Maxim Kim 
Team Empire
Never got going
May 1, 2018
Yoky crumbled against Mineski at Epicenter XL. The support finished with a KDA of 3/15/19.
Yoky was relied upon by Empire to create the early space for his cores. However, his games on Lesrac and Slardar couldn't provide the plays that his team needed. He actually had a decent amount of items across both games but his actual impact was sorely lacking for Team Empire.
Eliminated from Starladder in a rough loss
February 3, 2018
yoky finished a rough 2-1 loss to Mineski at the fourth Starladder Invitational with an overall KDA of 5/20/26.
yoky started the series off with a rough Sand King game. He finished up a Blink Dagger by 16 minutes, but this didn't do much to improve yoky or Empire's game. yoky died extremely often, and was focused down in fights by Mineski. He finished with a 1/11/8 KDA. yoky played Kunkka in Game 2. His initiation in this game was much better than Game 1, setting up Empire for many fight wins that lead to valuable objective kills. He also dealt nice damage with his spells, usually hitting at least two or three Mineski heroes. He finished with a 2/4/15 KDA. In Game 3 yoky played Earth Spirit. His early movements were nice, but he couldn't keep up that momentum as the game went on. He finished with a 2/5/3 KDA.
Poor series for Empire's newest addition
January 6, 2018
yoky had a rough series in a 0-2 loss to OG at Captain's Draft 4. He finished with an overall KDA of 5/8/12.
yoky played Earthshaker in Game 1. He didn't get a Blink Dagger until 19 minutes, and by then it was far too late for Empire to fight their way back into the game. OG's teamfight and initiation was just too much for Empire to handle. yoky finished with a 0/4/7 KDA. In Game 2 yoky played support Zeus. Although he dealt the most hero damage of anyone on the server, it didn't count for much when Empire couldn't finish off kills in fights. Apart from damage and vision, yoky couldn't offer much to the team, and was often quickly brought down in fights. He finished with a 5/4/5 KDA.
Will this be his big break?
September 13, 2017
In a an official Tweet by Spartak Esports, it was announced that yoky will be joining the red-and-white family.
Yoky has had a very quiet year in 2017 despite actively competing in tournaments. The off laner has generally been erratic, but if he finds good form he can keep up with the best of them. Will he find his groove with Spartak?
Average play doesn't stop F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from 2-1 victory
July 25, 2016
While yoky didn't have the greatest showing of his career, it was consistent enough to help F.R.I.E.N.D.S. defeat Evil Geniuses and move on in the Starladder iLeague Season 2 Finals. He ended the series with a 4/13/30 KDA.
In Game 1, yoky got a priority pick onto Batrider. While it was a priority pick, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. decided to play a much more controlling role. Building items like Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Force Staff, his score line may not look impressive at 0/2/15 but he played his role in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. victory. After being down in gold for the majority of the game, yoky and friends were able to team kill Evil Geniuses twice. In Game 2, yoky's Batrider didn't have the same success. He did try playing a more damage-oriented style this game, building Black King Bar instead of Eul's Scepter of Divinity. Unfortunately he finished the loss at a 1/6/4 KDA. In Game 3, yoky was taken off of Batrider after an early ban by Evil Geniuses and put on Beastmaster. This game was a grind with the game ending with only one lane of racks left standing across the entire map. At a 1/5/11 KDA, yoky didn't have the same impact one would expect from a three position Beastmaster, but F.R.I.E.N.D.S. were able to grind it out and take home the win. yoky will need to have stronger overall play if they hope to defeat Fnatic and advance to the loser's bracket final.
The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Starladder dream comes to an end
July 24, 2016
yoky played an impressive Game 1 in F.R.I.E.N.D.S' 0-2 loss to Fnatic at the Starladder iLeague Season 2 finals. He finished with a 10/7/20 KDA. Although getting convincingly beaten by Fnatic, they did pull off an impressive upset vs Evil Geniuses during their Starladder run.
