He finished the series with a KDA of 31/4/17.
fn played as Ember Spirit in Game 1. He found it difficult to accumulate last hits against SumaiL on the Invoker, and gave up 23 denies within the first 10 minutes. Once fn picked up his Boots of Travel around the 14-minute mark, the superior team plays from Empire helped him take control of the game. He finished Game 1 with a KDA of 18/1/8. Game 2 fn played as Mirana in the middle lane. It's never easy going against SumaiL, however fn completely dominated the farm game, and finished at the top of the net worth and damage charts. He finished Game 2 with a KDA of 13/3/9, and dealt 33,535 damage.
Dominates late game
August 9, 2017
fn helped lead Team Empire to victory against Cloud9 in the elimination match of The International 2017. He finished the one game of the series with a KDA of 14/2/12.
It was a slow start for fn on the Queen of Pain in the middle lane. His team gave up first blood, as well as two other early kills to give Cloud9 the early lead. Fortunately fn was able to avoid dying to multiple rotations from Cloud9 in the earlier parts of the game, and managed to accumulate the second-highest net worth by the end. Timing his Sonic Wave well with Roslut1on's Chronospheres, fn started to take control of the battles as the match dragged into the mid and late game. He finished up the 62-minute match dealing 49,023 damage.
Shows some signs of life late
August 2, 2017
fn put up a fight as Team Empire was swept 2-0 by LGD Gaming in the group stages of The International 7. fn finished the series with a 7/8/6 KDA.
After all of Empire was run over in Game 1, the team made some positive adjustments for Game 2. fn played much better on Razor in Game 2 as he was able to hold his own against any of the LGD players. It was a positive sign for fn to put his high skill level on display, but it was not enough for Empire to get a win in the series as LGD was just too strong.
Nerves get the best of Empire star
August 2, 2017
fn was Team Empire's best performer in their loss to Team Secret. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 6/7//19.
He kicked off the series with Queen of Pain against MidOne's Viper. He struggled in the laning stage. fn couldn't get a quick Veil of Discord, a very good item on the hero, at a good timing. Because of that he had to go for a defensive 16-minute Eul's of Divinity. He got four kills and four deaths, which summed up his forgettable performance. In Game 2, he played a much better game on his Medusa. He had a better early game and got himself a 19-minute Linken's Sphere. fn played the effective frontline game and gave Team Secret a tough time. His game-high 706 experience per minute and 380 last hits were commendable, but not enough for the victory.
Ups and downs for Empire's flexible carry
June 16, 2017
fn had a great Game 2 but a mediocre series overall in Empire's 1-2 loss to Team NP at The Summit 7. He finished with an overall KDA of 31/9/19. Empire is eliminated from The Summit in last place.
In Game 1 fn played Slark. He had a surprisingly good early game despite that being Slark's major weakness, but couldn't turn that momentum into any significant lead. fn's target selection in fights was poor, often choosing to go on NP's tanky Medusa instead of the weaker backline supports. fn finished with a 6/2/4 KDA. fn played Storm Spirit in Game 2. After a bit of a disaster in Game 1, fn came roaring back to life. With the bonus damage from Chappie's Drow Ranger aura, fn dominated the middle lane and secured a quick Bloodstone. After that he was impossible for NP to bring down thanks to his mobility. fn finished with a 14/1/5 KDA. In Game 3 fn played Juggernaut in the safe lane. He played a decent game, but it felt like he was constantly a step behind the cores of NP. His damage was OK, but it was difficult for him to latch onto a target for long, even with his Abyssal Blade. fn finished with an 11/6/10 KDA.
Rough showing from Empire's carry
June 14, 2017
fn couldn't get things going in Team Empire's 2-0 loss to Virtus.pro at The Summit 7. He ended with a final KDA of 8/5/18.
fn played as the Troll Warlord in Game 1. Although he had the third-highest net worth in the game at 20,843, he never seemed to be able to dish out any damage. In fact, he ended the game dealing the fourth-lowest amount of damage in the field at 14,084 in over 40 minutes of play. Game 2 went much better for fn on the Phantom Assassin. Playing against a solo Weaver in the safe lane, he managed to accumulate a good amount of last hits. That being said, he and the rest of Empire eventually crumbled under the damage output from Virtus.pro, who were utilizing their ranged lineup with Drow Ranger's Precision Aura. They were forced to call GG in just over 22 minutes.
Good performance from Empire carry far from enough
March 28, 2017
Experienced carry fn churned out a pretty good performance for Team Empire in their loss to OG in the Dota Asia Championships 2017. The Ukrainian finished with a KDA of 12/6/17.
In Game 1, fn went with Ursa in the safe lane. His timings on the hero ended up quite late as his 14-minute Blink Dagger timing couldn't help him take over the game early. He picked up seven kills, but couldn't complement Chappie's Meepo as much as he would have liked. In Game 2, fn was much better on Troll Warlord. But since Chappie's game was much worse, fn could not dictate the tempo of the game despite picking up six kills. He was focusing too much on defensive items such as Black King Bar and Sange & Yasha and ended up lacking in the damage department.
Free Agent
Picked up by Team Empire
January 9, 2017
fn has been picked up by Team Empire after leaving Vega Squadron, reports Daniel Rosen of theScore esports.
fn, who left Vega Squadron in December due to performance issues, will be filling one of the holes left by ALOHADANCE and G. Team Empire is not unfamiliar to fn, who played for the organization prior to signing with Vega.
Free Agent
Out of Vega Sqaudron
December 30, 2016
In a Wednesday press release on their website, Vega Squadron announced they are dropping fn.
fn played with Vega Squadron for most of the past year, joining the team in late February. His results with Vega have been relatively good, featuring a lot of second-place and other high finishes in European events. Vega failed to make the cut for The International and the Boston Major this year however. fn has yet to announce if he is joining a new team, and Vega Squadron haven't released the name of his replacement.
Strong performances in 0-2 loss.
November 11, 2016
Despite Vega Squadron falling 0-2 to The Imperial, fn put up strong numbers in both matches with a final KDA of 23/5/20.
In Game 1, fn played Lifestealer. Enduring a very slow farming game from the beginning, fn managed to make good item timings and secure several early kills. Later in the game, however, fn was unable to contend with the damage from Ace's Phantom Assassin and BabyKnight's Outworld Devourer. In Game 2, fn played Ursa and enjoyed much faster farm than the previous game. Despite his quick farm and no deaths, fn's damage output was mitigated in key teamfights through kiting and many disables.
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