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Brief time with Na'Vi comes to an end
May 14, 2018
In an announcement on its website, Na'Vi confirmed that LeBron will be released from the team's roster.
According to the release, the decision follows several weeks of poor results since adding LeBron to the roster. Apart from qualifying to ESL One Birmingham, Na'Vi had little to no success since LeBron joined the team. LeBron will be replaced by Velheor, another relatively untested player from the CIS scene. LeBron has rejoined his old Elements Pro Gaming squad alongside Swiftending, BoraNija, Mitch and dnz.
The final piece of the new Na'Vi roster
February 5, 2018
In a release on its website, Na'Vi announced that LeBron would be taking the fifth spot on the new Na'Vi roster.
LeBron has played as a stand-in for Na'Vi in the past, but never for another top-tier team in any region. Always a strong player in qualifier teams or lower tier competition, LeBron comes as a solid choice to complete the Na'Vi roster alongside the team's new addition of Lil. The new roster's first competition will be the upcoming qualifiers for the Dota 2 Asia Championships.
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