Johan Astrom 
Throws himself on the fire for nothing
August 20, 2018
pieliedie finished with a brutal 1/14/12 KDA in a loss to Team Serenity at The International 8.
As Bane, pie did his best to try and get into fights and disable anyone that he could but it was just too difficult for him to survive. He had the lowest net worth in the game by almost four thousand gold and melted to random AoE damage in fights. This loss eliminated Fnatic from competition in 13th-16th place.
Weak showing from Fnatic's support
August 18, 2018
pieliedie finished with a 3/20/37 overall KDA in a 2-0 loss to Evil Geniuses in the group stages of The International 8.
In Game 1 pieliedie played Shadow Demon. He struggled all game with no good offensive use for his Disruption other than setting up for Sacred Arrows. He was an easy kill in fights all game and finished with a 1/13/13 KDA. In Game 2 pieliedie played Silencer, but once again struggled to have a lot of impact on the game. EG seemed to have no trouble disengaging when he cast Global Silence and pieliedie finished with a 2/7/14 KDA.
Moves to the grand finals with an impressive win
July 29, 2018
pieliedie finished with an overall KDA of 6/17/33 in two impressive late-game wins vs VGJ.Storm at the Summit 9.
pieliedie played a typical sacrificial support in Game 1. His Shadow Demon played a large role in Fnatic's win despite his impressive 10 deaths. His control and burst setup helped Fnatic a lot in fights. He finished with a 3/10/20 KDA. Game 2 was largely the same for pieliedie, although he did end with three fewer deaths in an even longer game. It was easier for him to survive as Treant Protector, and he also was able to offer a lot of control to Fnatic's fights again. He finished with a 3/7/13 KDA.
Tough series sends Fnatic to the third-place match
May 26, 2018
pieliedie finished a hard 2-1 loss to Optic at ESL Birmingham with an overall KDA of 4/15/27.
Game 1 was rough for pie on Shadow Demon. He died a lot all game, only able to delay his inevitable death with Disruption. His illusions also didn't offer very much this game, with just Phantom Lancer to Disrupt. He finished with a 0/7/3 KDA. pieliedie made it through Game 2 without giving up a single death. Fnatic battered Optic all game, dominating teamfights largely thanks to the chaos and sustain that pie created with all his spells. He finished Game 2 with a 3/0/12 KDA. In Game 3 pie played Ogre Magi but went back to his typical style of dying a lot. He finished Game 3 with a 1/8/12 KDA.
Lifted up by his teammates
May 23, 2018
PieLieDie fought through some struggles as Fnatic defeated Evil Geniuses 1-0 in the group stage of ESL One Birmingham. PieLieDie finished with a 2/11/10 KDA.
It was a rough game for PieLieDie on Ogre Magi. He died a game-high 11 times, accounting for more than half of Fnatic's deaths. Luckily, he was picked up by his teammates as the game progressed. PieLieDie was actually the only member of Fnatic to die in the last 15 minutes of the game, and he will need to get it together if Fnatic wants to make a deep run.
Shut down hard by VGJ.Storm
May 12, 2018
pieliedie finished a rough 2-0 loss to VGJ.Storm at GESC Thailand with a 2/14/13 overall KDA.
In Game 1 pieliedie played Naga Siren. He made some nice moves in the early game alongside DJ's Shadow Shaman, but this success never translated itself into a substantial lead past the lane phase. pieliedie wasn't able to set up for anything with his ultimate, usually forced to use it trying to save someone. He finished with a 1/5/5 KDA. pieliedie played Bounty Hunter in Game 2. He got off to a good start but things started to fall flat shortly after pieliedie got Track online. Fnatic were constantly failing to seal the deal on Track kills, slowly but surely falling behind and losing their ability to catch up. pieliedie finished with a 1/9/8 KDA.
Advances over Liquid to the grand finals
March 24, 2018
pieliedie finished with an overall KDA of 5/20/46 in a 2-0 win against Team Liquid at Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 9.
In Game 1 pieliedie played Rubick. He led his team in deaths, but as is often the case with pie, a majority of these ended up being an overall gain for the Fnatic team. pieliedie's sacrificial playstyle often bites Fnatic in the butt, but this time it provided a lot of key information that let them take and win good fights. pieliedie finished with a 1/11/31 KDA. In Game 2 pieliedie played Visage. Although he once again led his team in deaths, he did finish with two less this time. His time spent alive was well used though. pieliedie did a huge amount of damage in fights for a support, 13,800, and also provided tremendous lockdown with his Familiar stuns. He finished with a 4/9/15 KDA.
