Aliwi Omar 
paiN Gaming
Highly entertaining showing from Pain's star
September 18, 2018
W33 was styling on Infamous in their win at the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers. The Romanian star finished with a KDA of 32/5/22.
W33 started off the series with Invoker. He got a freebie Sunstrike First Blood kill which kicked started his game in a huge way. W33 killed Papita's Lina several times in the laning stage and farmed up an Aghanim's Scepter at the 13-minute mark. He was unstoppable and racked up the game-high 14 kills for Pain. In Game 2, he continued his electrifying form on his Storm Spirit. After a rough laning stage, he still got an 11 minute Kaya to amp up his farm. He was everywhere for Pain as he managed an impressive 18 kills.
Rocky series for paiN's international star
July 28, 2018
w33 had an explosive Game 2 in an otherwise weak 2-1 loss to Let's do it at the Summit 9. He finished with an overall KDA of 30/14/32.
w33 got off to a good start on Broodmother in Game 1 but found himself swiftly and effectively dealt with by LDI. He was unable to take on the LDI cores, and never managed to put on enough building damage pressure to force paiN into a win. He finished with a 9/6/7 KDA. In Game 2 w33 came thundering back with a dominant Ursa performance. He finished a Blink Dagger by eight minutes and from then on it was non-stop domination. He finished the game with a godlike 13/0/10 KDA. In Game 3 w33 played Visage. He made some nice plays all game, but ultimately, he couldn't do enough to pull paiN through in fights. He was very strong for a long time in the game, but LDI were able to eventually get to the point where they could quickly bring down w33. He finished with an 8/8/15 KDA.
Exciting split series vs Optic
July 27, 2018
w33 finished with a 15/14/19 overall KDA in a tense 1-1 series vs Optic at the Summit 9.
In Game 1 w33 played Zeus, dying a lot but pumping out more than enough damage to make up for it. He also gave paiN a large amount of map control, letting them see and remove Optic's wards easily all game. w33 finished with a 9/7/18 KDA. In Game 2 w33 played Ursa. He led his team in kills, but also racked up a lot of deaths again. He suffered greatly in fights, getting kited around with easy by Optic, and finished with an 8/7/1 KDA.
Out of his element
May 26, 2018
W33 didn't show up against Virtus.pro for Pain Gaming as they bow out of ESL One Birmingham. The Romanian mid laner finished with a KDA of 4/18/13.
W33 's Templar Assassin had some early success against his opposing Dragon Knight. But after Rodjer's Clockwerk started rotating to his lane he was forced to hide for multiple waves at a time. He got a bit of space in the mid game however that allowed him to farm up his crucial Black King Bar and Desolator. But w33 still lacked much help from his teammates as they were powerless against VP once they grouped up. W33's Gyrocopter had a horrendous laning stage. He didn't find much creep farm so he decided to gank very early. But VP punished w33's decision to gank and killed him several times. His farm just wasn't there for Pain Gaming as he couldn't help Hfn's Medusa at all in the late game.
Too much for Liquid to handle
May 24, 2018
w33 could not be stopped as paiN Gaming defeated Team Liquid 1-0 in the group stage of ESL One Birmingham. w33 finished with a 12/5/15 KDA.
Right along with hFn, w33 was having his way with all the members of Team Liquid. Playing with the last-picked Templar Assassin, w33 was one kill off the team lead as he killed 12 members of Liquid. As a comparison to show how one-sided the match was, w33 also had 15 assists and Liquid had just 22 kills total. paiN is looking to keep their winning streak alive and set themselves up for a great tourney.
Shut down after an impressive Game 1 comeback
April 27, 2018
w33 looked impressive in Game 1 but couldn't deliver a repeat performance in a 1-2 loss to Virtus.pro at EPICENTER XL. He finished with a 20/20/17 overall KDA.
w33 started the series on his signature Visage. He got crushed in lane thanks to an early courier kill but managed to recover extremely well. His burst damage and control in fights were both extremely strong. w33 also made a lot of very impressive plays that turned the tides of critical fights in paiN's favor. He finished with a 14/10/13. In Game 2 w33 played Visage again. He once again struggled in lane, but this time he wasn't given the space or time to mount a recovery. He quickly became an easy kill, and his familiars didn't fare much better. He finished with a 2/3/1 KDA. In Game 3 w33 played Death Prophet in another extremely one-sided loss for paiN. w33 had a decent lane, but things completely fell apart for paiN very quickly. There was nothing w33 could do in fights up against the much stronger Virtus.pro cores. He finished with a 4/7/3 KDA.
Free Agent
February 5, 2018
PENTA sports support player rMN announced via his Twitter that w33 would be joining PENTA as the new midlaner.
w33 has been floating around in no man's land for a while now and will hopefully help PENTA become a powerful contender in a somewhat fading and lop-sided European scene.
Announces disband and return to mid
November 27, 2017
W33 announced via his personal twitter that Mid or Feed would be disbanding and he would return to playing mid lane.
W33's announcement comes as no surprise due to the poor results earned by Mid or Feed since its inception. With the former TI6 runner-up returning to the middle lane he likely won't be without a team for long.