yoky played Dark Seer in the Radiant top off lane in Game 1. He had a very nice time in lane. Ion Shell was very strong against MuShi's Juggernaut, and there wasn't much Fnatic could do to stop him from Surging away from trouble. yoky was extremely effective in team fights for F.R.I.E.N.D.S with an early Mekansm and Force Staff. He was also able to remain consistently high on net worth, and managed to only die a single time the entire game. He ended the game with a 6/1/14 KDA, but without damage to follow up his initiation F.R.I.E.N.D.S lost Game 1. In Game 2, yoky played Axe in the Dire safe lane. He found himself in a 1-vs-1 lane against Faceless Void, a lane any Axe player would be happy to take. He finished an insanely quick Vanguard and Blink Dagger by 10 minutes, putting him in a great position to play protect the Drow Ranger in the mid game. Even with his crazy start, yoky wasn't able to deal with Fnatic's magical burst from Lina. Every time he tried to go in, he got blown up, and finished the game with a disappointing 4/6/6 KDA. F.R.I.E.N.D.S lost Game 2.
Solid play in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S win
July 24, 2016
yoky played a strong series in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S 2-1 victory over compLexity Gaming in the lower bracket round one of Starladder iLeague Season 2 Finals. yoky finished with a 9/11/44 KDA in the series.
yoky jumped into Game 1 with his Slardar and played amazing as he racked up a game-high 22 assists, pushing his team to victory. After the Game 1 high, he took a few steps back and never was able to match the performance. In Game 2, everybody from F.R.I.E.N.D.S took a huge step back as they let compLexity avoid the sweep and run all over them. Now with the momentum on the side of compLexity, all of F.R.I.E.N.D.S had to put their best performance together to take the win. Although yoky did not play his best, his teammates did as they closed the series. yoky showed how great he can play, but struggled to play from a deficit in the final two games.
Rough first showing after Virtus.Pro's June disband
July 21, 2016
yoky started out strong in Game 1, but quickly fell flat in F.R.I.E.N.D.S' 0-2 loss to Digital Chaos at the Starladder iLeague Season 2 finals. He finished with an overall KDA of 6/8/15.
In Game 1 yoky took Sand King to the Radiant top off lane. Even against two and sometimes three heroes, yoky was able to get a surprising amount of farm and a lot of levels. yoky finished a 13-minute Blink Dagger, unlocking the last element of F.R.I.E.N.D.S' mid game pushing machine. yoky played well for most of the game, but a couple of missed Epicenters set F.R.I.E.N.D.S irreversibly far behind. yoky finished with a 3/4/7 KDA, falling flat after a nice lane start. F.R.I.E.N.D.S lost Game 1. yoky played Dark Seer in Game 2. He decided to start in the jungle because Digital Chaos picked an Oracle who could purge his Ion Shell and Surge. Unfortunately, Digital Chaos's Misery was onto him and stalked him in the jungle, claiming first blood when yoky let his health drop low. His game never really improved. Even when he managed to get off Vacuum Wall of Replica combinations that looked impressive, they just set him up to be Mana Voided and kill his team. yoky finished with a 3/4/8 KDA. F.R.I.E.N.D.S lost Game 2.
Free Agent
Left without a team after Virtus.Pro's Dota 2 division released
June 30, 2016
yoky was let go by Virtus.Pro along with the rest of the team and their managers, theScore's Preston Dozsa reported on Thursday.
yoky was added to the team after their disappointing 9th-12th place finish at The Shanghai Major to fill the off lane role. Since his addition to the team, Virtus.Pro has failed to qualify for both The Manila Major and The International 6. The organization intends to form a new Dota 2 team following The International 6, Dozsa reported.
yoky: Fails to deliver in Virtus.Pro's loss to compLexity at ESL One Frankfurt
June 17, 2016
yoky played an underwhelming series in Virtus.Pro's 1-2 loss to compLexity in the ESL One Frankfurt 2016 group stage. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/18/25.
