Timothy Randrup 
Powerless to help his team close out game
August 20, 2018
Tims made a lot of flashy plays but TNC still tumble out of The International 2018. The support finished with a KDA of 1/8/16.
Tims went with his signature Earth Spirit in the elimination match. He was actually roaming a lot early and was underleveled because of it. When he finally got his levels he was hitting multiple hero Boulder Smashes with ease. But in the end, he was powerless to help TNC break TNC's high ground.
Horrible showing from TNC support
August 18, 2018
Tims was out of his element against Secret in The International 2018. The support finished with a KDA of 1/22/19.
Tims picked the Tusk to help out SamH in the offlane during Game 1 of the series. His shenanigans early on led to some kills in TNC's favor. When his team started grouping up, he was always the one starting out the fights for his team. But he was picked off too many times by Secret. Tims switched it up with Nyx Assassin in Game 2. Unfortunately, Tims was off to a bad start, he was killed off by Secret even before the creeps spawned. He helped TNC find some pick-offs in the mid game but the lanes were just too disastrous to salvage.
Decent Game 1 in a quick loss to Liquid
June 4, 2018
Tims finished with an overall KDA of 3/7/15 in a 2-0 loss to Team Liquid at the China Supermajor.
Tims played well on Sand King in Game 1, but he couldn't carry the game on his own. He was hitting some decent stuns but they were mostly being used by TNC as cover to retreat instead of engaging Liquid. Tims finished with a 3/5/12 KDA. In Game 2 Tims played Nyx Assassin. He tried to scout and gain info for his team, but this didn't do much for TNC when they were constantly on the back foot. Tims finished with a 0/2/3 KDA.
Crushes Evil Geniuses' new roster
June 2, 2018
Tims dominated Evil Geniuses in two very impressive Sand King games at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/8/63.
Tims gave TNC access to yet another avenue of initiation in Game 1, creating tons of space in fights. Tims also provided some nice damage with Epicenters, and did a fantastic job living through all the crazy fights in this game. He finished with a 7/4/37 KDA. Tims played another fantastic game in Game 2, making a strong case for Sand King as a first ban vs TNC. His initiation was extremely deadly once again, giving TNC a consistent and reliable edge in fights. He finished with a 1/4/26 KDA.
Collapses against Mineski
May 16, 2018
Tims couldn't keep up with Jabz's shenanigans as TNC were relegated to the Lower Bracket at MDL Changsha. The support finished with a KDA 1/15/19.
Tims was a non-factor in the series opener with his Skywrath Mage. He didn't get a single kill despite having a hero well suited to the job. His gold per minute of 151 was one of the worst performances at the tournament, even for a support. In Game 2, Tims went back to his comfort zone with Naga Siren. Despite having played the hero 18 times in pro matches, Tims looked lost against Mineski. His item progression was really slow and his Song of the Sirens were a 50/50 thing for TNC.
Greedy Naga build did not work out
March 6, 2018
Tims transitioned into a late game carry for TNC but they still lost to Vici Gaming Thunder at the Bucharest Major. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 1/5/9.
Usually, TNC is reliant upon Tims to set up a lot of tempo for their team but not this game on his Naga Siren. He played the greedier path on the hero going for the old-school Radiance instead of the Meteor Hammer. Tims then eventually came to top Raven in terms of net worth but TNC really needed to close the game out earlier.
Nervous performance from TNC support
January 25, 2018
Tims struggled in his matchup against Crit as TNC were eliminated from ESL One Genting. The support finished with a KDA of 4/9/23.
Tims began the series with Clockwerk. His only real use in the early game was giving early souls to Kuku's Shadow Fiend; after that, his rotations felt underwhelming. He failed to pick up a single kill in the game and was even missing some key Hookshots. In Game 2, Tims played a bit better on his Nightstalker. He played a greedier version of himself, buying a Hand of Midas. He eventually got the Aghanim's Scepter and Gem very late in the game. Unfortunately, Tims ended up dying moments later and giving his Gem over to the enemy.
Plays badly on signature hero
December 8, 2017
Tims was outclassed by Jerax in TNC's lost to OG in MDL Macau. The support finished with a KDA of 6/14/22.
Tims played his signature Earth Spirit in the only game of the series. He spent majority of his early game helping Sam H's Batrider. However, despite his efforts Sam H still didn't' get much out of it. He could have been better helping Kuku against Resolution. The fact that his first real item was a 34-minute Glimmer Cape underlined his struggles of the match.
Dictates the tempo for TNC
December 8, 2017
Tims was once again the pacemaker for TNC in their win against Infamous in MDL Macau. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 2/5/27.
