Sameul Svahn 
Gambles did not pay off
October 23, 2018
Boxi took too many uncalculated risks for Alliance as they are dominated by Vici Gaming. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 5/16/4.
Boxi's Brewmaster had a favourable match up against Paparazzi's Terrorblade. While he gave up First Blood, he continued the pressure and slowed down Paparazzi's farm quite a bit as he killed him a couple of times. But without a Black King Bar, he couldn't cast Primal Split against the Global Silences. Boxi switched it up with Monkey King in Game 2. He couldn't replicate his laning success in Game 1 as Paparazzi just feasted on his MK.
Steps it up in a huge way
September 20, 2018
Boxi had a stellar showing in the offlane for Alliance. The rising star finished with a KDA of 20/5/18.
Boxi managed to win the offlane for Alliance with his Brewmaster. He got the early level advantage against Fata's Mirana and he just went ham from there. His micro with Primal Split created a lot of problems for NiP. While his Blink Dagger was on the slow side at 18 minutes, his impact wasn't affected by it in the slightest In Game 2, he switched it up with Abaddon. His decision to pick up the nerfed Helm of the Dominator worked out wonderfully as he managed to pressure towers early and often for Alliance.
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