Samson Hidalgo 
Couldn't push fast enough
August 20, 2018
SamH provided a lot for TNC but they still concede to Mineski in The International 2018. The offlaner finished with a KDA 7/2/9.
SamH played Pugna in this crucial match against Mineski. He was left alone in the offlane but was finding good harass against Spectre. SamH also found a lot of farm for himself while finding the good angles to take objectives and kills. He had both Aghanim's Scepter and Black King Bar at the 35-minute mark which was impressive. But SamH should have been pushing a lot harder if TNC wanted to close out the game more efficiently.
Good performance for naught
August 18, 2018
SamH was TNC's most successful player in their loss against Secret at The International 2018. The consistent player finished with a KDA of 11/5/12.
SamH played the Group Stage popular Enchantress in the offlane in Game 1. He managed to draw first blood against Team Secret by killing Puppey's Ogre Magi. SamH was leading the charge for TNC as he created the space after a very fruitful laning stage. But with his team not really taking enough objectives, SamH eventually fell off. SamH played his offlane Mirana in Game 2 of the series. He was the only one winning his lane for TNC as he was off to an early killing spree against Ace's Bloodseeker. Despite his early fortunes, SamH just couldn't keep TNC in contention as Secret was already way too far ahead.
Shut down hard by Liquid
June 4, 2018
Sam_H finished a 2-0 loss to Team Liquid at the China Supermajor with an overall KDA of 3/18/17.
Game 1 was a difficult affair for Sam_H on Death Prophet. Although he is typically very effective with low net worth, Death Prophet is not a hero who can function with only an item or two. A terrible start left Sam_H in a hole and Liquid never gave TNC time or space to recover. Sam_H finished with a 2/12/15 KDA. In Game 2 Sam_H played Batrider, one of his most played heroes. Unfortunately for TNC, his comfort on the hero didn't translate to a win. He was pretty close to a lot of kills but just felt underwhelming all game. He finished with a 1/6/2 KDA.
TNC's offlane sacrifices his own stats for a win
June 2, 2018
Sam_H had a rough series stat-wise but played solidly in a 2-0 win vs Evil Geniuses at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 10/18/45.
In Game 1 of the series Sam_H played Axe, giving TNC strong initiation even with very low net worth. After finishing his core of Blink, Vanguard and Blademail Sam_H didn't really need more items to do his job. Even though he died a lot, he set up the rest of TNC to take a good fight. He finished with a 9/12/22 KDA. In Game 2 Sam_H played Beastmaster, once again falling into more of a supportive role. His farm dropped off pretty quickly again, but Sam_H was able to put his limited net worth to great use. He focused heavily on finding kills, with a Shadow Blade as his first major item. He finished with a 1/6/23 KDA.
Continues to struggle at MDL
May 16, 2018
Sam H was missing when TNC needed him against Mineski at MDL Changsha. The veteran offlaner finished with a KDA of 7/11/14.
Sam H took his chances with the meta-popular Axe in Game 1 against Mineski, but the pick did not pay off at all. He was forced to abandon his lane against Mushi's Gyrocopter early on because of the perfect zoning from ninjaboogie's Bane. Sam H played a much better Game 2 with his Abaddon. He was dispelling instantly with his Aphotic Shield. He eventually got a Radiance at the respectable 35-minute mark, but iceiceice's Pipe of Insight eventually prevented it from being truly effective.
Kicked off the new patch struggling
May 14, 2018
Sam_H was rough around the edges in TNC's draw against Newbee in MDL Changsha. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 2/15/30.
Sam_H kicked off the series with Venomancer in the offlane. The poor pick was severely punished by Newbee as he couldn't get any farm early on. Despite relying heavily on defensive items such as Guardian Greaves and Pipe of Insight, Sam_H still died a hefty eight times in the win. In Game 2, Sam_H's performance didn't get much better. His Nyx Assassin's rough early game didn't get better after he got his Vendetta. Newbee were reading his movements perfectly and he couldn't initiate as TNC would have wanted.
Faltered after good start
March 6, 2018
Sam_H couldn't sustain his good start against Vici Gaming Thunder at the Bucharest Major. The soft-spoken offlaner finished with a KDA of 2/6/10.
Sam_H's Sand King wasn't given much breathing room by Vici Gaming Thunder in the laning stage. Despite this, Sam_H still farmed up a 15-minute Blink Dagger. He used this to initiate for TNC to explosive effect. He often got multiple hero Burrowed Strikes for his team and they eventually acquired a 20,000 gold advantage. But in VGJ.T stood strong and held on. Sam_H's end game left a lot to be desired as TNC eventually fell to the Chinese powerhouse.
