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Lacked the killer instincts to help Alliance close out Vici Gaming
October 23, 2018
Qojqva had a forgettable showing against Vici Gaming in ESL One Hamburg. The German star finished with a KDA of 6/6/6.
Qojqva played Lone Druid in the series opener. He outdueled Ori's Lina early on and just farmed out of his mind. He farmed an extremely quick Hand of Midas and farmed his key Radiance with ease. Despite this, Alliance just couldn't close it out as Vici Gaming completed their comeback. Qojqva's decision to play Storm Spirit in Game 2 didn't work out too well for Alliance. His laning stage went horribly as he was behind two levels against Ori's Necrophos. He tried to make plays for Alliance but they lost the lanes too hard for a proper comeback.
Perfect showing from the veteran
September 20, 2018
Qojqva had a perfect game for Alliance against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The German finished with a KDA of 11/02/28.
Qojqva kicked off the series with Lone Druid in the mid lane. He styled on 33's Tiny throughout the laning stage. His micro was lovely as he his Bear placement in fights were always a thing of beauty. He had both Hand of Midas and Radiance at the 17-minute mark which led to an impressive 632 gold per minute stat in Game 1. In the following game, Qojqva's Mirana was as effective. He shrugged off his rough start in the offlane and dominated the game in a big way. His Maelstrom and Black King Bar at the 21-minute mark made him an unstoppable force on the way to nine kills.
Replaces Abed on Digital Chaos
October 26, 2017
David "MoonMeander" Tan announced on his stream that Qojqva would be replacing Abed after his abrupt departure.
Qojqva was last seen playing for the now disbanded Team Tuho after spending time with Escape Gaming and subsequently Ninjas in Pyjamas. Qojqva seems to be more of a placeholder mid laner until Digital Chaos can find a more suitable option, as Tan indicated that Qojqva was hurriedly brought in after Canadian pub star Bryle decommited from the team after only one week.
Ninjas In Pyjamas returns to the scene with former Escape roster
January 25, 2017
Preston Dosza of theScore esports reported that Ninjas in Pyjamas would be returning to Dota 2 with parts of the old Escape Gaming roster along with some retired veterans.
After parting ways with Escape Gaming, SynderN, Era and qojqva teamed up with former Fnatic players Trixi and H4nni to form a friend squad known as January 25th. NiP plans to become a top contender right off the bat as they compete in the upcoming DAC qualifiers.
Total domination all series from Escape's middle lane
October 26, 2016
qojqva was a man on a mission going up against Miracle in Escape Gaming's sweep over Team Liquid. qojqva registered an impressive 42/5/23 KDA.
Mirana was qojqva's hero of choice in the first game. Despite the multitude of recent nerfs to the hero, qojqva made her shine nonetheless. He registered a game-high 26 kills and an incredible 776 GPM. In the second game, he was on the flamboyant Invoker. He picked up 16 kills and made Miracle regret picking Medusa against him. qojqva showed Miracle who was the boss as Escape Gaming took the series with ease.
Escape Gaming starts out the Faceit Invitational with a loss
October 17, 2016
qojqva played a decent game, but couldn't carry by himself in Escape Gaming's first match of the Faceit Invitational.
qojqva played Naga Siren in the Radiant middle lane. He got a fast Radiance, but it came at the cost of Escape's early game success. The rest of his team fell so far behind that the weight of the game rested almost entirely on qojqva's shoulders. He managed to keep lanes pushed out with Radiance illusions for a while, but Secret's ability to just brute force into Escape base ended the game too quickly. qojqva finished with a 1/4/2 KDA. Escape lost their first game of the Faceit Invitational.
Team too heavy in Escape Gaming's removal from The International 6
August 10, 2016
qojqva was his team's only strong presence when Escape Gaming was eliminated from The International 6 by Fnatic on Monday. He ended with a respectable 5/1/2 KDA.
qojqva played Axe middle lane in the match that led to Escape's elimination. He had an outstanding start to the game, highlighted by a triple kill with Culling Blade in a retaliation against a Smoke gank by Fnatic. Mid game fell apart for him and the rest of Escape Gaming, as Fnatic farmed much more efficiently, and Escape Gaming was eliminated from The International 6 when they surrendered at the 26-minute mark.
Strong performance unable to get Escape Gaming a win
August 6, 2016
qojqva wasn't able to lead his team to a victory despite his team-leading performance. In the 0-2 loss, he ended the series with a 13/8/7 KDA.
Game 1 didn't go so well for qojqva. Playing Templar Assassin in the middle lane, he had a very average game which led to a loss. At 5/4/4 KDA, he also had 7,100 hero damage, not topping his team. In Game 2, his Tinker was Escape Gaming's only shot at a victory. He led the game with 20,300 hero damage and an 8/4/3 KDA, but he was unable to carry his team. After a huge performance in Game 2, qojqva and Escape Gaming will be going against Fnatic after getting last place in Group A.
Was the hardest fighting member of his team
August 6, 2016
qojqva put everything he has into this series as Escape Gaming split the series 1-1 with Alliance in Day 3 of Group Stages of The International 6. qojqva finished with a 12/4/31 KDA and destroyed seven towers and two barracks in the series.