Free Agent
Announces his new team
August 29, 2017
In a tweet on Tuesday, w33 announced the roster of his new and still unnamed team.
w33 will be playing with Timado, canceL, KheZu, and Saksa. Despite having risen to fame as a middle laner, w33 will be taking the role of position four support. This has been the most important position on a team recently, especially during The International 7. w33 is already a clearly skilled player, but the upcoming season will reveal how well his skills have translated to the support position.
Fades down the stretch
July 24, 2017
w33 finished Planet Odd's 3-2 loss to Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of DreamLeague Season 7 with a final KDA of 50/12/43.
w33 started off red hot and by the end of the series was reduced to little more than ashes. In Game 1 w33 went crazy as Timbersaw in the middle lane. He racked up 27 kills and only died three times as Planet Odd took a convincing Game 1 win. In Game 2, w33's Puck was tied for most kills and second in assists and deaths as Liquid took the second game in a drawn out, low-score affair. In Game 3, w33 tried to stand up to Liquid's Huskar lineup, but it was futile as he finished the game with the only kills for Planet Odd. In Game 4, w33 put together another decent Puck performance, but couldn't seal Liquid away once Miracle's Anti-Mage entered the fray. In Game 5, the wheels finally fell off as w33 played a last-pick, middle lane Windranger. Despite getting the most kills and tower damage on his team, w33's selfish solo plays may have hurt more than they helped.
Tame, but consistently against Team Secret
July 23, 2017
w33 finished Planet Odd's 2-0 victory over Team Secret during the DreamLeague Season 7 Loser's Final with a KDA of 14/8/20.
w33 played Templar Assassin in Game 1 against a dual middle lane of Arc Warden and Spirit Breaker. Misery's constant rotation as Pudge made it so w33 was never in much danger. With the right item choices, w33 was able to easily dispatch MidOne's Arc Warden after the laning stage, helping his team to an easy Game 1 win. In Game 2, w33 played Lina against another dual middle lane, this time of Rubick and Visage. w33 struggled initially, but soon got his feet under him and was able to focus on taking objectives with his team and bursting down Secret's tankier heroes.
Gets the job done despite some tough games
July 22, 2017
w33 had a rough series in a 2-1 Planet Odd win over Team Secret in the DreamHack DreamLeague playoffs. He finished with a 19/20/33 overall KDA.
In Game 1 w33 played Windranger. This has been one of w33's signature heroes for a long time, and he is one of the few players touch the hero these days. This game was a nice example of how effective w33 can be. He was extremely annoying in fights with Shackleshot, and his damage output remained respectable for most of the game. He finished with a 10/3/6 KDA. In Game 2 w33 played Viper. He did well in lane, but in classic Viper fashion he proceeded to lose the game. w33 was annoying in fights, but far from being a threat. He finished the game with a 4/10/11 KDA. In Game 3 w33 played Lina. He had a rough game, serving as a punching bag in most fights to distract Secret from Resolut1on's Arc Warden. Despite this, w33 still performed his role well. His burst damage was effective in most fights, and he created a lot of space for his teammates. w33 finished with a 5/7/16 KDA.
Planet Odd middle lane doesn't bring enough
July 21, 2017
w33 couldn't get much going in Planet Odd's 0-2 loss to Liquid in the Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 7 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 18/14/26.
In Game 1 w33 played Windranger. His game started with a nice lane phase, but he didn't make the transition out of it very well. Liquid struck hard and fast during the time where w33 didn't have the items he needed to be a big damage dealer, and he had a tough time being useful in fights. w33 finished with a 7/6/6 KDA. In Game 2 w33 played Mirana. He got absolutely thrashed in lane, but managed to come back into it through some nice kills and rotations with Moonlight Shadow. w33 opted for a physical damage based build against Liquid's Anti-Mage and Rubick, which served him well but not well enough. He finished with an 11/8/20 KDA.
Consistent high performances in 2-1 win
April 24, 2017
w33 finished Thunderbirds' 2-1 victory over Team Liquid during the Kiev Major group stages with a final KDA of 36/11/34.
In Game 1, w33 played Invoker in the middle lane. Though he farmed well early on, too many deaths in the mid-game spelled doom for w33 and Thunderbirds along with him. In Game 2, w33 played Bristleback. So tanky that he was essentially untouchable, w33 marched his team to victory without recording a single death. In Game 3, w33 played Puck. His high burst damage and excellent initiation served him well as he offered up Team Liquid on a platter for Resolut1on's Morphing.
Can't keep his team's heads above water
February 24, 2017
w33 finished Digital Chaos' 2-0 loss to Wings Gaming during the Starladder i-League main event with a final KDA of 15/9/18.
In Game 1, w33 played Mirana in the middle lane. w33 traded evenly with the opposing Invoker and managed to find his farm, but was unable to crank out the high damage usually seen from Miranas thanks to a lack of initiation and lockdown. In Game 2, w33 played Shadow Fiend. Getting the better of his opposition in the middle lane this time around, w33 was still unable to get the job done for DC. With a disorganized lineup that had little answer to Wings' arsenal of disables, w33 was ill equipped to handle Wings alone.
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