Takes on the role of sacrificial support with a bit too much gusto
December 1, 2017
pieliedie struggled against Na'Vi at the Dreamleague Season 8 Major. He finished the series with a 1/29/22 overall KDA. This loss eliminates Fnatic from the event tied for last place.
pieliedie played Ogre Magi in all three games of the series. Although he did his job by spamming Bloodlust on his cores, Game 1 was a pretty difficult game for pieliedie. Although he is known for playing a sacrificial support role, his 13 deaths in this game are kind of pushing the border of what is acceptable. He fed a lot of gold and experience to Na'Vi. He finished with a 0/13/9 KDA. Game 2 in conjunction with Game 1 really showed the two sides of pieliedie's playstyle quite well. When his team is winning, pieliedie's deaths are often to save a carry and prevent a huge gold swing, like in Game 2. In this case, pieliedie dying a lot doesn't matter much because his cores are surviving and getting stronger. He finished Game 2 with a 0/6/9 KDA. In Game 3 pieliedie did pretty much the exact same thing he did in the first two games. He ran around casting Bloodlust on his cores, and dying a lot. Just like in Game 1, his deaths only added more fuel to the snowball of Na'vi and Fnatic soon found themselves eliminated from yet another tournament. He did manage to net himself a single kill this game though, finishing with a 1/10/4 KDA.
Underwhelming performance from Fnatic's support
November 3, 2017
pieliedie finished with an overall KDA of 6/16/38 in Fnatic's 1-2 loss to Virtus.pro at the DotaPit Minor. This loss drops Fnatic to the best-of-one elimination lower bracket.
In Game 1 pieliedie played Winter Wyvern. He landed some very nice Winter's Curses that shut down Virtus.pro's attempts to push into the Fnatic base. Additionally, he ended the game with very few deaths, an unusual and noteworthy feat for a player like pieliedie who often dies a lot even when his team wins. He finished with a 4/3/11 KDA. pieliedie played Winter Wyvern again in Game 2. He was annoying with his spells again, but ultimately not effective enough to turn the tides in this game. He finished with a 0/5/9 KDA. In Game 3 pieliedie played Undying. He put some nice pressure on the lanes in the first 10 minutes of the game, but after Fnatic failed to close out the game quickly pieliedie faded into irrelevance. He finished with a 2/8/18 KDA.
Moves to Fnatic
August 25, 2017
In a release on their website, Fnatic confirmed that pieliedie will be joining the team for the upcoming 2017-2018 competitive season.
pieliedie joined EternaLEnVy and Team NP in May. The team achieved decent results, but most notably they managed to qualify for The International 7. The team was picked up by Cloud9 at that point, but after exiting the event in 13th-16th place the team was dropped. This move to Fnatic clearly means that the old Team NP roster is not coming back, but this new Fnatic roster is a very interesting one.
Excellent supporting in tough loss
August 9, 2017
pieliedie couldn't support his team to a win, as Cloud9 fell to Team Empire in the elimination match at The International 2017. He finished the single-game series with a KDA of 2/8/6.
pieliedie did everything he could as Dazzle to keep his team alive, and although he helped Cloud9 dominate the early game, Team Empire's combinations were too much for him to handle. pieliedie did an excellent job of avoiding Resolut1on's Chronospheres, and was able to extend teamfights much longer with some greatly timed Shallow Graves. Unfortunately Team Empire had too many abilities to lock down pieliedie's carry heroes, and Cloud9 called GG in just over 62 minutes.
Another bitter loss
August 4, 2017
pieliedie finished with a 2/15/19 overall KDA in Cloud9's 0-2 loss to iG in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 pieliedie played Shadow Shaman. He started out strong with some nice kills on Xxs' Tidehunter, but when Cloud9 first failed to push down a lane of iG's base things started to unravel. pieliedie was extremely fragile in fights, and his choice to not go for Blink Dagger left him very immobile. He finished with a 2/6/11 KDA. In Game 2 pieliedie played Night Stalker. Apart from a blind Aegis steal from iG in the late game, pieliedie had a pretty difficult game. He led his team in deaths with nine, and never managed to complete an item beyond a 24-minute Urn of Shadows. He finished with a 0/9/8 KDA.
Finally secures a win, but can't follow it up with a second
August 3, 2017
pieliedie finished with an overall KDA of 3/6/14 in Cloud 9's 1-1 split series vs Virtus.pro in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 pieliedie played Lich. There usually isn't much to say about a Lich performance, but some of the Chain Frosts that pieliedie landed were crucial to Could 9's success in this game. In addition to that, his positioning in fights was nearly flawless, only dying a single time all game. He finished with a 2/1/13 KDA. In Game 2 pieliedie played Io. This was a rough game for pieliedie. It is very tough to play Io from behind, and that's just where Cloud 9 found themselves after the lanes broke down. He finished with a 1/5/1 KDA.
Suffers worst of all in 2-0 loss
August 3, 2017
pieliedie finished Cloud9's 2-0 loss to OG during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 4/13/29
pieliedie played both games as Lich. In Game 1, his aggressive build of Phase Boots and a Shadow Blade did not do his team any favors when push came to shove. In Game 2, despite his more orthodox item build, pieliedie was without a team to support as OG outpaced them from early in the game.
Out of Team Secret, joins Team NP
May 4, 2017
In a post on their Facebook, Team Secret confirmed that pieliedie and the team would be parting ways. Minutes later, a post on Team NP's website was released stating that pieliedie would be joining the team.
pieliedie was the oldest member of Secret, besides the team's captain Puppey. He was a part of the squad who took first place at the Shanghai Major, but roster issues and poor performance plagued Secret since then. Their recent last place finish and loss to SG e-sports at the Kiev Major were the final straw. Pieliedie will be playing support with Team NP, alongside Aui_2000.
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