Vladimir Nikogosyan 
No flashy plays this time around
August 23, 2018
Rodjer never got going against Evil Geniuses as bowed out of the competition. The usually consistent support just finished with a KDA of 8/16/20.
Rodjer tried his luck with Elder Titan in the first game of the series. His rotations netted him two kills and 11 assists. Unfortunately, some of his Echo Stomps and Earthsplitters simply could not hit the mark as VP needed them to swing fights in their favor. In Game 2, Rodjer switched it up with Winter Wyvern. His early sustain helped VP keep the landing stage close. His Winter's Curses in the mid game lacked the oomph to give his team an advantage in the long and winding teamfights.
Pedestrian performance from the VP support
August 23, 2018
Rodjer wasn't at his best, but still eliminate Optic. The support finished with a KDA of 12/17/47.
Rodjer played the Io in Game 1 of the series. He helped Ramzes secure a decent laning stage but a bad Relocate caused his unnecessary death before the 15-minute mark rolled in. It was an underwhelming Io game for Rodjer since VP were always playing from behind. In Game 2, Rodjer decided to play Dark Willow. He helped secure a good lane for Ramzes. Later on, his crowd control play was perfect for VP. In Game 3, Rodjer stuck with Dark Willow. His early game was forgettable, but he again stepped it up with clutch Terrorize usage once mid game rolled in.
Rocky series
August 18, 2018
RodjER had a rough series, finishing with a 6/14/18 overall KDA in a 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the group stages at The International 8.
In Game 1 RodjER played Earth Spirit. Although the hero has been seeing a noted uptick in popularity, this was not a great game for RodjER. With two of his lanes losing, he had a tough time trying to rotate and find kills. He finished with a 2/8/6 KDA. In Game 2 RodjER played Windranger but didn't find much more success this time. He did help VP put up more of a fight, but there was just no good answer to Vici's Gyrocopter + Io combination in the later stages of the game. RodjER finished with a 4/6/12 KDA.
Excellent Dark Willow performance
August 17, 2018
RodjER played very well in a 2-0 win over Newbee in the group stages at The International 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 13/8/36.
In Game 1 RodjER played Dark Willow, opening up Newbee in fights and letting his team come in and clean them up. His positioning was good all game, keeping his hero alive through critical fights and making sure that he could cast all his abilities. RodjER played Dark Willow again in Game 2, making the hero look too strong to pass up. He once again provided huge damage in addition to some great disables for Virtus pro, proving extremely difficult to fight into.
Rocks Game 1 as Earthshaker
August 15, 2018
RodjER finished's 2-0 victory over OpTic during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 6/3/20
RodjER played an incredible Game 1 as Earthshaker, roughing up Pajkatt's Juggernaut and keeping him from winning the lane. After that he just continued to make play after play to help slowly inch their way back into the game. In Game 2, his Dark Willow was instrumental in holding 33 in check, preventing OpTic from taking another early lead. All in all, RodjER was the driving force behind's victory.
Racks up over 30 kills in two games as support
June 10, 2018
RodjER finished with a bloodthirsty 36/21/41 overall KDA in a 2-1 win over PSG.LGD at the China Supermajor.
RodjER got crushed on Leshrac in Game 1. He had a tough lane and proceeded to get run over along with the rest of He finished with a 5/9/6 KDA. In Game 2 RodjER came back in style on Skywrath Mage. He played extremely well in a tense hour-long game. In the end, RodjER's late-game damage was a huge part of what gave VP the win in the end. He finished with a 17/8/21 KDA and 53,400 damage done. Game 3 was another fantastic Skywrath Mage performance from RodjER. He once again gave VP a tremendous damage edge in fights, finishing with a 14/4/14 KDA.
Sends Optic packing
June 9, 2018
RodjER played well in a convincing 2-0 win vs Optic at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 3/14/40 overall KDA.
RodjER added another excellent game to his list of Sand King performances. He played well in fights, using his mobility to set up multiple hero stuns into Epicenters. He did die a lot, but it was usually after popping all his damage and stunning into the middle of Optic's team. He finished with a 3/8/21 KDA. Despite not getting a single kill in Game 2, RodjER's Rubick was extremely effective all game. There were some great spells to steal, and RodjER was able to spend most of the game with either Purification Burrowstrike or sometimes even Guardian Angel. He finished with a 0/6/19 KDA.
Comes back to take the series after a rough Game 2
June 5, 2018
RodjER finished a 2-1 win vs Newbee at the China Supermajor with an overall KDA of 9/17/36.
