Yap Jian Wei 
Falls flat in the final game of the series
June 10, 2018
xNova finished a very close 2-1 loss to Virtus.pro at the China Supermajor with an overall KDA of 9/23/44.
xNova played very well on Vengeful Spirit in Game 1. He managed to pull off the difficult feat of saving his team and setting up for fights but also staying alive. He finished with a 3/2/20 KDA. He played well again in Game 2, on Bane this time, but was defeated in a grueling hour-long game. xNova did a great job even in the ultra-late game when supports generally fall off, but as long games often do it came down to a single fight in the end. He finished with a 6/9/16 KDA. xNova went back to Vengeful Spirit in Game 3 but it didn't go nearly as well as it did in Game 1. This time he was playing the hero from behind and was left to die whenever he used swap. He finished with a 0/12/8 KDA.
Outmatched by Puppey
February 21, 2018
xNova had a tough time against Secret in a 0-2 loss at ESL One Katowice. He finished with an overall KDA of 2/15/17.
In Game 1 xNova played Rubick. This was a relatively unimpactful game from xNova. He found a couple of nice kills, but never managed to get off any Spellsteals that made Secret fear him. He finished the game with a 1/6/5 KDA. Game 2 was equally rough for xNova, on Jakiro this time. There was much more fighting in this game, and xNova died very often when the two teams clashed. His disables and damage were pretty good, but he was such an easy kill that he was rarely able to get them off when it mattered most in the late game. He finished with a 1/9/12 KDA.
Pushes his way to a quick win at ESL One Katowice
February 20, 2018
xNova's Chen was excellent against Evil Geniuses. He finished with a 2/4/13 KDA.
xNova's early movements around the map all went very well, especially in the middle lane. This set up Maybe's Dragon Knight for an incredible game, and allowed xNova to push towers with even more speed. With the power of his creep auras, LGD were unstoppable once they got rolling on EG's objectives.
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