Pyo No-a 
South Korea
Does his best to give Immortals a chance
June 24, 2018
MP made a noble effort on Ember Spirit vs Evil Geniuses in The International 8 North American qualifiers. He finished with an 8/5/10 KDA.
Despite managing to find some nice kills, MP couldn't do enough on his own to stop EG. He was very elusive, especially once he got his Eul's Scepter, but there was just too much for him to worry about in fights. Getting disabled was a death sentence as well since there was no shortage of easy follow-up from EG.
Major hopes shut down
April 26, 2018
MP finished with an overall KDA of 5/12/3 in a very one-sided 0-2 loss to VGJ.Storm in the China Dota 2 Supermajor qualifiers.
MP had a difficult time as Monkey King in Game 1. He got practically nothing in lane and was never given the space that he needed to recover. He went for a Battle Fury to try and catch up, but when he got it at 22 minutes it was far too late to make a difference. He finished with a 2/6/2 KDA. Game 2 was not much better for MP, who was on Death Prophet this time. He once again fell behind early along with the rest of his team. Immortals struggled to win fights even with Exorcism, which meant that MP was rarely allowed to use his ultimate as a means to potentially catch up by split-pushing. He finished with a 3/6/1 KDA.
Crumbled under pressure
November 4, 2017
MP collapsed under the pressure against SG Esports in Dota Pit. The mid laner was limited to a poor KDA of 2/7/4.
MP's Viper in the elimination match really left a lot to be desired. Despite being on a lane dominating hero, MP badly lost against 4dr's Razor. He rushed a Veil of Discord at the 14-minute mark but it never amounted to much for his output. His positioning was decisively poor and he often overestimated his own tankiness.
Disappearing act form Immortals mid laner
November 3, 2017
MP had a rough series for Immortals against Team Liquid in Dota Pit. The versatile player finished with a KDA of 14/17/21.
In Game 1, MP went with Mirana in the mid lane. He drew the lane against MATUMBAMAN's Viper. He rushed a Dragon Lance, which helped him stay alive in fights, and some of his Sacred Arrows hit key targets at opportune moments. His 12 kills were good on paper, but his impact after the mid game was sorely lacking. In Game 2, his Vengeful Spirit was painful to watch. His 259 gold per minute was one of the lowest in the tournament so far as a core. He was also being too aggressive for his own good, as Liquid easily took advantage and killed him 10 times.
Consistent play enables teammates
October 22, 2017
MP finished Immortals 2-1 victory over Team Secret during the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor with a final KDA of 15/11/34
In Game 1, MP's Viper was unable to handle Ace's middle lane Meepo, despite coming out even at the end of the laning stage. Without an early advantage, Immortals was undone by Ace's Meepo. In Game 2, MP's Puck helped to dictate the pace of the game and further enable Febby and QO. In Game 3, MP's Venomancer helped Immortals slow building attack, choking Secret off the map and ensuring fights to help Immortals close out the series.
Solid series in Immortals' first LAN appearance
October 19, 2017
MP finished with an overall KDA of 26/8/34 in Immortals' 2-0 win over Team Secret in the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 MP played Puck. This was a great game from MP. He offered a huge amount of control to Immortals' teamfight and was incredibly difficult to pin down. MP played around Secret's Doom very well, rarely finding himself affected by the powerful silence. MP finished the game with a 16/3/16 KDA. In Game 2 MP played Pugna. He didn't have as flashy a game as his Puck performance, but this was still a good showing from MP. He did a good job positioning himself in fights to deal maximum damage while making himself a difficult kill. MP also applied a massive amount of pressure to Secret's structures. He finished with a 10/5/18 KDA.
Kicked from Secret
August 14, 2017
Team Secret announced Monday via their official Facebook page that MP and KheZu would be leaving the team.
MP leaving secret isn't a big surprise. He has consistently struggled with Puppey's drafting style and was far less dynamic a player than he was with MVP Phoenix. Though MP has yet to announce a new team, there is little doubt he will find one before the first event of the new season.
Efficient rotating as a carry
August 7, 2017
MP rode Team Secret's momentum as they eliminate Execration in The International 2017. The carry finished with a KDA of 10/1/11.
MP wasn't pressured at all by James in the early game. This allowed him to eventually take over the game with his free farm. He rotated great as well so his game was highly balanced. Completing his Manta Style and Diffusal Blade combo at 29-minute mark wasn't great, but his contribution still more than made up for it.
Quiet but good performance
August 2, 2017
MP played a quiet game but it was good enough for the Team Secret sweep over Team Empire. The unorthodox carry finished with a KDA of 15/9/29.
He went with Necrophos in the series opener. He made full use of his free farm as he picked up a very early Pipe of Insight. Though he died six times he made up for it with really good rotations that resulted in value Reaper's Scythe. In Game 2, his Faceless Void was another decent performance. He was pressured early by Empire but it didn't matter for MP as he made up for it with solid Chronospheres.
Awkward lanes and heroes hinder MP
July 23, 2017
MP put up an KDA of 9/11/11 in Team Secret's 2-0 loss to Planet Odd during the DreamLeague Season 7 Losers Final.
