Arif Anwar 
United States
Forward Gaming
Game-swinging plays from VGJ.Storm support
August 22, 2018
MSS helped VGJ.Storm swing many fight in his team's favor. The support finished with a KDA of 8/7/29.
MSS played Winter Wyvern in Game 1 of the series. He was constantly at the right place at the right time with his heals and Winter's Curses. His 18 assists was the second highest in the game. In Game 2, MSS shifted to the Phoenix pick. He made up for his forgettable laning stage with good plays in the mid game. His Supernova placements were nearly perfect as Winstrike struggled to take it out.
Couldn't remain consistent in the clutch
August 21, 2018
MSS was underwhelming against OG in their crucial match-up at The International 2018, finishing with a 9/16/31 KDA.
MSS kicked off the series with Earth Shaker in the series opener. He spent most of his early game doing poke damage against OG while working towards his Blink Dagger in the jungle. His 17-minute Blink Dagger was still a good timing that allowed his team to take control of the first half of the game. He focused on taking out Ana but wasn't all too successful in his job as OG eventually came back from a 13,000 networth lead. MSS took his chances with the roam-reliant Earth Spirit in Game 2. He couldn't secure Resolution's farm with his harassment. His rough game summarized how behind the meta Earth Spirit is these days.
Can't close out the series with Techies pick
July 29, 2018
MSS played an interesting series in a 2-0 loss to Fnatic at the Summit 9.
In Game 1 MSS played Crystal Maiden. He got off some pretty nice ultimates but was eventually just overwhelmed by Fnatic once Black King Bars started coming out. He was helpless against the mass magical immunity and finished with a 3/7/14 KDA. In Game 2 MSS went for Techies, turning the game into a chaotic mess. Although he made some nice plays with his mines and suicide, Fnatic were able to play around him well enough to take the game. MSS finished with a 7/10/11 KDA.
Comes through in both games
July 26, 2018
MSS played a good series in a 2-0 win vs Optic at the Summit 9. He finished with an 18/14/40 overall KDA.
In Game 1 MSS played Tusk. He made some nice saves with Snowball, but MSS was most effective for his disables and chasing power this game. He finished with a 6/6/22 KDA. In Game 2 MSS played Pudge, tossing out hooks and constantly keeping Optic on their toes. Even though he missed a lot of hooks, all it takes is one for Pudge to have huge impact. MSS hit quite a few good ones, putting VGJ.S in a commanding position. He finished with a 12/8/18 KDA.
Underwhelming series from VGJ.Storm's support
June 3, 2018
MSS finished with an overall KDA of 12/20/35 in a 2-0 loss to Team Secret at the China Supermajor.
MSS played Vengeful Spirit in Game 1. He looked very strong when VGJ.S were ahead early on but fell off hard as the game dragged on close to an hour. He finished with a 6/10/21 KDA. In Game 2 MSS played Night Stalker. He did his best to make plays, but this was an uphill battle from practically minute one. MSS was still able to find quite a few kills, participating in 20 of his team's 23 total kills. He finished with a 6/10/14 KDA.
Two strong games from the support position
May 12, 2018
MSS looked good in both games of a 2-0 win against Fnatic at GESC Thailand. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/8/29.
MSS played a great Keeper of the Light in Game 1. He farmed up an extremely quick Aghanim's Scepter by 16 minutes, and from there it was all VGJ.S all the way. There was nothing that Fnatic could do to fight into MSS' overwhelming vision and healing advantage. He finished with a 5/2/10 KDA. In Game 2 MSS played Io. He had a rough game personally, but he made his teammates so much more difficult to bring down in fights. Relocate also added some much deadly global presence to counter Fnatic's Tinker, rounding out the VGJ.S lineup very well. MSS finished with a 2/6/19 KDA.
Major bound after an impressive qualifier run
April 26, 2018
MSS supported his team to a convincing 2-0 win against VGJ.Storm in the China Dota 2 Supermajor qualifiers. He finished with a 3/6/19 overall KDA.
MSS played Io in Game 1. He went for a bit of an unconventional item build, getting more gold and experience than a typical Io. This let him play much more aggressive and be with his cores in fights, giving VGJ.Storm maximum value from his Tether and Overchange. MSS finished with a 5/2/9 KDA. MSS played Naga Siren in Game 2, setting up VGJ.S to take another swift win. He was well positioned all game apart from a few relatively meaningless deaths in the early game and finished with a 1/4/10 KDA.
Terrific series against Optic
April 24, 2018
MSS played very well in two convincing wins against Optic Gaming in a best-of-two series in the Supermajor North American qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 13/11/44.