Escape surprised everyone with how well they played in Game 1. Alliance was the heavy favorite, but Escape came in and just wanted to fight. Thanks to huge plays from qojqva, they were able to win a lot of the fights, resulting in a very tumultuous game. qojqva played Lone Druid to a 8/3/27 KDA, a game-low in deaths and a game-high in assists. They squeaked out the win in Game 1, but seemed to have nothing left in the tank for Game 2. qojqva fought hard in the second frame, but nothing was able to prevent Alliance from steamrolling their way to a series split.
Outclassed by OG in both games of Escape's series
August 4, 2016
qojqva finished his 0-2 series loss with a 2/3/3 KDA.
In Game 1 qojqva played Naga Siren in the middle lane. qojqva had a rough game, along with the rest of his team. After getting his Radiance after 20 minutes, qojqva didn't have the time or space to get his team back into the game by split-pushing. He finished with a 1/2/0 KDA. Escape took another shot at Naga Siren in Game 2, giving it to qojqva once again. His Radiance timing improved drastically, finishing it up before 18 minutes this time. Unfortunately, OG were more than ready to deal with this. qojqva once again was unable to split up the map with his illusions. He finished with a 1/1/3 KDA this time.
Comes out hot, but fizzles away in series tie
August 4, 2016
qojqva peaked early in the series as Escape Gaming split the series 1-1 with Natus Vincere in Day 1 of Group Stages of The International 6. qojqva finished with a 2/4/17 KDA and destroyed six towers and four barracks in the series.
qojqva was in all the right places at all the right times in Game 1. He racked up 15 assists as Escape surprised everybody by taking Game 1. Na'Vi did, however, wake up for Game 2, as it went decisively in their favor. It must feel good for Escape to grab a game, but they still have a long way to go.
Disappointing series in 0-2 loss against LGD Gaming
August 4, 2016
qojqva played a disappointing series, as Escape Gaming lost 0-2 against LGD Gaming. qojqva finished with a 5/9/7 KDA.
Game 1 set qojqva as Tiny middle lane. Despite support from YapzOr's Wisp, qojqva couldn't hold it together mid. Later on he found some decent pickoffs, but his team could not follow up. This lack of follow-up culminated in a loss for Escape Gaming in Game 1. For Game 2 qojqva played Templar Assassin middle lane. He was caught out too many times, and his unclean play was costly for his team, and so Escape Gaming lost Game 2.
Uncharacteristically weak showing during loss to Wings
August 3, 2016
qojqva seemed to be off form during Escape's utter defeat at the hands of Wings, finding a mere 4/8/4 KDA before the end.
qojqva started off the series with a safe-lane Storm Spirit pick. He found plenty of early farm, but was also picked off randomly occasionally enough to help keep his net worth far below the leader, Shadow. That wouldn't have been a problem had qojqova successfully evaded all of Wings' crowd control during the game's teamfights, but that wasn't at all what happened, as Shadow found plenty of opportunities to use his Ethereal Blade and burst damage to blow qojqva away and take the game. His Mirana in Game 2 would fair little better, as he was forced out of his lane early not by his lane opponent, but by the failures of the rest of his team to manage their lanes. Both lanes fed deaths to Wings within the first four minuets, prompting qojqva to roam and try to salvage the situation. He didn't succeed in that, and when a Hail-Mary Roshan attempt blew up in Escapes' faces they saw the writing on the wall. Not five minutes later, Escape would forfeit the match after one of the most one-sided games we've seen yet in this tournament.
Highlight-packed series earns Escape a ticket to The International
August 3, 2016
qojqva earned a 16/3/18 KDA during Escape's victory over Execration.
qojqva ruled whatever lane he was put in during Escape's victory over Execration, a victory that secured Escape's berth in The International. His Juggernaut in Game 1 was one of the most important members of his team, as the free farm that his team secured him against Abed allowed him to scale up into a nightmare much faster than Execration could manage, and the kills he found in the early game with his ultimate only made that easier. Game 2 would see qojqva move out of the mid lane and into the safe lane, where his team set up a strong tri-lane for his Invoker that got him far more farm than Abed had managed the game before on the hero. While he didn't carry the game per se, his performance was admirable and Execration crumbled so easily under the relentless pressure that all of Escape put them under that a carry performance was never called for.
Two stellar games not enough to secure a spot in The International 6 group stages
August 2, 2016
qojqva played two very good games, but the rest of his team wasn't on the same page in Escape Gaming's 0-2 loss to EHOME in The International 6 wild cards. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/4/16. Escape drops to the lower bracket for one last chance at a spot in the group stages.
In Game 1, qojqva took Invoker, arguably his best hero, to the radiant middle lane. He struggled early game, even with Drow Ranger on his team to enhance his damage. He did manage to make a nice recovery, but it was a long road. By 20 minutes, qojqva had claimed his place on the top of the net worth charts. Although he did combine with KheZu's Faceless Void to set up some spectacular fight wins for Escape, qojqva couldn't do all the work for Escape in the late game. He finished with a 2/2/6 KDA, not giving up his first death until almost 40 minutes. Despite his impressive performance, Escape still lost Game 1. qojqva took the rarely seen Storm Spirit to the middle lane in Game 2. He had a rocky start to the game, but still managed to finish an 18 minute Bloodstone. Even though he had a nice start, qojqva was up against an Anti-Mage and had to play very cautiously with his mana pool. When qojqva got Mana Voided it was devastating for his team, turning around fights that looked won for Escape. Although qojqva did well by not giving up many deaths, only dying twice, he wasn't able to pick apart EHOME's back lines in time to evade Anti-Mage. He finished with a 5/2/10 KDA, but Escape still lost Game 2.
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