Pavel Khvastunov 
Can't maintain good form
August 23, 2018
9pasha had a rough series against Evil Geniuses at The International 2018. The veteran finished with a KDA of 11/9/16.
9pasha had a forgettable performance with Mirana in Game 1. He was just trying to farm for majority of the game and rarely made tempo plays for his team. 9pasha managed a Manta Style at the 27-minute mark, but that was the only item he ever finished in the loss. In Game 2, he played Tiny, a hero he's had a lot of success with at TI8. This time around he was more impactful, as he was involved in 16 of his team's 34 kills.
Picks up slack for VP
August 23, 2018
9pasha played out of his mind against OpTic in The International 2018. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 29/7/27.
9pasha played Enchantress in Game 1 of the series. He managed to draw First Blood against PPD's Bane on an awkward rotation by the Optic captain. 9pasha managed to keep a good economy game for VP. Unfortunately, he still couldn't dent the Green Wall of Optic. In Game 2, he switched it up to Tiny. He was off to an impressive game as his incredible laning stage paved way for a Beyond Godlike streak to force a Game 3. In the final game, 9pasha brought Wraith King to the offlane against 33's Ursa. He drew even in the laning stage and still got his Blink Dagger at a reasonable time. His frontlining prowess put OpTic on the backfoot as he just forced them onto bad clashes all game long.
Offlane struggles for Virtus.pro
August 18, 2018
9pasha finished with an 8/11/18 overall KDA in a 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the group stages at The International 8.
9pasha played Pugna in Game 1, creating as much space as he could but unable to stand up to Vici on his own. He played decently in fights, but Vici just had too much of a lead combined with great ways to jump on top of him. He finished with a 4/6/3 KDA. In Game 2 9pasha played core Winter Wyvern but didn't manage to get enough done with it. He found a couple of very nice blink into Winter's Curse plays, but they were too rare for VP to capitalize enough on. He finished with a 4/5/15 KDA.
Nonstop pressure secures a 2-0 win
August 17, 2018
9pasha finished an impressive win over Newbee in the group stages at The International 8 with an overall KDA of 17/6/23.
9pasha started out the series with an interesting Bloodseeker game. Instead of the typical damage build, he went for utility-focused items like a Hex and Shiva's Guard. This allowed the rest of his team to be able to get their spells off through Newbee's defenses, opening up the fights for Virtus pro. In Game 2 9pasha played Dragon Knight, providing a classic frontline and disable for his team in fights. He did a great job finding Newbee heroes and starting fights with his Blink Dagger and Dragon Tail stun, setting up Virtus pro for an easy Game 2 win.
Keeps his cool in a close series
June 10, 2018
9pasha finished an intense 2-1 series vs PSG.LGD at the China Supermajor with an overall KDA of 22/16/55.
In Game 1 9pasha had a tough time as Night Stalker. In a rare occurrence, Virtus.pro went into the mid-game without having won the majority of the lanes. This made it very difficult for 9pasha to make plays into a powerful PSG.LGD team. He finished with a 4/4/8 KDA. 9pasha played Sand King in Game 2, delivering consistent stuns and initiation throughout a very close hour-long win for VP. He finished with a 9/11/18 KDA. In Game 3 9pasha played Night Stalker again, delivering a much better performance for VP. He got off to a great start and never gave up his momentum. He went for a quick Aghanim's Scepter, giving VP uncontestable vision control of the game. He finished with a 9/1/29 KDA.
Advances to the lower bracket finals
June 9, 2018
9pasha finished with a 14/7/32 overall KDA in a 2-0 win over Optic at the China Supermajor.
9pasha played Pangolier in Game 1, rolling around and disrupting teamfights while dealing some good damage. He finished with an 8/2/17 KDA. In Game 2 9pasha played a nice Doom. He died a lot in fights but was almost always able to get off Doom before going down. He opted for a much less tanky item build, going for a late-game Scythe of Vyse to close the series out. He finished with a 6/5/15 KDA.
Solid as usual from the VP offlane
June 5, 2018
9pasha played a good series in a 2-1 win vs Newbee at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/11/28.
In Game 1 9pasha played an excellent Beastmaster. He was extremely aggressive all game, from putting pressure on the lane to moving around the map and finding kills with his team. Virtus.pro were able to snowball off these kills, taking a swift win. 9pasha finished with a 3/3/11 KDA. Game 2 didn't go as well for 9pasha, on Doom this time. He had a tough time getting into fights, even with a Blink Dagger. This made it tough to get Doom off on priority targets, and also left him vulnerable to Newbee's damage. He finished with a 1/5/6 KDA. In Game 3 9pasha played Omniknight, supporting his team on the way to another quick win. He went for items to boost his teammates in addition to the huge help everyone was getting from his spells, making VP into an unstoppable deathball. He finished with a 3/3/11 KDA.
Simply a beast in the offlane
May 26, 2018
9pasha was a beast in the offlane for Virtus.pro against Pain Gaming. The veteran finished with a KDA of 15/2/32.