Far from his best
January 25, 2018
Sam H had some good plays for TNC in their match against Evil Geniuses, but they were still eliminated in ESL One Genting. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 6/14/17.
Sam H played his favorite Batrider in the opening game of the series. He lost the laning stage badly and couldn't contest the farm of Arteezy. He eventually got a Blink Dagger and Drums of Endurance at the 17-minute mark. However, in the end his teamfight contribution was sorely lacking since he was only involved in five of his team's 17 kills. In Game 2, Sam H tried his luck with Sand King. He again struggled early and had to wait until 17 minutes to get his Blink Dagger. His initiations were lacking except for that one crucial three-man Burrowed Strike-Epicenter hit that allowed his team to prolong the game.
Continues to struggle in Macau
December 8, 2017
Sam H bad form in MDL Macau continues against OG. The normally reliable off laner finished with a KDA of 1/7/24.
Sam H played Batrider in the important match between the two squads. He had a fairly okay start finding farm against OG's trilane. He eventually bought a 15-minute Blink Dagger. Unfortunately his invitations weren't clean for TNC, as OG often punished him for it. His seven deaths really hurt his progression and his team's chances of winning.
Wins despite rough initiations
December 8, 2017
Sam H wasn't too effective against Infamous, but TNC still picked up the win in MDL Macau. The off laner finished with a KDA of 5/9/18.
Sam H picked his signature Batrider in the matchup against Infamous. He struggled from start to finish for TNC, and it really showed. His initiations were sloppy and he was often killed for it. In one key play in the late game, he even bought back and tried to initiate way behind enemy lines with no followup. It ended up being an unforced die-back from him. He had a few good Flaming Lassos eventually, but it definitely wasn't a memorable performance from him.
Can't follow through on strong Game 1
August 4, 2017
Sam_H started out strong but struggled in Game 2 of TNC's 1-1 series vs iG.Vitality in the group stages of The International 7. He finished with an overall KDA of
In Game 1 Sam_H played Clockwerk. He played very well all game, fulfilling the role of a reliable long-range initiator. His lockdown allowed TNC to chain-stun iG.V's Puck, taking a considerable amount of wind out of iG.V's sails. Sam_H finished with a 5/0/8 KDA. Sam_H played Batrider in Game 2. This was a difficult game for Sam_H. There wasn't a great target for him to use his lasso on, but he had to at least try. Despite TNC playing from behind for a lot of the game, Sam_H's initiations were a large part of what was keeping them in it. He finished with a 4/7/12 KDA.
Supports team to series split
August 2, 2017
Sam H turned it up late as TNC Pro Team split the series 1-1 with Evil Geniuses in the Group Stages of The International 7. Sam H finished the series with a 3/13/25 KDA.
Sticking to Batrider for both games, it took Sam H a little while to actually feel comfortable under the bright TI lights. He came out timid in Game 1, and wasn't really able to play as well as he should until his team was trailing in Game 2. Sam H racked up a team high 20 assists in the win and salvaged the series.
Quiet but effective showing from TNC off lane
June 28, 2017
Sam H played a quiet but effective game for TNC as they defeated Fnatic in The International 7 Qualifiers. The soft-spoken off laner finished with a KDA of 3/2/8.
Sam H took Queen of Pain to the safe lane. Though he is not normally known for that hero, he had some moments with QoP. He had an even early laning stage against Ahjit's Terrorblade. He rotated early and often for his team and dealt a lot of damage for his team with his ultimate. SamH could have done better in the latter stages, however, as he missed some Sonic Waves.
Smooth series from TNC offlane
May 21, 2017
Sam H played an excellent series for TNC as they dominate Newbee in Starladder. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 8/6/33.
SamH had a tough task in the opening series on the Batrider. With a Slark against him, he had to time his Lassos perfectly, but SamH rose to the occasion. His 10-minute Blink Dagger allowed him to provide his team with good vision and initiation early on as he gave uuu9 and the rest of Newbee a terrible time. In Game 2, SamH's Dark Seer was again in the driver's seat. His initiation and farming was spot-on as he was key in TNC's romp over the Chinese favorites.
Great initiation from the Filipino veteran
May 18, 2017
SamH was on point in TNC Pro Team's sweep of Invictus Gaming in Starladder. The off laner finished with a KDA of 12/8/36.
Sam H began the series on the Nyx Assasin. He was on a dual lane early on with 1437's Jakiro as they gave Burning trouble from the start. His rotations were clean as he helped TNC only take fights they were favored to win. In the second game, Sam H's Dark Seer was a thing of beauty. He again contested Burning's farm and was always in the right spot for good Vacuums. His 28 assists were a game-high and the off laner definitely made his presence felt.
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