Tims' Clockwerk in the lone game really made things happen for TNC. He started things off by drawing First Blood against Papita's Queen of Pain. His 19-minute Drums of Endurance helped his team take early objectives in the game. His Hookshots were impressive and his Cogs really prevented Infamous from ever taking a favorable teamfight.
Dominant Game 1 performance in split series
August 4, 2017
Tims finished with an overall KDA of 10/6/24 in TNC's 1-1 series vs iG.Vitality in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Tims played Nyx Assassin. He did an excellent job scouting out iG.V with his Vendetta invisibility all game, which allowed TNC to take good fights. In addition to providing this valuable tactical information, Tims was a potent source of disable for TNC. Not only did he do all that, but he managed to avoid dying a single time, finishing with a 4/0/13 KDA. Tims played Bounty Hunter in Game 2. He tried to do the same invisible scouting that he did in Game 1, but this time iG.V were prepared for him. His rotations were all met with sentry wards and multiple angry iG.V heroes. Track gave TNC some hope as the game started to slip, but it wasn't enough to keep them in it. He finished with a 6/6/11 KDA.
Good showing despite multiple deaths
June 28, 2017
Tims played a very aggressive game in TNC's win over Fnatic in The International 7 Qualifiers. The spitfire playmaker finished with a KDA of 7/5/9.
Tims was roaming on his Nightstalker in this game. His rotations usually resulted in his death, but the desired impact was definitely achieved. He helped Kuku secure multiple early kills against Qo, which was a big part in their stomp. While Tims was overaggressive at times, he made a lot of space for his team to capitalize on.
A bit of good and bad for TNC's star support
April 28, 2017
Spitfire support player Tims seemed lost in TNC Pro Team's defeat at the hands of Team Faceless. The Earth Spirit specialist finished with a KDA of 9/18/30.
With Earth Spirit falling out of the meta, Tims' limited hero pool became a weakness for the Filipino squad. His Slardar in the opener had some good moments, but he never even got to farm his Blink Dagger as his team lost early badly. His second game on Nyx Assassin was better, but it wasn't great by any means. He provided good vision for his team, but he was caught out of position too often and payed for it with five deaths. His final game on the Ogre Magi was again unfortunate as his early-game rotations were lacking. He was involved in 13 of TNC's 20 kills, so he had some merits.
Shallow hero pool hurts star TNC support
February 28, 2017
Tims was well-scouted by Liquid in TNC's loss to Liquid in Starladder Season 3. One of Southeast Asia's best support was limited to a KDA of 1/16/7.
In Game 1, Tims was on Ogre Magi. He tried to play the hero in his usual early game aggressive style but he could not get his team any kills. His decision to max out Bloodlust first didn't amount to much as his cores were starving for farm and had little to no damage output. His lone kill of the series came against MinD_ContRoL's Beastmaster fairly late on in the game. In the following game Tims went with Io, a hero he isn't particularly known for. He died an appalling ten times and bought his Tranquil Boots 31 minutes in.
Lone bright spark in TNC's struggle
February 24, 2017
Flashy playmaker Tims was TNC's most efficient performer for TNC in their loss to OG in Starladder Season 3. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 4/8/26.
Tims went with Batrider in the series opener. It was an odd pick for a roaming support, but Tims made it work nonetheless. He had an impressive 14-minute Blink Dagger for a support and did much of the heavy lifting for TNC afterwards. His team-high 15 assists underlies how involved the support player was in the match. Unfortunately Tims wasn't as effective in Game 2 on his Nyx Assassin. His Blink Dagger took nearly twice as long to acquire, and his Vendetta rotations didn't result in much.
Strong supporting assists Execration in 2-0 victory
August 3, 2016
Playing two different supporting roles, Tims was instrumental in Execration's 2-0 victory over compLexity Gaming. With solid performances in both games, Tims ended the series with an 8/5/38 KDA.
In Game 1, Tims took a tankier approach to supporting. Playing Earth Spirit, it was quickly apparent that he would have a major impact on the game. After getting an Urn of Shadows, he was able to get 1,200 hero healing which accompanied his strong 10,000 hero damage and a 6/2/21 KDA. Switching to a more standard supporting role, Tims felt like testing his luck on Ogre Magi in Game 2. The game was extremely close, with the gold lead never being larger than 1,500 for the first 15 minutes. Tims' supporting ended up paying dividends, allowing Abed's Meepo to run away with the game, ending with a victory at 27 minutes. Tims had a 2/3/17 KDA. Overall, Tims has a strong performance, and if Execration plans to take out Escape Gaming they will need an equal, if not stronger, performance to keep their International 6 hopes alive.
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