Aydin Sarkohi 
Questionable performance from Alliance support
October 23, 2018
Insania couldn't find any rhythm to his play against Vici Gaming. The support finished with a KDA of 6/12/11.
Insania played his signature Phoenix in Game 1 of the series. His early rotations managed to help Alliance secure a small lead. But as mid game rolled in his Supernovas lacked the impact to swing things in his team's favor. In Game 2, Insania switched it up with Bane. He managed to secure First Blood against Yang's Pugna. But that was the only good play that came from Insania in Game 2. His pick didn't really pay any dividends for Alliance as they were just heavily stomped by Vici Gaming.
Great warding secures game
September 20, 2018
Insania made a lot of good calls for Alliance in their game against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The support finished with a KDA of 6/5/34.
Insania played Phoenix in the opening game of the series. He managed to outward veteran PPD in many moments of the game. He only died three times, which is highly impressive as a hard support player. In Game 2, he switched it up with Winter Wyvern. His ward game was on point once again and his saving Cold Embraces were a pain for NiP to deal with. Insania also managed to die even fewer times (two) in the deciding game.
Joins Ninjas in Pyjamas
April 20, 2017
Ninjas in Pyjamas announced via their website that iNsania, formerly of ProDota, would be replacing syndereN on the active roster.
Aydin 'iNsania' Sarkohi has not even been involved in the professional scene for just shy of a year, having made his debut on Team Doge with some former HoN teammates shortly before The International 2016. After "team dynamics changed," NiP felt that it would be best to replace syndereN with a younger player with more flexibility and room to grow. The newcomer was excited to be invited to the team by Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu. According to iNsania, "As a Swede, representing Ninja in Pyjamas is a dream come true."
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