In Game 1, yoky played Juggernaut in the Radiant bottom safe lane. yoky got off to a nice start, able to get a lot of gold and experience for himself as well as denying swindlezz in lane. yoky managed to secure a kill for himself, as well as grab an assist from another. Despite his nice start, he wasn't ready to fight in time to meet compLexity's offensive. With only a Battle Fury, yoky simply wasn't able to deal the damage his team needed to bring down the multiple durable heroes on compLexity's team. yoky finished Game 1 with a 1/4/3 KDA. Virtus.Pro Lost Game 1. In Game 2, yoky played Timbersaw in the Radiant bottom safe lane. Despite giving up first blood, he had an excellent early lane. Facing two strength heroes, his Whirling Death was incredibly strong. yoky helped his team secure several early kills on both swindlezz's Bristleback and Handsken's Io. Even after their excellent lane phase, Virtus.Pro fell behind in the mid game against compLexity's mass healing lineup. yoky found himself dying very often in fights, quickly dropping to six charges after buying his Bloodstone. Virtus.Pro were able to withstand the pressure from compLexity long enough to get the damage they needed. In the late game, yoky was able to burst enemy heroes before they could even heal. He finished with an 8/8/15 KDA. Virtus.Pro won Game 2. In Game 3, yoky played Wraith King in the Radiant bottom safe lane. He had a nice early game, although his farm was contested by compLexity's Slardar Witch Doctor dual lane. He didn't get much in the way of gold or experience, but he didn't die. yoky did an excellent job as a front liner for Virtus.Pro. He was able to soak damage from all of compLexity's heroes without worry thanks to Reincarnation. As the game progressed, yoky quickly fell behind compLexity's heroes. Without any way to accelerate his farm, yoky quickly found himself helpless in fights. Even with two lives, yoky was easily dealt with by compLexity. yoky finished Game 3 with a 2/6/7 KDA. Virtus.Pro lost Game 3.
yoky: Virtus.Pro defeats Danish Bears 2-0 in the Europe Finals of StarLadder I-League Season 2
June 1, 2016
yoky played an amazing series as Virtus.Pro took out Danish Bears 2-0 to win the Europe Finals of the StarLadder I-League Season 2. yoky finished with an amazing 14/2/48 KDA.
yoky absolutely shined in this series. In Game 1, he played Tidehunter to perfection, doing absolutely anything he wanted. He finished with a 5/1/25 KDA as VP took Game 1. Game 2 was very similar as yoky was even to play even better on Night Stalker working his way to a 9/1/23 KDA in another VP win. This was a very strong series for yoky and VP as a whole. They are on to play Vega Squadron and will rely on yoky if they want to win it all.
yoky: Virtus.pro's tournament run comes to an end as they lose to Natus Vincere in the DreamLeague Season 5 Semifinals
May 23, 2016
yoky had an inconsistent series as Virtus.pro fell to Natus Vincere 2-1 and their tournament run came to an end. yoky finished with a 5/13/43 KDA.
Right out of the gates in Game 1, yoky showed that he struggled to fight in the early game. Na'Vi was able to take advantage of that, as yoky and all of Virtus.pro were bullied around their side of the map. yoky played Batrider to a 2/5/9 KDA in the 23-minute loss. In Game 2, yoky showed just how well he can play if he has the time to gather resources and execute strategies. As Tidehunter, yoky racked up a game-high 27 assists as Virtus.pro was able to stretch the game out to 45 minutes to take the win and force a Game 3. Game 3 was a clone of Game 1, as yoky was knocked off of his feet early and was never able to stand back up. yoky failed to record a kill as Na'Vi took the series win. yoky and Virtus.pro can feel happy overall about their DreamLeague performance as they made significant strides to compete with the best of the best.
yoky: Drops loser's bracket finals 1-2 to Natus Vincere at DreamLeague Season 5 Finals
May 23, 2016
yoky played a poor series in Virtus.pro's 1-2 loss versus Na'Vi in the Dreamleague Season 5 finals. yoky finished the series with an overall 5/13/45 KDA. Virtus.pro finishes in third place.
