Yang Shenyi 
Played nerfed heroes with ease
September 17, 2018
Chalice had a rough series but PSG.LGD still pull through against Aster in the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 14/12/22.
Chalice played Enchantress in the offlane despite several nerfs in the latest patch. He managed to do okay in lane against Xxs's Pugna. Chalice, however, did create a lot of space with his six deaths. LGD capitalized on Chalice's space as they edged out Aster. In Game 2, Chalice played Necrophos. He created a lot of problems early on against Sylar's Clinkz. His decision to get a quick Blade Mail put Aster in awkward scenarios during team fights that helped LGD overturn their early game deficit.
Makes his presence felt with minimal farm
August 22, 2018
Chalice was instrumental in LGD's win against Liquid in The International 2018. The young offlaner finished with a KDA of 14/4/19.
Chalice played Tiny in the offlane for the series opener. He was denied a good laning stage by Kuroky and Matumbaman. But smart rotations got him a crucial triple kill in the top lane. Chalice managed a lot of good initiations, even displacing Liquid with his Toss Backs. He once again played Tiny in Game 2. His Blink Dagger was unfortunately delayed due to his rough start, but it didn't really matter as Chalice was still effectively making plays across the map.
Quiet but very effective showing
August 18, 2018
Chalice was a silent killer for PSG.LGD as they sweep Mineski in The International 2018. The unorthodox offlaner finished with a KDA of 18/7/26.
Chalice brought Weaver to the offlane in the series opener. He pressured Mushi's Wraith King effectively as Mineski's captain barely had any farm in the laning stage. Chalice even went with Diffusal Blade to make sure that Mushi was never going to get Reincarnation of. In Game 2, Chalice went back to his signature Lycan. He was constantly shoving the lanes with good timings on both Helm of the Dominator and Necronomicon. His 13,900 Tower Damage was the highest in the game.
Bullied in Game 2
August 17, 2018
Chalice finished PSG.LGD's 2-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 2/8/10.
Chalice played a solid Game 1 as Weaver, doing everything he could to avoid needless deaths and push down objectives. However, Maybe died enough to cover everyone else on LGD and Evil Geniuses were singular in their focus, immune to Chalice's distractions. In Game 2 Chalice was so bullied in Lane as Sand King that he had to turn over the lane to fy's Dark Willow. The AOE and range of s4's Weaver and Fly's Undying were too powerful. Chalice managed a 19-minute Blink Dagger, one kill and 12 deaths before the game ended at just over 36 minutes.
Crippled by Game 2 draft
August 17, 2018
Chalice finished PSG.LGD's 1-1 draw with Team Liquid during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 12/6/11.
In Game 1, Chalice's Enchantress was a standout, delivering 19 kills and 19 assists on the way to a quick victory over Liquid's early game lineup. In Game 2, Chalice was tasked with playing a safe lane, last pick Ursa against Miracle's Mirana and MATUMBAMAN's Broodmother. Not only was Ursa an ill-fitting pick for this matchup but he was also continually kited by Miracle, for whom they had no lock down. In a match that should have been winnable its hard to blame Chalice, who did everything he could.
Ends the series on a harsh low note
June 10, 2018
Chalice started out strong but struggled in the final two games of a close 2-1 loss to at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 13/26/37 overall KDA.
Chalice played a good Beastmaster in Game 1. In teamfights he was usually able to survive through most of it, getting his spells off and making sure his teammates got to fight with his attack speed aura. He finished with a 6/5/11 KDA. In Game 2 Chalice played Doom. He did a great job in the mid-game using Doom to shut down VP's teamfight by denying a key ability from one of the cores. He finished with a 6/6/18 KDA in a rough hour-long loss. In Game 3 Chalice had a miserable time on Beastmaster. He got destroyed by VP, leading the server in deaths with a whopping 15. He finished with a 1/15/8 KDA.
Was a bane to the enemy carry
June 3, 2018
Chalice had a solid series for LGD in their win against Infamous at the China Supermajor. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 14/10/44.
Chalice did his job of denying the enemy carry a good laning stage perfectly throughout the series. In Game 1, his Brewmaster was just spamming Drunken Haze on Kotaro Hayama's Luna to keep him from taking crucial last hits early. Once he got his Primal Split, he was always making sure that LGD were fighting with the numbers advantage as one Infamous hero was always up in the air. In Game 2, his Clockwerk found less farm early than his Brewmaster but it didn't matter. He was always being a nuisance for Infamous and his Hookshot initiations got him involved in 36 of his team's 44 kills.
Continues to be the offlane wonder kid
April 3, 2018
Chalice was all over the map for LGD in their win against Evil Geniuses at the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The young offlaner finished with a KDA of 11/12/31.
Chalice played Clockwerk in the offlane in Game 1 of the series. He easily shrugged off his poor laning stage to get himself involved with his perfect Hookshot initiations. Chalice was involved in 28 of his team's 35 kills in a very gallant performance from the young star. In Game 2, Chalice played his signature Underlord. He went for the typical utility build with Underlord but it was his Dark Rifts that really gave EG problems. He automatically used his ultimate defensively whenever the Nightstalker's Darkness would go off and EG could not fight the engagements that they wanted.
Couldn't step up his game
March 31, 2018
Chalice had a poor showing against Optic in LGD's defeat at the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The young offlaner finished with a KDA of 0/6/3.
Chalice's struggles on his Tiny started from the laning phase. He couldn't secure a last hit to save his life against Pajkatt's Terrorblade. He still got a respectable 13-minute Blink Dagger but it never really paid dividends for him. With his team expected to fight four on five, he really needed to have a better showing. He did manage to steal the Aegis of the Immortal from Optic in the endgame but it was still too little, too late for Chalice.
Hard series for LGD's new offlane
February 21, 2018
Chalice got his bell rung by Secret in a 0-2 loss at ESL One Katowice. He finished with an overall KDA of 3/15/17.
Chalice played Omniknight in Game 1, but was ineffective at keeping his team alive. He had a tough time in lane, and then continued to get picked off as the game went on. Underleved and underfarmed, Chalice was an easy kill for Secret in fights despite his powerful spells. He finished with a 1/5/1 KDA. Game 2 was even rougher for Chalice. He had a decent time in lane, but after 10 minutes he started dying extremely often. This seriously hurt his item progression, with his Force Staff coming 12 minutes after Blink Dagger and leaving him starved for levels. He finished with a 2/10/16 KDA.
Good game from LGD's newest member
February 20, 2018
Chalice finished with a 4/4/13 KDA in a nice win over Evil Geniuses at ESL One Katowice.
Despite his inexperience on the pro scene, Chalice played very well against EG. He was heavily focused in fights and gave up a few deaths, but overall his positioning was good and he was able to deal a lot of damage in fights.
Rough international debut for young LGD offlaner
February 1, 2018
Chalice struggled against reigning The International champions Team Liquid in Starladder. The young offlaner finished with a KDA of 7/11/23.
Chalice kicked off the series with Underlord in the offlane. He lost his laning stage match up against Mind_Control's Beastmaster. He bought a 15-minute Force Staff to help his team take fights better, and it was semi-successful. However, his lack of defensive items meant he couldn't frontline properly for his team, and LGD struggled for it. In Game 2, Chalice played Omniknight and won his lane this time around. He went for an early Phase Boots and used it to bring the fight to Liquid. Unfortunately, his lack of defensive items once again proved to be a bad omen for LGD, as they could not take a fight against Liquid without taking severe casualties.
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