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Can't keep up with the rising stars
June 1, 2018
Dendi wasn't much of a factor for Natus Vincere in their loss against Newbee at the China Super Major. The veteran finished with a KDA of 10/10/20.
Dendi struggled from the get-go against Newbee with his Queen of Pain. He never got going against Sccc's Lina. His 13-minute Veil of Discord was terribly slow and he didn't get the QoP snowball game that he needed. In Game 2, Dendi's Gyrocopter didn't have much of a better showing. His 29-minute Black King Bar was 10 minutes too late and he couldn't survive long enough in teamfights to be a factor for Na'Vi.
Outdueled 4dr with ease
April 14, 2018
Dendi stepped up his game tenfold against SG esports in their elimination match at StarLadder. The veteran mid laner finished with a KDA of 13/1/25.
Dendi dying only once was an incredible feat in the important series for Natus Vincere. He thoroughly outplayed 4dr in the laning stage in the two wins. His Shadow Fiend was good but it was his Puck in Game 2 that stole the show. He initiation was clean and he kept getting out of sticky situations that gave SG a lot of headaches.
Solid showing, but not enough from Na'Vi icon
February 21, 2018
Dendi had a solid performance against Newbee's Sccc, but Natus Vincere were still eliminated at ESL Katowice 2018. The Dota 2 icon finished with a KDA of 9/9/7.
Dendi kicked off the series with his favorite Queen of Pain, notable this was Dendi's 150th game on the hero. He didn't have a good matchup against Sccc's Dragon Knight but still found the farm for an 11-minute Veil of Discord. His rotations resulted in some kills, but his effectiveness quickly waned as the game went on. In Game 2, he played a less snowball-dependent hero with Death Prophet. His early game was mostly spent on farming, but he did make a few rotations that surprised Newbee. Dendi managed the most hero damage for his team at 16,000, but they really lacked the crowd control to finish anyone of.
Played well but couldn't carry by himself
January 24, 2018
Dendi showed some glimmers of hope, but ultimately couldn't deliver in a 0-2 loss to Liquid at ESL One Genting. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/11/14.
Dendi played Shadow Fiend in Game 1. He played a great early game, dominating his lane with help from his supports. Unfortunately for Na'Vi, Dendi's lane was the only one to go so well, and Dendi couldn't carry the game by himself against Liquid. Dendi finished with a 6/3/6 KDA. Dendi took up Shadow Fiend again in Game 2, but had a much worse time. This time he died a lot in lane, and wasn't able to be such a powerhouse going into the mid game. This made Na'Vi much weaker in fights as opposed to Game 1, where Dendi at least gave them a fighting chance. He finished with a 5/8/8 KDA.
Slow start but an explosive finish
January 23, 2018
Dendi finished a win against Evil Geniuses at ESL One Genting with an impressive 9/1/11 KDA.
It took Dendi a while to get his basic items and levels up, but once he did Dendi was able to take over the game with his overwhelming damage. With so much control on his team, it was easy for Dendi to hang back and pump out massive damage to EG.
Scrappy game from the veteran
December 8, 2017
Dendi had an okay game but Natus Vincere still lose to Virtus Pro in MDL Macau. The veteran mid laner finished with a KDA of 10/5/5.
Dendi went with Templar Assassin in the CIS matchup. He lost early on against no[o]ne's Death Prophet. The Soul Siphon easily chewing through his Refraction really made it difficult for Dendi. He was back after a few stacks by Sonneiko though and got a 13-minute Desolator. He stayed on top of the net-worth chart for his team, but he really had a tough time bursting through anyone with Lil's clutch Cold Embraces.
Dreamleague run ended in two decisive losses
December 2, 2017
Dendi finished with a 5/6/6 overall KDA in a disappointing 0-2 loss to Evil Geniuses at the DreamLeague Season 8 Major. Na'Vi is eliminated from the event, finishing in fourth place.
In Game 1 Dendi played Viper. This wasn't a great showing from Dendi, who's success often dictates the fate of Na'Vi in their games. His lane went OK, but he didn't have much momentum going into the mid-game. This left Na'Vi lacking in their teamfight damage, which quickly snowballed out of control. Dendi finished with a 2/4/2 KDA. In Game 2 Dendi played Zeus. Things started out great for Dendi. He dominated his lane with help from RodjER's Undying, but Na'Vi failed to follow through on their huge early lead. Once they fell behind, Dendi became a lot more fragile and had to play a much more passive game. He finished with a 3/2/4 KDA.
Solid performance against Fnatic
December 1, 2017
Dendi finished with an overall KDA of 20/12/25 against Fnatic at the Dreamleague Season 8 Major.
In Game 1 Dendi played Viper. This wasn't a very flashy game from Na'Vi's star middle lane, but he more than got the job done for his team. He was a large damage threat in teamfights, and was a pretty effective building hitter when GeneRaL's Pugna was dead. Dendi finished with an 8/5/13 KDA. In Game 2 Dendi played Storm Spirit. He never really got the momentum or space that Storm needs to succeed. After a decent lane phase Dendi struggled to take part in fights and survive. Also, Fnatic's heroes were all much to durable for him to find any solo kills. This seriously hampered his ability to deal damage and scale. He finished with a 6/4/6 KDA. In Game 3 Dendi played Templar Assassin. He played a very good game despite falling in behind Crystallize as second chair. Dendi found himself the focus of a lot of attention in the early and mid game. This did succeed in slowing down Dendi, but it was a large part of what allowed his teammates to have such a good game. Dendi finished with a 6/3/6 KDA.