MP played Necrophos in Game 1 in the safe lane with YapzOr's Zeus. Opting for an odd build of Veil and Radiance, MP seemed interested in ulting off the back of Zeus' nukes rather than surviving to allow his auras to do the damage in fights. With KheZu sidelined early in the game, there was little MP could do to capitalize off his teammates' efforts. In Game 2 MP tried his hand at a core Visage in the middle lane with help from YapzOr's Rubick. Once again, Secret saw a decent theory end in disappointment as MP could never begin pushing. Always on the backfoot, Secret were bested by a better version of their own strategy.
Rough start but a strong finish in a win against Vega Squadron
July 22, 2017
MP stumbled at first but managed to pick himself up in Team Secret's 2-1 win over Vega Squadron in the DreamHack DreamLeague Season 7 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 18/13/26.
In Game 1 MP played Chaos Knight. He had a bit of a rough time in this game, especially since it wasn't a very good Chaos Knight game to begin with. There was simply too much control and damage on the side of Vega for MP to actually play around. If he wasn't caught in Chronosphere it was Black Hole, and MP was helpless in most fights. He finished with an 8/9/6 KDA. In Game 2 MP played Phantom Lancer. He went for an extremely aggressive and damage focused build with a Mask of Madness into a Diffusal Blade, but it worked out well. With both KheZu's Night Stalker and YapzOr's Earthshaker to create space in fights, MP was able to move around and pick apart the Vega backline with ease. He finished with a 7/2/5 KDA. In Game 3 MP played Faceless Void. The control provided by his Chronosphere was the rock that Secret's victory in this game was built upon. It set up for easy combos with KheZu's Dark Seer, and once Track was online Secret were able to make massive gold by winning fights. In addition to that, MP was also a damage threat. He finished with a 3/2/15 KDA.
Experimental series ends in a loss
July 22, 2017
MP finished with an 11/19/43 overall KDA in a 1-2 Team Secret loss to Planet Odd in the DreamHack DreamLeague playoffs.
In Game 1 MP played carry Abaddon. He was extremely ineffective for pretty much the entire game. His lane was shut down by pressure from Planet Odd, and Abaddon is not a hero that can farm very quickly. MP's only way back into the game was through fighting, but Secret were too behind to win against Planet Odd. MP finished with a 1/9/12 KDA. In Game 2 MP played Phantom Lancer. This game showed what a key part of the Secret machine MP really is. Even though MidOne is usually the one making flashy plays, Secret performed much better when MP was given a hero that can farm and scale well. MP was the cornerstone of Secret's teamfight, and finished the game with a 5/4/14 KDA. In Game 3 MP played Underlord. The unconventional carry Underlord pick actually looked like it was going to work, up until Secret hit a brick wall trying to take the final one and a half lanes of barracks in Planet Odd's base. Secret were suddenly unable to push, and with an inventory full of utility items they couldn't fall back on MP plus MidOne later in the game. MP finished with a 5/6/17 KDA.
Underwhelming, but good enough for the win
June 16, 2017
MP played a good Robin to MidOne's Batman in Team Secret's victory over LGD in The Summit 7. The unorthodox carry player finished with a KDA of 8/6/25.
MP's opening match on the Troll Warlord had an easy time farming in the early stages. His statline wasn't eye catching, but his contribution to his team after picking up an 11-minute Vladimir's Offering was undeniable. His nine assists definitely affirmed his contribution. In Game 2, he was on the meta-popular Venomancer. Oddly enough he struggled against Old Eleven early on, but he turned it around in the mid game, always being in the right place at the right time with his rotations.
Solid series from Secret's carry
June 15, 2017
MP played a good series in Team Secret's 2-1 win over Digital Chaos at The Summit 7. He finished with an overall KDA of 13/10/38.
In Game 1 MP played Bristleback. He had a sketchy early game, but managed to hold on from behind until he got the items he needed. With a couple durability items MP became impossible for Digital Chaos to bring down. He finished with a 2/3/9 KDA. In Game 2 MP played Ember Spirit. He got absolutely thrashed this game. MP attempted to go for the old school Battle Fury physical-damage build, but he never even managed to finished his Battle Fury before Digital Chaos had run away with the game. He finished with a 6/7/2 KDA. In Game 3 MP played Faceless Void. He had a miserable lane against FoREV's Underlord, but fortunately for MP, Faceless Void is actually a good hero. As the game went on, MP was exponentially more useful than FoREV. MP set up his team for success with Chronosphere, as well as delivering respectable damage himself. He finished with a 5/0/17 KDA.
Could not help his team find a win
June 11, 2017
MP did not do anything special as Team Secret lost to Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the Epicenter semifinals. MP finished with a 13/11/9 KDA and destroyed a tower in the series.
In a very one-sided series finish, MP was the lone Secret player to not get steamrolled by EG. The numbers he put up were respectable as he played Phantom Assassin each game and finished with a team-high 13 kills. It was nice to see him not back down from the challenge, but it was nullified coming in such a commanding loss. MP and Secret are now out of the tournament, but can feel good about a top 4 finish.
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