RodjER played Skywrath Mage in Game 1, dealing huge damage to Newbee. His positioning in fights was very good, with three of his four deaths coming in lane. He finished with a 5/4/15 KDA. In Game 2 RodjER had a rough time on Sand King. He died a lot in the mid-game, setting back his Blink Dagger timing until around 23 minutes. By that point Newbee had already secured a comfortable advantage, and RodjER wasn't able to successfully initiate. He finished with a 1/10/7 KDA. RodjER played Sand King again in Game 3, redeeming his earlier performance. He moved around the map extremely well with his team, racking up a huge early lead that VP were able to snowball to a quick win. RodjER finished with a 3/3/14 KDA.
Shines with the next level playmaking
May 26, 2018
Rodjer was on another level against Pain Gaming at ESL One Birmingham. The flashy support finished with a KDA of 9/8/54.
Rodjer got the kills after drawing First Blood against Tavo's Brewmaster. He kept the ball going with constant aggression against Tavo with more successive kills against Pain's offlaner in the laning stage. His Hookshots throughout the game were perfect and he was always at the right place at the right time for the CIS squad. In Game 2, Rodjer played Elder Titan to support Ramzes in the safelane. He continued his impressive Game 1 right off the bat drawing First Blood against Kingrd's Clockwerk. In Game 2, Rodjer played the roaming Elder Titan. He got involved early in the mid lane and safe lane securing kills for both Ramzes and No[o]ne. In the late game, his Echo Stomps were the nail in the coffin against Pain Gaming.
Takes over the game on Chen
May 24, 2018
RodjER finished with a 4/2/14 KDA against Optic at ESL Birmingham.
This was the second time has broken out Chen for RodjER at ESL Birmingham, and it has looked extremely scary. Paired with No[o]ne's Death Prophet in both games RodjER was able to easily take control of the early game, snowballing kills into towers which in turn just increased the lead even more.
Early pressure leads to a quick win
May 24, 2018
RodjER finished a dominant win over OG at ESL Birmingham with a 2/1/16 KDA.
RodjER's Chen was very effective against OG. He put a huge amount of pressure onto the bottom lane in the early game, both securing Ramzes' game and shutting down both N0tail and Fly. RodjER was able to quickly help his team snowball this advantage into tower pushes and run down OG in just 25 minutes.
Excellent saves keep Virtus pro in the game
May 5, 2018
RodjER was great on Tusk in a narrowly won best-of-one elimination game vs Mineski at EPICENTER XL. He finished with a 3/9/14 KDA.
Although he probably didn't enjoy dying all the time trying to save his teammates, it was a critical part of's eventual comeback win. In many cases, RodjER was able to trade his life directly to ensure that one of his cores survived.
Undefeated streak on Sand King climbs to 14 wins in a row
May 2, 2018
RodjER dominated Secret in a 2-0 win at EPICENTER XL. He finished with a 2/9/26 overall KDA.
In Game 1 RodjER played a fantastic Sand King. His positioning all game was on point, and he was able to constantly weave through fights providing huge disables and damage. He finished with a 1/2/12 KDA. RodjER played Sand King again in Game 2, delivering a repeat of his extremely impressive Game 1. Since his time on, RodjER hasn't lost a single game on Sand King, and this doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. He finished with a 1/7/14 KDA.
Entertaining series from's hotshot support
April 29, 2018
RodjER finished a 2-1 win against Newbee at EPICENTER XL with an overall KDA of 10/24/51.
RodjER began the series on Earth Spirit, moving around the map in the early game and helping his teammates win their lanes. In the mid and later stages of the game, he was a critical component of's teamfight. He not only provided some great stuns, silences and damage but was also the main Lifestealer vessel for Ramzes. RodjER finished with a 1/7/18 KDA. In Game 2 RodjER played Pudge, landing some nice hooks but unable to make enough of a late-game difference to stand up to Newbee's lineup. He finished with a 6/13/17 KDA. In Game 3 RodjER played Sand King. His initiation all game was extremely good. Although he died in a few fights, he was always able to inflict huge damage with his spells and keep people locked down for his team to follow up. He finished with a 3/4/26 KDA.
Shows off his chops on Pudge in Game 2
April 27, 2018
RodjER played a solid series after throwing Game 1 in a 2-1 win against paiN Gaming in the group stages of EPICENTER XL. He finished with a 6/23/54 overall KDA.
In Game 1 RodjER played Slardar. His early game went decently, but he died five times in a row while close to Blink Dagger. After he got it, lost a pair of disastrous engagements that completely threw away their early lead. RodjER ended up with a 1/12/19 KDA. RodjER played Pudge in Game 2, getting a chance to style on paiN in a very quick and one-sided win. RodjER did die a lot, but he set up so many kills and saves that it was more than worth it. After the early lane phase any hook was an easy kill, snowballing to an easy win. He finished with a 5/6/11 KDA. In Game 3 RodjER played Io. He was once again the person on the team to die the most, but he buffed up the rest of so much that they were able to overwhelmingly win every fight. He finished with a 0/5/24 KDA in a second crushing victory for
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