Struggles Yet Again
October 20, 2017
Dendi had a pedestrian series for Natus Vincere in their match against Mineski at the PGL Minor. The fan-favorite finished with a KDA of 12/14/12.
Dendi kicked off the series with Lina in the mid lane. He won the early game against Nana's Mirana. He used the momentum to pick up a solid 14-minute Bloodstone. But when mid game rolled in, Dendi was picked off often and his Bloodstone charges quickly went down the drain. In Game 2, his Magnus was more effective. He went for the damage-focused Echo Sabre, but his damage done in the game was lacking. He did make up for it with good Reverse Polarities later on, but his itemization could definitely have been smarter. In Game 3, Dendi was on his signature Queen of Pain. He had a good laning stage where he was free farming in the mid lane. However, the space wasn't translated into a snowball for Dendi.
Came back in style from a devastating Game 1 loss
October 13, 2017
Dendi finished with an overall KDA of 11/14/38 in Na'Vi's 2-1 win over Team Secret at the Starladder iLeague Minor in Kiev.
In Game 1 Dendi played Razor. He was a complete non-factor in this game, putting on perhaps the worst middle lane performance of Starladder so far. Not only did he lose lane, but Dendi was totally ineffective in fights as the game went on. He finished with a 0/8/2 KDA. In Game 2 Dendi played Lina. This was a complete 180 from his performance in Game 1. Thanks to some help from RodjER and Sonneiko, Dendi was able to dominate the middle lane. He finished a 14-minute Bloodstone and proceeded to roll over Secret in just under 30 minutes. He finished with an 8/2/10 KDA. In Game 3 Dendi played Ancient Apparition middle. He got off to a hot start, but as the game went on he started to fall off extremely quickly. He kept himself relevant though thanks to how powerful his Ice Blasts were against both Alchemist and Timbersaw. His late-game Refresher Orb was integral in Na'Vi's win. He finished with a 3/4/26 KDA.
Way past his prime
June 7, 2017
Natus Vincere stalwart Dendi couldn't get going as his team fell to LGD.FY in Epicenter. The iconic player finished with a KDA of 11/11/7.
Dendi kicked off the series with his Tinker. He had a good laning stage against Super and got himself a 12-minute Boots of Travel, but it lead him to be over aggressive with his plays which his opponents often heavily punished. Despite the loss, Dendi managed the highest last hits and damage done in the game. In Game 2, his Lina was more efficient and contained. He didn't fare as great in the early stages, but his decision making resulted in a positive KDA this time around.
Not what he once was
March 11, 2017
Dendi finished Natus Vincere's 1-0 loss to Virtus.Pro during the round robin phase of the CIS Regional Qualifiers for the Kiev Major with a final KDA of 4/6/7.
Maybe it's his age, maybe it's his supporting cast, maybe the scene has caught up to him, maybe it's all three. But whatever the reason, one fact is clear, Dendi is just not the same electric player day in and day out. Playing the popular Invoker in the middle lane, Dendi struggled from the start. Looking to build immediately into team fighting, Dendi's early Aghanim's and delayed Blink Dagger did him no favors. Limited in his damage and mobility made him a fragile target and he was incapable of dazzling like the Dendi of old.
Uncharacteristically uninvolved
February 8, 2017
Dendi finished Natus Vincere's 2-0 loss to Team Secret during the Dota2 Asia Championships European Qualifiers with a final KDA of 12/3/14.
In Game 1, Dendi played Queen of Pain in the middle lane. Having no need to force the issue with MidOne's Medusa, Dendi was free to farm and gank as he pleased. Dendi was oddly not hyper aggressive, often choosing to prioritize escaping an engagement gone awry instead of snagging a kill. Though Dendi finished the game without any deaths, he was mostly uninvolved with any team effort. In Game 2, Dendi gathered himself as Magnus. Facing off in the middle lane against MidOne's Invoker, Dendi managed to hold his own and still come up with decent farm and item timings. Lacking synergy with his carry hurt the team immensely. Na'Vi had Chronosphere and Reverse Polarity to make big plays, but nobody to follow up and truly deal the big damage.
Shows that he can still run with the best of them
February 6, 2017
Dendi showed flashes of brilliance in Na'Vi's loss to B)ears in the Dota Asia Championship EU Qualifiers. The popular mid laner finished with a KDA of 15/9/12.
In the series opener, Dendi went with the niche pick Templar Assassin in the mid lane. The plan was for the hero to synergize with Dazzle and Weaver with the minus armor. It worked in the early game where Dendi got to utilize his hero's potential as he picked up a 10-minute Blink Dagger and 16-minute Desolator on his way to eight kills. But once B)ears started grouping up more, things would fall apart very quickly for Dendi and Na'Vi. In Game 2, Dendi went with a personal favorite of his in Shadow Fiend. But this time around, his early game was not as dominating. He was bullied by the B)ear support duo and never got going. Na'Vi are swept by the B)ears and Dendi finished with a 7/7/7 statline in lopsided match.
Average series from Na'Vi's star mid laner
October 26, 2016
Dota icon Dendi posted average numbers in the Dota 2 El Clasico. Dendi just posted a KDA of 15/9/19.
Dendi got the Mirana on the first game, but despite picking up an 18-minute Aghanim's Scepter, he never really got going. His item build was awkward and his decisions in-game to push towers more instead of fighting ultimately led to Na'Vi's demise. In the second game he went more proactive with the Phantom Assassin at the mid lane. He made his presence felt around the map and managed to pick up 10 kills and get Na'Vi the victory.
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