In Game 1, yoky played Batrider in the Dire bottom off lane. He had a good lane against Ditya Ra's Drow Ranger, actually managing to secure a kill with an early rotation from fng's Bounty Hunter. After that early kill, however, yoky died twice to the combination of Ditya Ra's Drow Ranger and SoNNeikO's Io. He struggled to find his footing in Game 1, despite a relatively quick 12-minute Blink Dagger. Virtus.pro failed to capitalize on the power of Bounty Hunter plus Batrider, and fell very far behind. yoky finished the game with 7,000 damage dealt to Na'Vi's heroes and a 2/5/9 KDA. Virtus.pro lost Game 1. In Game 2, yoky played Tidehunter in the Dire top safe lane. He had a fantastic time against GeneRal's Night Stalker, more than doubling his creep last hits by 10 minutes. Yoky was able to compete a 10-minute Mekansm, giving his team a huge advantage in fights. He followed this with a very quick 16-minute Blink Dagger, allowing yoky to both initiate and counter-initiate extremely well. With this massive fighting advantage, Virtus.pro were in a much better position in Game 2 than in Game 1. yoky dealt 10,000 damage to Na'Vi, setting his team up for extremely successful fights. He also healed his team for 8,000 health over the course of the game. yoky finished the game with a 3/3/27 KDA. Virtus.pro won Game 2. In Game 3, yoky played Dark Seer in the Dire bottom off lane. Along with the rest of Virtus.pro, yoky had an extremely poor game. He died three times in the early game, and failed to finish any item other than his Guardian Greaves. Virtus.pro found themselves lacking initiation since yoky didn't buy a Blink Dagger, and they constantly found themselves on the losing side of fights. yoky only dealt 5,100 damage to Na'Vi, and finished Game 3 with a terrible 0/5/7 KDA. Virtus.pro lost Game 3.
yoky: Loses to Natus Vincere 1-2 in opening round of DreamLeague Season 5 Finals
May 22, 2016
yoky played well, but Virtus.pro fell to Natus Vincere 1-2 in the opening round of the DreamLeague Season 5 Finals on Saturday. He finished with a 21/13/51 KDA.
yoky played Dark Seer in Game 1 in the top safe lane. He was instrumental in the 41-20 Game 1 win, earning a 7/3/30 KDA. He was extremely accurate firing off his Vacuum, holding enemies in place and then immediately landing Ion Shell, which damages all enemies in the area. He did a combined 14,854 in hero damage, going along with having the highest kill participation rate at 90 percent. Trying to recreate this success in Game 2, yoky played Dark Seer again, this time in the bottom off lane. He didn't have nearly the success he found in Game 1, finishing Game 2 with a 4/7/13 KDA. Na'Vi's Ditya Ra focused on the Dark Seer to effectively take him out of fights: getting in close, killing him four times and getting two assists. yoky did do some significant hero damage with 16,724, but NoFear's Lion and fng's Bounty Hunter were killed too early on in teamfights for yoky to do anything about it. Virtus.pro would lose Game 2 41-24. In the match-deciding Game 3, yoky played Puck valiantly, getting 10 kills, but the rest of Virtus.pro couldn't back his play and they dropped the game 38-23 and subsequently the match. Virtus.pro will play No Diggity in the first round of the loser's bracket.
yoky: Loses 1-2 to Evil Geniuses in group play at Epicenter Moscow
May 13, 2016
yoky played a good Game 1 followed by disappointing Games 2 and in Virtus.Pro's 1-2 loss versus Evil Geniuses in the Epicenter Moscow group stages. yoky finished with an overall KDA of 14/13/23.
In Game 1, yoky played Drow Ranger, starting in the Radiant top off lane. He had a difficult early game, dying once in lane. Yoky managed to recover well, catching up in both gold and experience to his teammates and Evil Geniuses. yoky's Precision Aura was extremely powerful for Virtus.Pro, enhancing the damage of all four of his allies. yoky himself dealt 7,000 damage to enemy heroes, choosing to focus on survival over damage output. He finished Game 1 with a 6/6/12 KDA, finding himself the primary target for Evil Geniuses in most engagements. Virtus.Pro won Game 1. In Game 2, yoky played Slardar in the Dire top safe lane. He had a decent lane against BuLba's Beastmaster, but wasn't able to transition into the powerful initiator and damage dealer that Slardar can be. yoky dealt 7,600 damage to Evil Geniuses, unable to take down key targets like Invoker or Sven even with Amplify Damage. yoky finished Game 2 with a 4/5/8 KDA. Virtus.Pro lost Game 2. In Game 3, yoky played Gyrocopter in the Dire top safe lane. He got off to a good start in lane, able to secure early gold and experience against BuLba's Abbadon. He wasn't able to ever kill BuLba in lane, however, failing to gain enough of a lead to make up for the rest of his team having a rough game. yoky dealt 9,000 damage to Evil Geniuses and finished Game 3 with a 4/2/3 KDA.
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