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Released from Team Empire
July 3, 2018
Ghostik has been released from Team Empire, the organization confirmed Tuesday.
Citing a disappointing run in The International Qualifiers, Team Empire has opted to move from Ghostik, who played for the organization for the past year. It's unclear who Team Empire will start in his stead.
Impressive Legion Commander game was for naught
May 1, 2018
Ghostik had an excellent series opener but couldn't sustain the form in the series as Team Empire lose against Mineski in Epicenter XL. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 3/12/14.
Ghostik's Legion Commander was looking very good in the series opener. His 11-minute Blink Dagger allowed him to accumulate a lot of Duel Damage early. He then had over 80 Duel Victory damage at the 20-minute mark. But key pick offs against his teammates made it all for naught as Mineski blitz thru Empire in the mid game. In Game 2, Ghostik was sadly a non-factor for Empire on his Magnus. He was dominated by Mushi from the laning phase and never got going. The epic Reverse Polarity that his team desperately needed never happened.
Great Game 2 not enough to carry the series
February 3, 2018
Ghostik struggled in a 2-1 loss to Mineski at the fourth Starladder Invitational. He finished with an overall KDA of 6/17/22.
In Game 1 Ghostik played an underwhelming Nature's Prophet. He didn't accomplish much all game, either in terms of turning up to early fights or split pushing. Without an early objective lead, Nature's Prophet felt very weak in this game. Ghostik finished with a 2/7/5 KDA. In Game 2 Ghostik played Beastmaster, redeeming his weak Game 1 performance. Ghostik was all over the place this game, both finding solo kills and helping set up for fights. The vision and burst that Ghostik provided was a huge part of Empire's victory in Game 2. He finished with a 3/3/14 KDA. In Game 3 Ghostik played Axe. He got off to a nice start, but things quickly unraveled as the lanes broke down. He struggled to initiate, and even when he could his team struggled to keep up with him. Ghostik finished with a 1/7/3 KDA.
Decent performance not enough to stop OG
January 6, 2018
Ghostik played a decent series, but it wasn't enough. Empire lost 0-2 to OG at Captain's Draft 4. Ghostik finished with an overall KDA of 6/6/15.
Ghostik played Axe in Game 1 and had a very rough time of it. He was essentially Empire's only initiation for most of the game, but Empire was constantly fighting on the back foot. Most of Ghostik's initiations were doomed to fail, but he had to at least try. He finished with a 4/3/7 KDA. In Game 2 Ghostik played Lone Druid, more of a carry than a typical offlaner. Unfortunately for Empire, he couldn't get enough done to give them enough advantage. His major item timings were all delayed by around two minutes, which doesn't seem like much but can make all the difference in professional play. He finished with a 2/3/8 KDA.
Holds his own in the loss
January 4, 2018
Ghostik had a decent showing as Team Empire lost to Team Secret in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. Ghostik finished with a 5/6/16 KDA.
Ghostik didn't seemingly do anything special, but definitely made a positive impact. On Underlord, Ghostik had an all-around balanced game, even leading his team in objectives. Unfortunately, he was not able to do enough to stop Empire from throwing their lead as Secret stormed back for the win.
Dominant play-maker
August 10, 2017
Ghostik was the king of the pick-offs in Team Empire's 2-0 victory over Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket of The International 2017. He finished the series with a KDA of 9/10/38.
Ghostik played as Batrider in Game 1. He did an excellent job of keeping himself from feeding Arteezy kills in the early phases of the game. After a few excellent rotations to his safe and middle lanes, Ghostik picked up a 12-minute Blink Dagger. Once he had his Blink, there was no safe place to hide for Evil Geniuses. He finished Game 1 with a KDA of 5/3/27. In Game 2 Ghostik went as the Venomancer. Although he found himself the victim of the majority of Cr1t-'s Winter's Curses, he generally always managed to get his Poison Nova off before dying, which greatly impacted the outcome of teamfights. He finished Game 2 with a final KDA of 4/7/11.
Slow start to strong finish
August 9, 2017
Ghostik helped Team Empire defeat Cloud9 in the elimination match of The International 2017. He finished the single-game series with a KDA of 4/6/14.
Playing as Legion Commander, Ghostik was caught off guard within the first three minutes of the game, and gave up an early kill to Cloud9's supports. Once he reached level 6 and skilled up his duel, he started traveling with Miposhka on the Disruptor, and was able to take advantage of a fully leveled up Glimpse to pick up easy duel wins. He finished the 62-minute game with 112 bonus damage from duels, and didn't lose a single one to Cloud9.
Wasn't able to make an impact
August 3, 2017
Ghostik did not do much as Team Empire was swept 2-0 by Evil Geniuses in group stages of The International 7. Ghostik finished the series with a 5/13/11 KDA.
