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Crumbles in debut
June 1, 2018
Velheour had a rough debut for Natus Vincere at the China Super Major. The young support finished with a KDA of 7/14/26.
Velheour kicked off the series with Rubick. He couldn't really do anything for Na'Vi with his rotations as he couldn't pick up a kill to help his team out. He managed 12 assists with overall but it was still a very forgettable game for the young gun. Velheour's Game 2 on Tusk was a lot more impactful for Na'Vi. His rotations early on allowed Natus Vincere to keep the game close against Newbee. He even had a few Snowball saves that turned it around for Na'Vi in the mid game. But despite all of his heroics, Na'Vi would still eventually succumb to Newbee's superiority.
Newest entry in Na'Vi's revolving roster door
May 14, 2018
In an announcement on its website, Na'Vi announced that velheor will be joining the squad to replace LeBron.
The move comes after weeks of continued poor results for Na'Vi since the addition of LeBron. velheor is at this point an unknown player in the international scene. He previously played for SFT esports as well as a number of assorted CIS mix teams. This move will also shift Lil to position five, while velheor takes up the four role. Whether this move is enough to revitalize an extremely stagnant Na'Vi roster remains to be seen.
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