MSS played Sand King in Game 1, delivering almost non-stop initiation for his team. After finishing up a Blink Dagger at 14 minutes, VGJ.Storm's teamfight was truly enabled. Not only did MSS provide valuable initiation, but he was often in position to counter-initiate and turn the tides of any fights that looked to be going in Optic's favor. MSS finished with a 5/5/28 KDA. MSS played Night Stalker in Game 2, leading the way into battle against Optic. He gave VGJ.S an overwhelming vision advantage at night, letting them take easy fights against a clueless opponent. MSS was also a valuable member of the VGJ.S front-line responsible for keeping the focus away from Resolut1on's Sniper. MSS finished with an 8/6/16 KDA.
Released from Immortals
January 29, 2018
Immortals mentioned in a roster announcement on Monday that MSS had been released from his contract.
This is really just confirmation of something that we already know. MSS has been seen playing with multiple stacks of players over the past few months. Combined with the information that Immortals was having trouble keeping their roster together made this announcement a foregone conclusion.
Free Agent
Signs with Immortals
January 5, 2018
Immortals announced today on its Twitter that MSS would be joining the team to replace FoREV in the offlane role.
MSS most recently played for the now-disbanded Digital Chaos, where he saw little success outside of the North American region. This move makes Immortals a strong team, although it's unclear how much of an upgrade, if at all, he will be over FoREV.
Can't deliver under pressure
August 4, 2017
MSS finished with a 7/11/18 overall KDA in Cloud9's 0-2 loss to iG in the group stages of The International 7.
In game 1 MSS played Doom. He had a rough game even when his team was doing well in the early stages. Fights usually resulted in his death, although he was at least useful in his Doom usage in the early game. As the game dragged on Cloud9's pushing lineup began to falter, eventually caving to the superior late game of iG. MSS finished with a 3/5/12 KDA. In game 2 MSS played Enigma. He found a few good Black Holes, but ultimately, he couldn't get enough out of the hero for Cloud9. The best Black Hole that he landed came far too late to change the course of the game. MSS finished with a 4/6/6 KDA.
Can't repeat his Game 1 success
August 3, 2017
MSS finished with an overall KDA of 3/6/9 in Cloud 9's 1-1 split series vs in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 MSS played Puck. He was excellent in this game. He did well in lane thanks to the bonus damage from Drow Ranger's aura, and transitioned perfectly into an initiator for his team. MSS's Dream Coils in this game were amazing, often hitting four or five enemy heroes. He finished with a 3/2/7 KDA. In Game 2 MSS played Bristleback. MSS had a pretty rough game after the lane phase ended. He was basically the only person on his team who could man up and fight, but this left him in a very tricky spot. He ended up dying quite a bit in fight despite this, and finished the game with a 0/4/2 KDA.
Plays consistently well despite loss
August 3, 2017
MSS finished Cloud9's 2-0 loss to OG during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA 18/8/15.
MSS played the best out of anyone on Cloud9 in what was otherwise a shameful defeat. MSS played Batrider and Timbersaw in Games 1 and 2, respectively. Often getting a quick start thanks to laning advantage and the focus on middle lane, MSS was unable to turn his early lead into anything meaningful for his team.
Many deaths but a solid performance from NP's off lane
June 16, 2017
MSS had a rough time but played well in Team NP's 2-1 win over Empire at The Summit 7. He finished with an overall KDA of 19/20/30.
In Game 1 MSS played Enigma. Apart from giving up first blood, MSS played a very good game. His uses of Black Hole were on point, securing the fight advantage for Team NP. Even when he didn't use Black Hole, his mere presence in fights was enough to cause Empire to play sloppily in fear of getting disabled. MSS finished with a 6/2/12 KDA. In Game 2 MSS played Batrider. He made some sick plays in lane, but gave up way too many mid-game deaths to have a major impact. Trying to Blink into Empire was certain death for MSS all game. He finished with a 4/9/3 KDA. In Game 3 MSS played Earthshaker. This was a rough game for MSS, but he managed to pull through when it counted. He gave up a lot of deaths but was still very impactful in teamfights. He finished with a 9/9/15 KDA.
Decent plays still yield 2-1 loss
June 15, 2017
MSS showed a few moderate performances in Team NP's 2-1 loss to LGD at The Summit 7. He ended with a final KDA of 10/16/22.
Playing as Sand King in Game 1, MSS did a decent job of disrupting plays and kiting out LGD's Sven; however, once the BKB's came out from his opposition, he found himself failing to make an impact. In Game 2 he went as Enigma. Although Fata stole the show on Queen of Pain, MSS was spot on with almost all of his Black Holes, and was the number-one factor to Team NP dominating the late game. Game 3 was rough for MSS on Elder Titan. Trying to work with Aui_2000 on Kunkka didn't work out the way they had planned, and they failed to effectively time their ultimate abilities together.
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