9pasha's Omniknight gave hFn's Gyrocopter nightmares in the early game. With the help of Solo's Bane, they took down Pain's carry multiple times in the laning stage. Down the line, his Guardian Angels and Repels made sure his two big cores were never in danger of falling against their opponent's antics. 9pasha's Beastmaster in Game 2 continued to be a problem for Pain Gaming. His play in the laning stage once again shut down his opponents. His rotations and Hawk micro were incredible clean that Pain Gaming just couldn't get anything going for them.
Smashes Optic in a quick win
May 24, 2018
9pasha played a great Pangolier against Optic at ESL Birmingham. He finished with an 8/1/14 KDA.
This was another scary showing from 9pasha's Pangolier. He was all over the place in fights, constantly eluding the focus of Optic while rolling in to stun them and create chaos in fights. 9pasha's excellent positioning meant that he was able to get into the Optic backline in every fight, clearing the way for the rest of Virtus.pro.
Rolls over OG
May 24, 2018
9pasha styled on OG with Pangolier at ESL Birmingham. He finished with a 5/1/10 KDA.
9pasha was a threat to OG all game. He did a nice job contesting his lane, which put him in a great position to be a nuisance all game in fights. 9pasha was impossible to pin down in fights, constantly rolling around stunning OG's heroes and dealing a lot of damage.
Impressive offlane performance in a comeback win
May 5, 2018
9pasha played Doom best-of-one elimination game win vs Mineski at EPICENTER XL, finishing with a 5/2/6 KDA.
In a game where Virtus.pro was constantly playing from behind, 9pasha did a very impressive job not dying while still managing to be pretty effective in fights. He did whiff a lot of Dooms, but the nature of the spell means that all you really need is one or two good ones to turn the tide. He got exactly that in a critical late-game Roshan fight that swung things quickly back into Virtus pro's favor.
Solid performance from Virtus.pro's offlane
May 2, 2018
9pasha played a great series against Secret at EPICENTER XL, taking it 2-0. He finished with an overall KDA of 6/5/22.
In Game 1 9pasha played Abaddon, not giving up a single death while making his teammates very difficult to kill. He was also constantly removing Secret's Track, shutting down their gameplan with extreme effectiveness. He finished with a 2/0/10 KDA. 9pasha played Dark Seer in Game 2. He had a pretty rough early game but was able to come back extremely quickly through both farm and kills. In fights he provided insane setup, enabling RodjER's Sand King to really shine and dominate Secret. He finished with a 4/5/12 KDA.
Consistent performance across all three games
April 29, 2018
9pasha was excellent in Virtus.pro's 2-1 win against Newbee EPICENTER XL. He finished with an overall KDA of 9/14/48.
In Game 1 9pahsa played Dark Seer to great effect. He was able to start fights very reliably with Vacuum into Wall of Replica, and was a constant nuisance pushing lanes with Ion Shell. He finished the game with a 4/3/10 KDA. 9pasha played Omniknight in Game 2. He had a good early game, but Virtus.pro couldn't get enough of a lead from that to close out the game against Newbee. As the game went later, VP just didn't have the steam to keep up with Newbee's very strong late-game lineup. 9pasha finished with a 2/8/16 KDA. In Game 3 9pasha played a very effective Doom. He was always able to Doom a critical target in fights, massively swinging the favor of every fight in favor of Virtus.pro. He finished with a 3/3/22 KDA.
Great series from Virtus.pro's offlane
April 27, 2018
9pasha was toying with paiN in a 2-1 win at EPICENTER XL. He finished with an overall KDA of 10/8/39.
9pasha played a good Lifestealer in Game 1, but some cocky and silly plays from Virtus.pro threw away a sizable early game lead to paiN. 9pasha went for the now-standard Radiance and Solar Crest opening but opted to follow up with a very expensive Manta Style. He wasn't very effective in a lot of fights while building that Manta and finished with a 6/5/11 KDA. In Game 2 9pasha played Abbadon. He kept his teammates alive through pretty much everything paiN could throw at them, removing stuns and providing nice spot healing. He was difficult to bring down himself, but not immortal. He finished with a 1/2/15 KDA. 9pasha finished the series on Magnus, taking another incredibly swift and Virtus.pro favored win to close it out. He only gave up a single death all game, by diving into the paiN fountain at the end of the game trying to set up Ramzes for a triple rampage. He finished with a 3/1/13 KDA.
Shapes up nicely in the mid game
April 6, 2018
9pasha had a sloppy performance, but Virtus.pro still picked up the win against Vici Gaming in the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 2/4/11.
9pasha played Puck against Paparazzi's Weaver in the only game of the series. He was pretty aggressive early on and was often punished by Vici for it. Because 9pasha was dying often, he itemized pretty defensively picking up a Force Staff and an Aeon Disk. But in the mid game, 9pasha was playing much smarter and doing a lot of the smaller things for VP efficiently.
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