Starting on Dark Seer, Ghostik could not match up at all with EG. Barely being able to contribute in fights, he switched over to Nature's Prophet in Game 2 and came out with a worse result. All of Empire seemed to be defeated early in each game. They still need a win or two before being safely out of elimination.
Fails to make any sort of impact
August 2, 2017
Ghostik was neutralized pretty well as Team Empire was swept 2-0 by LGD Gaming in the group stages of The International 7. Ghostik finished the series with a 5/6/8 KDA.
Ghostik and Empire were clearly outmatched this series as LGD is playing incredible Dota right now. Going from Enigma to Faceless Void, Ghostik had some improvements as Empire put up a solid fight in Game 2. They showed some proof that they belong on the TI stage, but LGD still had the last laugh as they finished Empire off for the sweep.
Rough series from Empire's off lane
August 2, 2017
Ghostik was effectively shut down by Team Secret in their lost in The International 7. The off laner finished with a KDA 10/11/17.
Ghostik tried his luck with Faceless Void in the series opener. He was zoned out easily early by the Secret supports so he couldn't really farm his items. Despite Ghostik's obvious early struggles his decision to get the greedy 15-minute Mask of Madness backfired. He was killed off often in engagements as he racked up five deaths. In Game 2, Ghostik bounced back with a more impactful performance on his Axe. He applied pressure on MP early and even managed a very good nine-minute Blink Dagger. He initiated well enough but Team Secret had too much control in the game.
Does all he can in losing effort
June 16, 2017
Ghostik played well but couldn't do it on his own Empire's 1-2 loss to Team NP at The Summit 7. He finished with an overall KDA of 17/14/30. Empire is eliminated from The Summit in last place.
In Game 1 Ghostik played Dark Seer. He did a decent job considering the state of the game, but he was pretty ineffective in the end. He never managed to hit any good combos with Dark Seer, and Empire's teamfight was seriously lacking because of it. Ghostik finished with a 6/7/4 KDA. In Game 2 Ghostik played Night Stalker core. He got off to a slow start, but chose to go for a Hand of Midas early, which caught him right back up. His first major item was an Aghanim's Scepter, giving Empire a huge vision advantage that let them dominate fights. Ghostik finished with a 4/0/12 KDA. Ghostik played Sand King in Game 3. Ghostik made some very nice plays that kept Empire in the game for as long as they did, but in the end, he couldn't do everything on his own. Once the game reached the ultra late stages, his damage started to fall off and his control just wasn't sufficient. He finished wtih a 7/8/14 KDA.
Rough day for Ghostik
June 14, 2017
Ghostik did what he could to set up plays, but Team Empire still lost 2-0 against in the quarter finals of The Summit 7. He finished the series with a final KDA of 5/18/22.
Playing as Batrider in Game 1, Ghostik had to face a Venomancer/Witch Doctor combo in the off lane, and struggled to stay within experience range without getting picked off. Although he had multiple great lassos on key heroes of to initiate teamfights, it wasn't enough to help win the game. Ghostik played as Sand King in Game 2 and struggled to make an impact. Finishing the match with a KDA of 1/7/7, it seemed as though his Epicenter never managed to deal damage to more than one enemy hero.
Poor offlane play from Team Empire
March 28, 2017
Ghostik had a terrible outing for Team Empire in their loss to OG in the Dota Asia Championships 2017. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 4/16/23.
Ghostik went with Slardar in the series opener. His 15-minute Blink Dagger timing was acceptable but he couldn't pressure the opposing carry's farm at all. His initiations were sloppy as he only picked up two kills and died seven times. His items also did not progress after picking up a Force Staff in the 21-minute mark. In Game 2, Ghostik tried his luck with Sand King. If you thought his Slardar game couldn't get any worse, his Sand King was even more disappointing. His Blink Dagger timing was later than his Slardar game and he was involved in just 10 of his team's kills.
Fights his heart out in loss
October 20, 2016
Ghostik went down swinging as Team Empire was defeated by Team Secret 1-0 in round 1 of Faceit EU Online Invitational. Ghostik finished with a 9/5/7 KDA and destroyed a tower.
Ghostik played Axe and fought his heart out. Whenever the chance presented itself, Ghostik shined in the fighting atmosphere, and he was able to grab a team-high nine kills and be the only team member to hit level 20. The pace of the game didn't let Ghostik play up to his potential, a note that can be credited to Team Secret's smart play.
Joins Team Empire
September 7, 2016
Ghostik has left Team Spirit and joined Team Empire, theScore's Preston Dozsa reports.
Team Spirit's DOTA 2 roster is now no more, as it has been announced today that Ghostik, its sole remaining member, has accepted an offer to join Team Empire. The former Team Spirit off laner was known as a powerhouse in his position, and he looks to bring much to an emerging Empire roster that now include him, Miposhka, and KingR.
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