Adriano Machado 
SG e-sports
Never got going for SG
April 14, 2018
4dr seemed out of his element against Natus Vincere in StarLadder. The Brazilian midlaner finished with a KDA of 3/13/2.
4dr is usually a strong driving force for SG esports but his performance in this series was truly unforgettable. He was outclassed by Natus Vincere's Dendi both games of the series. He did show glimpses of quality micro on his Visage game but 4dr needed to do so much more for SG to have a fighting chance.
Shut down by his opponents
November 4, 2017
4dr was powerless against Virtus.pro as SG Esports are eliminated from Dota Pit. The star mid laner finished with a KDA of 3/6/13
4dr's Leshrac in the opening game of the series was the focus of many VP ganks. With the Nightmare into Sacred Arrow combo, 4dr had almost no way of surviving. As the game was getting away from SG, he hit some good Split Earths to give them some momentum. His Bloodstone into Aeon Disk was not the answer that SG needed.
Dominating performance
November 4, 2017
4dr completely dominated Immortals in Dota Pit. The Brazilian star finished with a KDA of 15/2/12.
4dr's Razor in the lone game of the series was effective from the get-go. He outdueled MP's Viper in the mid lane and really took control of the game. His 14-minute Sange and Yasha allowed him to stay in the thick of the fights and maximize Static Link. His 15 kills were a game-high and Immortals just had no answer for him.
Bright spot in a rough matchup
October 26, 2017
4dr could not push his team to a win as SG Esports Team lost 1-0 to Team Liquid in the group stages of ESL One Hamburg. 4dr finished with a 6/2/4 KDA.
In an otherwise destructive matchup for the SG squad, 4dr was the only person to hold his own. Finishing with a respectable six kills to only two deaths, 4dr impressed throughout. However, SG never had a chance of winning this match as they are now facing the possibility of elimination in their next game.
Outduels his opponent
October 12, 2017
4dr outdueled Ori in the midlane to help SG secure their victory against Vici Gaming in Starladder. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 16/5/24.
4dr's opening game on the Dragon Knight was above average. He drew even against Ori's Necrophos in the laning stage and got himself a 13-minute Blink Dagger. He was more impactful than Ori in the game as he often tried to get involved. In Game 2, his Lina again drew even against Ori in the mid lane. While he died a few times early, the hero has excellent comeback mechanics, and 4dr made full use of them.
Two rough games for SG's veteran middle lane
October 12, 2017
4dr finished with a 6/14/11 overall KDA in SG esports' 0-2 loss to Team Liquid at the Starladder iLeague Minor.
In Game 1 4dr played Ember Spirit. He got absolutely slaughtered in this game. He was roamed on constantly in the middle lane, setting him back way too much. He ended the game with the lowest net worth of any core, at 7,800 gold. He finished with a 3/7/5 KDA. In Game 2 4dr played Venomancer. Considering his disastrous Game 1, 4dr did a very good job maintaining his composure into Game 2. Despite his team being behind almost all game, 4dr kept his net worth competitive and usually got his spells off in fights. Despite his best efforts though, SG still came up short. He finished with a 3/7/6 KDA.
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